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  1. I've just tested and the tracers can be removed simply by filling the alpha channel of the bmp with 100% black. We'd just now have to check which tracer bmp goes with what weapon(s). I'd start with the assumption that the bigger ones are for bigger weapons. I strongly doubt they are force specific. EDIT: file added containing modified tracer files to make them invisible in game. Transparent tracers.zip
  2. I haven't seen a pre-existing one. It looks like there are nine bmp files associated with tracers in the game (download the special effects file to see them listed - http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=112480 ). As they are just bmp files I'm sure there must be some way to make it so they don't show in-game but you'd have to fiddle to see what each file is associated with (different weapon systems?). It could be interesting to try without tracers. It might be one way to reduce the player's God-like abilities another thread was talking about. For a start you wouldn't know where to aim fire/artillery strikes until your troops had a proper contact.
  3. I'm glad people have found these useful. I just wish I could edit my first post with a highlighted note at the top saying that posts 2-4 contain the more handy files. I'd be happy to do this for CMFI but don't have Gustave Line yet and given the amount of unplayed content I still have in the CMBN series probably won't be getting it too soon. If anyone else is interested, I used Karen's Directory Printer ( http://www.karenware.com/powertools/ptdirprn.asp - freeware) to derive text lists of the brz file contents. You can choose what fields you want in this software and as the output is delimited already in some way it is easy to convert into tables.
  4. Some guys who worked on the VFX explained the errors with the PzKpfw IVs on another forum I visit. The film also inlcudes live action footage of tanks (I assume doing robust, tanky-like things like driving through props) and as no PzKpfw IVs were available for this they used disguised T-44s (hence the skirts, which they knew were not correct). For consistency, they then matched the CG tanks to the live action footage.
  5. I gave this a try and it didn't seem to work (assuming I got the right texture). Several of the current roof textures have associated normal maps that appear 'blank' (wouldn't have an effect in game), so I copied and renamed one of those.
  6. Would that mean that if you made your own 'blank' normal maps and named them such as to associate them with, for example, these roof textures the problem would go away?
  7. Looks like normal mapping effects (try it with shaders off to check). Given that they change though and more than one roof texture seems to be affected, perhaps the problem is deeper than simply a misnamed file.
  8. Sure, it wasn't a criticism at all, just a statement of the current situation. Assuming that the normal maps place the vents in the right place, you'd want to alter the colour map to fit. You could cut them out and move them and then use the clone/heal brush to fix up the helmet. The normal map and colour map use the same UVs, so you can use the normal map in Photoshop as a guide where to put them.
  9. The helmets do look great. It's amazing what a little bit of textured specular can do. By and large the textures in CM look quite flat and short of BF adding a specular shader it needs to be painted in. It might not always fit exactly with the lighting direction but I think the trade off is worth it.
  10. Only if what we see in-game is also what a shell sees when it strikes. As Steve has since mentioned that "rounded surfaces (even as far back as CMx1) have special attributes to influence outcomes due to the unique nature of rounded surfaces" my guess is that this is not necessarily always the case. It is possible that a different model to the polygon one is used to do the calculations.
  11. So it's a while since I have checked so please take this with caution, but part of this might be due to target briefly being a good way to ensure that infantry chuck grenades. I don't think there is another way to force infantry to throw grenades but they seem(ed) to go grenade-happy for me when using the target briefly command.
  12. Except that the mantlet in-game is not rounded - the curvature of the mantlet model is made up of 7 or 8 flat planes. And are the shape and size of various amunitions modelled as well? The actual effect of these variables depends of course on how BF do their calculations and whether there are any extrapolations beyond the in-game 'physical' shape.
  13. I had wondered the same thing but all I could find is that the Panther is about 10" higher than the Sherman overall - I couldn't find heights to the barrel. I guess you could put them side by side in-game and check the heights. I also assume over the distances being tested that the shell is following a flat trajectory and not arcing?
