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  1. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Thanks sbobovyc, for the script and your help. Time to tinker. Out of interest, have you looked at the mds files as well (in CM:RT they are included in a folder labelled "Skeletons")? It looks like they include the model files for infantry heads, hands and 'bodies' and I guess, from the name, also rigging info.
  2. Theoretically yes, although the script itself wouldn't do this. To fix the stretching you would need to use this script to unpack the model files and then edit the UVs in another 3D modelling package. I say theoretically because until someone tries it we can't be sure, though my guess would be that changing just the UVs shouldn't have any effect on the model that could cause problems running the game. What might cause problems is changing a model by, for example, adding or deleting vertices, depending on whether these are associated with things such as animation or simulation that rely on pre-assigned vertex identities.
  3. I tried this on some CM:Red Thunder weapon files but got a syntax error: File "unmdr.py", line 4 <!DOCTYPE html> I don't have Black Sea to test if I have the process right. Otherwise I guess it is possible that this won't work for mdr files from earlier CM titles, especially as you have to modify the program to work with the different model types. Has anyone used this successfully with other CM games? I was using the 64 bit version of 2.7.9 on Windows 7 64 bit.
  4. &%@^ YES! If you can get access to the models and UVs, you can put them in a sculpting app and generate normal maps from sculpted detail. You could put them into something like Substance Painter/Designer and texture directly on the model then bake lighting into the texture. In those Software you could generate modifiable prodecural textures that could then be reapplied easily to other models with different topologies, saving huge amounts of time (perfect for vehicles). I'm really happy to see BF haven't automatically stomped on this but could understand their anxiety if this extended beyond access to just the obj data.
  5. Antidote needed for helmet overload.
  6. And just to even the balance sheet.
  7. Check out those meshes and that animation!
  8. Here you go (check out the FOV scaling methods section) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_of_view_in_video_games Nah, I'm not more knowledgeable but was intrigued enough to go looking. I use my monitors mainly for work and will hopefully never have to use 16:9 as I like to have the extra screen space. I also have the Dell U2412M (IPS) and have been very happy with it.
  9. I guess you could be using the word 'photos' loosely, but so there is no confusion note that I am pretty sure from the look of them that these are not actually photos but computer graphics 3D renders. If that's the case you'd need to know the source of them to determine their accurateness.
  10. Now called Vulkan - https://www.khronos.org/vulkan Edit: Oop - didn't read the last post
  11. The assumption is that "I'm a gecko" is also a distinct, self-contained phrase in Russian rather than an English-sounding part of a longer Russian phrase. My Russian is terrible now and I can't find my dictionary, but my guess is that words starting with a sound like 'I' of 'I'm' (аи) are quite rare. It is more likely to be inside or at the end of a Russian word (the Russian characters аи are used at the end of some verbs in one form of the imperative, which could be used when issuing orders).
  12. It looks like the max attachment space has changed too. Under my manage attachments section it reads 860KB of 500KB (100%) used. Does this mean that some of my existing attachments won't appear on the forums now (the majority of the attachments are file listings of moddable files in the game brz files).
  13. I don't know squat about the modern uniforms, but some of those close up shots are really highlighting the funky sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. It should angle from behind the ear to the inner part of the collar bone (rather than going straight down the neck from the back of the jaw). I think it is like this in the WW2 games too, but if you are revisiting the textures and have time, it might be something you could look at.
  14. Sculpted normal maps could compensate for that pretty well. The problem is that modders would need to reproduce the shape of the head as a 3D model first. I've looked at this for the heads and other parts but get fed up pretty quickly trying to work out outline shapes and wireframes from in-game screenshots. In the absence of getting hold of the actual models, is there any way that modders could be given orthographic views of some of the model wireframes or, at the least, copies of the textures with the wireframe guides overlaid?
  15. 1C, the people behind 'Theater of War' as sold on BF's site, made some medieval combat games. Titles include 'Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades' and 'Real warfare 1242'. They have a more Eastern European slant and the very few reviews I found were generally positive, but I haven't played them myself.
  16. Is it? I mean, does this mean the wind is blowing towards the east, or does it mean it is an easterly wind like a weathervane? I guess the former would be a good fit with the backwards 'compass' To be honest, I think one of the few or even only reason I look at the compass is to figure out which way the wind is blowing so would be happy with just a wind indicator and ditch the compass.
  17. Really nice textures though I can't help thinking they would really come to life if we could normal map these objects. Is there some horizontal squashing of textures going on here (both ends of the right-hand stretch of brick wall and a strip towards the right-hand end of the left-hand stretch of stone wall). I'd never noticed this before but maybe I just hadn't looked properly. Can walls be less than just one action square in length?
  18. You can split squads in different ways, so if morale was tracked at the team level, the engine would have to be able to keep track of 'semi'-arbitrary groups of troops. In that case, I'd be more inclined to think morale is tracked at the individual level. How unit morale is then calculated (in your case, the men in a shaken unit became broken when combined with a broken unit) would be an interesting follow on question. It might be posible to split broken squads to get teams that were still able to put up some fight.
  19. There was an interview with Robert Capa about his iconic photograph that makes it sound like a SCW mod would be right up your alley - http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/audioslideshow/2013/oct/29/robert-capa-spanish-civil-war
  20. I'd be happy with a model viewer so I could check out the wireframes. Being able to export the models so we could use them as a base for adding/sculpting details that could be used to generate normal maps would be nice. Being able to repack models so we could fix some of the UVing issues and perhaps try to reduce polygon counts would be fantastic.
  21. I use a mid or slightly lighter grey. Absolute values aren't important so I've never check percenatges or RGB info. You're just after something that has no colour info but will provide enough contrast so that the shading caused by the normal maps is readily visible (not too bright, not too dark).
  22. If you want to see the effects of a normal map in-game, just add a temporary modded file of the associated colour texture that is plain grey. This will help you to see better the shading effects being driven by the normal map.
  23. No, don't put it in mod tools. The old way was to create a sub-folder of the Data folder and call it 'z', then put all mods in that. I've done this with CMRT and it works
  24. The word "Casualty" is in the file <strings.txt> in BRZ v100a. You can change this text to read something else but unless there is a tag somewhere I don't think you can change the colour, font etc. I assume Vin uses 'pictogram' text, which you could do here, but it would still be an overlay and in red.
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