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  1. Haven't been able to get gear to show up. Only holsters on commanders.
  2. Pistol holsters are now showing up on commanders. All other gear still not showing up.
  3. Ok i finally got rid of the rocket in his pocket lol. So far a nogo on the gear showing up.
  4. Havent figured that out yet. but with German wireframe i get a small piece of gear showing up on left hip of all hq commanders. Are you also seeing this.
  5. Im now starting the fitting process of the japanese uniforms over to the canadians soldiers that are using the german skeletons.
  6. Heres a problem im having using the canadians for japanese. No matter what, the 76mm gun crew, 76mm ammo bearers and machine gun crew will use the base game helmets but everyboby else including the smaller at gun crew and ammo bearers uses the correct japanese helmets. I noticed when using the regular japanese mod applied (using the british for japanese) if you then choose canadian or polish their same crews were using the japanese helmets but the rest were using their normal base game helmets. I cant figure this one out. Heres some pics using the canadians for japanese.
  7. Ill work on this with both forces and see if i can figure something out.
  8. It uses ( german-wafenss-cammo-helmet 3 ) Like mord said, renumber it 7 or higher and it wont overwrite any of the base helmets but will give you an extra helmet with decals. These are the base ss helmets mord is talking about.
  9. Canadian, polish and british forces have their own files for uniforms and helmets but share weapon and gear files, With the mod in place and in battle both sides are using 98k rifles and japanese marked gear. Looks like the only way to use british forces against japanese forces is to convert the japanese over to germans so they can get their lee enfield and own gear back. Any suggestions?
  10. Experimenting with canadian and german versions to see what i can get out of them..
  11. If the switch over to germans works out its gonna give us japanese officers and higher (puttee's) or leg wraps.
  12. Yea, ill start working on it. Im gonna try to convert everything japanese over to the germans.
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