  14. There is this picture, supposedly of a panther, though I can't make out which part of the hull has been hit - http://www.armorama.com/photos/review/8369/panther_osprey_review_006.jpg From the Osprey book "Panther: Germany’s quest for combat dominance"
  15. I'm not 100% sure, but it did look like older brz files were being written to during the v212 patch install. In the 'what did 212 do' thread, I think Phil mentioned there had been some tweaks to textures, models, etc. but there is only one new bmp in the v212 data folder. So it might be possible that older data brz files are updated during patching even if new files aren't added to them.
  16. Unless there is an engine limit to the size of the textures, any of the current textures could be replaced with higher res ones if your PC is capable of handling them. Don't be under the illusion though that redoing textures at higher res is a superficial job just because it doesn't involve coding. This is especially so if you want cohesion between the textures, which would mean one person doing them all or a team working under an art supervisor. As to that anyway, I really like Aris's high-res terrain mod, which I think looks fantastic, especially with Rambler's folliage mod. The one thing that could really improve the terrain is to enable normal mapping for it, but that might be a resource sink too far.
  17. I've checked using the CMBN editor and my Lynx is fine (on a PC; it looks like Vanir's). The Lynx is a CMFI model and although I have patched CMFI as well as CMBN, I do not have Gustave Line. I couldn't actually find the Lynx in the CMFI editor though - anyone know where it is?
  18. -Graphics *Terrain *Vehicles *Weapons Terrain_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip Vehicles_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip Weapons_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip
  19. -Graphics *Interface_in game *Soldiers *Special effects Interface_in game_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip Soldiers_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip Special effects_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip
  20. -Graphics: *Bridges *Buildings *Interface_editor Bridges_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip Buildings_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip Interface_editor_CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_graphics.zip
  21. After going through the list above I found it still too unwieldy so broke it down into more logical pieces: sounds (wavs), text files (txt) and graphics (bmps; organised further into subcategories). These lists include the one new bmp from v212 and after doing a spot check I don't think any of the other brz files had name changes in them. This post includes lists for: *Sounds *Text CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_sounds.zip CMBN data brz directory list v100a-212_text.zip
  22. After getting muddled about what files were in which brz I made a list of all the files in all of the brz files available so far for Battle for Normandy (all patches, all modules). Maybe other people will find this useful if they don't already have something similar. The list is in the form of an rtf table with columns for BRZ name (as found in the data folder), file name, folder, and file type. This enables sorting by column if you want to, for example, sort wavs from bmps or look at all the soldier bmps available. I have stripped out all non-moddable files from the list to reduce the size of the rtf, but unfortunately uncompressed it is still around 13MB (converted to a Word doc it is about 9MB). IMPORTANT: to extract the file you will need to follow this procedure (for PC - sorry, I don't know Mac): *Download all three parts attached to this post *Put all three parts in the same folder *Use 'rename' after right-clicking and delete the last '.zip' extension at the end of each file so the files end in .001, .002, and .003, respectively (I had to add the .zip to get around the valid file types for the forum) *Right-click on the ~zip.001 file and select the extraction for whatever compression software you have. Try 7-zip if it isn't working. Sorry for the hassle, but I figured doing it this way would make it a more permanent archive than putting it on an external site. CMBN data brz directory list v100a-211_moddable.zip.003.zip CMBN data brz directory list v100a-211_moddable.zip.002.zip CMBN data brz directory list v100a-211_moddable.zip.001.zip
  23. Is it a black cat? Great news about the patch. I've been holding off getting MG until it came out so time to pull the CC pin.
  24. It makes sense but I think it would mean that the menu height is an absolute value in pixels rather than being proportional to the vertical resolution, i.e. it doesn't scale up with increased resolution. Is that the case?
  25. This bit was quite interesting given an earlier discussion in another thread about LOS. But with regards to hits, I assume this was done so the commander could verify targetting? So I wonder if in CM the fall of shot must be seen by someone in the firing tank in order for the gunner to correct the aim, much as happens for artillery, or is it just assumed that the shot was observed?
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