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  1. I have been doing a search for PC games similar to Panzer Blitz/Leader without really finding anything that is that appealing. In general what I am looking for is a World War II turn based game most likely on a hex map. What would be entertaining to me is a game that the armored vehicles and infantry would have range beyond 1 hex. I see many games where possibly artillery has extra range, but everything else is played out on a stagnant space by space front. I've picked up Lock and Load Heroes of Stalingrad which fits this definition but the gameplay to me is too abstract, for example the spotting procedure seems just plain silly. I remember playing the game Panzer Blitz, in which weapon ranges and effectiveness played a very big role. It was challenging to get the convoy of trucks to a position to unload and set up infantry and artillery to support attacks. I'm not sure why game companies haven't discovered this niche. To me it would seem that PC and portable device would fit this like a glove. This would be even better than the board game because of fog of war and aided line of sights and move calculations. I like the no nonsense visual approach of Heroes of Stalingrad. This has a table top with playing board, and the die rolls are shown. This is very much the same visually as the board game equivalent. As far as game play is considered I really like the turn based format. I don't know whether a we go system similar to Combat Mission would be best, or something similar to Panzer Blitz where one side makes all it's moves prior to the other side. I should think this type of game could be play by e-mail as the graphic requirements wouldn't be steep. I do like Combat Mission games but I would like something more simplified to play. I've considered the Close Combat games, but they are a real time strategy and I would prefer turn based games. I've also noticed that you can do Squad Leader on a computer, but it looks like you have to do a lot of work to play a game. I'm just curious whether there might be hidden game gem that might fit the game category I've described.
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