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  1. Erwin, I copied the text below from a thread a while back that addresses this issue. As far as I can tell this CMX2 change only affects uniforms, helmets, boots and personal gear. For example I had to rename a gear mod for backpacks, but did not have to rename a gear mod for vehicles. One thing I found out when renaming these is that if you have more than one file (see the 3 uniform files below) you must number them as shown with one file NOT numbered, else the default non-modded file will be used and then the numbered ones, for a total of 4 uniform mods, not just the 3 you want to use. Q
  2. Had a similar experience with the patched US uniform mods. Bottom line, the files beginning with "smod" work with CMX2, the others don't. Apparently the naming conventions were changed as part of the upgrade to CMX2.
  3. Sir Warts "n' All, no worries...I've not only lost my marbles, I can't even find the damn bag I kept them in...
  4. Clicked on your links, downloaded them and got the same CMX1 named files for both. See below. Like I said earlier no big deal, I only use one unit at a time, renaming is easy. Thank you for the effort!
  5. Never did find any v.2 folders in the zip files I downloaded.
  6. Nope, the top group are the ones I renamed, the bottom group is what I unzipped. I never did find a v.2 folder in any of the downloaded zips. But, like Sir Wars 'n' all put it, I did get it sorted out. I only need to rename the units I want to use. Thanks for the nice job on these, really adds to the game.
  7. Those are the ones I am referring to: When I try use them, they don't work. Attached screen shot (bottom) is an example shows name format and date of the ones downloaded from the CMBN Mod Section. However, as I wrote previously, I have found a way to make the ones I want to use work with CMX2by renaming them (top Screen Shot). Easy Peasy.
  8. Wonder were you got those from. Are the names in theCMX2 style i.e "smod_american_m41_uniform", "smod_american_m41_uniform 2", "smod_american_m41_uniform 3"? The ones I downloaded from https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ and cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net are not, they still are in the CMX1 style and dated 2011.
  9. They were migrated to the WH in 2019, the files themselves are dated 2011.
  10. The ones on the few good men mod warehouse are dated 2011, and the naming conventions don't work with CMX2. I've been renaming the files of the unit I want to use, a bit tedious but a work around. Do you have a link for the CMBN v.2 file you referred to?
  11. Hey mjkerner, Thanks for the update, now I can enjoy my game without wondering why these are missing. 😁
  12. I've downloaded and unzipped mjkerner's "Ez Us Infantry Patched Uniforms Normandy", both khaki and OD. However, no matter which mod file I select, the color/patch is not showing in the game, The ez boots and gear mod does not appear in game either. All other mods (vehicles, weapons, etc.} in the "Z" folder are working. I've not only kept the "z" in front of the file name, I've added a couple more. Still no joy. They are all bmp files, so I am at a loss as to why they are not working.
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