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  1. Komrade, there must be something wrong with our ammunition! This hole is not ragged enough!
  2. The flame effects look good - much improved from the blobby look from the first video. I wonder though, why do buildings seem to be so porous to flame? A similar effect seemed to happen in the video posted by Chris. I can understand it if it is an abstraction representing fire entering through an opening into a confined area, but are sides of buildings with no openings similarly susceptible?
  3. It sounded to me like he was saying bag-RAT-eeun. I think the accent is on the last syllable, so it would be bah-graht-ee-ON, though the ON might sound more like AWN in English. Hopefully a native speaker can chime in.
  4. I'm not sure of the status of Elvis's 120mm arty call - is it incoming? If so, it looks like it's going to land on quite a concentration of Soviets.
  5. It's on the main BF site - "every Saturday night at 5 pm EST" http://www.twitch.tv/ChrisND
  6. I was sure that this had been requested before, so out of interest - http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=104877 Post 14 from June 2012 is interesting "This new feature [Target briefly] is a solid improvement over what CM players have had for the last 12+ years (including the infamous CMBO Beta Demo, it has been that long!). However, it isn't the ultimate solution to all tactical needs. Unfortunately we ran into structural UI coding limitations which prevented us from going fully forward with things like time specifications, specifying Smoke, etc. But not to worry... the coding limitations are slated to be overcome, through a bunch of grunt work, for Upgrade 3.0. And when we get there, well... there will be a lot more than just the ability to specify different times for this new Command And don't ask what I mean by that! We have not even released Upgrade 2.0 yet, so needless to say we haven't put much thought into the specifics of Upgrade 3.0. Steve" Can we now ask what you meant by the (my) bolded part?
  7. I don't think you can stretch it but in the meantime you might get a unit to target briefly multiple times by attaching the order to very short movement commands with appropriate pauses. Just remember that, for example, turret rotation time is included in the 15 second target briefly command. It's extra clicking and won't be ideal in all circumstances but might be a workaround pending any changes to the duration.
  8. Just to be clear I am understanding this right, the phrase in the manual that says "A green icon indicates that the HQ unit/formation is currently in contact with the next higher HQ unit/formation" is wrong and should really say "A green icon indicates that the HQ unit/formation is currently in contact with the next lower HQ unit/formation"? This would make sense given that the highest HQ unit can also have a green icon next to it, even though there isn't any unit above it.
  9. Alternatively, you could turn the dots into arrows pointing towards the right, which might show more clearly the direction of the command link and in effect function to link the two rows together.
  10. ? The only option I see is "Download and Mail". This is not two alternative options - it is only one option. If you buy this you get both a mailed version and a download version. The fine print makes this clear. When a download-only option becomes available the list of delivery options will look like those for their other games: *Download Only *Mail Only *Download and Mail
  11. In the pre-orders fine print at the bottom of the screenshot you posted: *You will have to pay for Shipping & Handling since the pre-order comes with a mail component. *If you do not want the mail components of the pre-order or do not want to pay now, please don't pre-order and wait until the game is released, at which time a "Download Only" delivery option will be available
  12. In light of Steve's comments in the Soviet doctrine thread and given Bil's play style, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Will Bil's scouts be up to the task of giving him the info he needs to develop a plan?
  13. This was my question as well reading the above note. The only one I have seen is the mentioned morale hit if Soviet squads become out of contact with their platoon leader. Is this morale hit bigger than for units from other nations who are out of contact? Are there also other modelled restrictions that make it better for players to follow Soviet doctrine?
  14. I think it is a different game - the one I saw is by a different group and is still being sold. Whether it would cause a problem I don't know and really isn't my business - I was just passing on what I saw. I think it should be easy to find but if anyone from BFC wants a link then feel free to PM me.
  15. A little more worrying is that it looks like there is already a commercial strategic sim game covering Operation Bagration that is called Red Thunder. I hope there won't be any trouble. EDIT: hadn't seen Steve's post before I posted. If you do a Google image search for Red Thunder you should find it.
  16. I'm OK with the name, but I'm still trying to figure out what Tnipdeya means.
  17. Ah well, no biggie for me but now I'm curious about how the save in WeGo TCP/IP actually works. Do you have to save at a certain point in a phase, e.g., before orders are issued, or do both players have to save at the same time? When I was talking about going over the action afterwards, I was assuming that separate saves had been made of every turn after issuing orders so you could load each turn up individually (not that you could see the replay as one continuous movie or during play). But if issued orders for both sides can't be saved this wouldn't work.
  18. "WeGo TCP/IP with the ability to save but not the ability to replay combat action" No thread on this yet - are people no longer keen for it or put off by the no replay? I'm very happy about it and think the no replay won't be an issue for me - I don't want to spend ages waiting for my opponent to pore over every second multiple times. And if we can save games I assume we can go over the action again afterwards?
  19. Given there are only a couple of these uniforms I was thinking of having a go at them too but have become confused by what uniform these guys are actually wearing. The file names say 'm42' but the jacket looks like an m43 paired with m42 trousers (I'm no expert - just going by the pictures I have seen - comparison at http://www.sixtharmygroup.com/forums/general-quarters/4849-drought-paratrooper-uniforms-3.html). The trousers could be made to look more m43 by making the pocket a slightly different colour for a DIY mimic.
  20. It looks like it was an armband but I guess some cut just the flag part off and sewed it on instead. It also looks pretty big (maybe even bigger than in the game - http://ww2militaria.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/abn_armband.jpg
  21. Did those tank destroyer guys swap helmets?
  22. You mean this sort of moral damage? - http://www.medicalbillingschool.org/blog/50-vintage-std-propaganda-posters
  23. I hadn't thought of that and I think you are correct. It would explain the file names too - the 'mip' in the file name probably refers to mipmapping. I just did a quick test anyway and found that replacing the textures singularly made no difference. To remove the tracers I think you need to include all the modified tracer files, which means this looks like an all or nothing deal. I don't think it is possible, for example, to remove just the small arms tracers and leave the rest. Bummer.
  24. The map looks interesting and the screenshots look fantastic. Really nice layering and composition from foreground through background.
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