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  1. Hmm. I'm not having that problem. I'm not getting errors - in fact it sends fine. I just assumed it was also supposed to download returned files........ Also, I can't see anything in that screenshot. Too small. Might be just me. I would suggest if you're not using gmail, check all the settings floating around and ensure none of the gmail settings are set.
  2. So long as the interface for doing so is a little slicker than fire missions
  3. I only split if I think it's tactically relevant - generally leaving them together. I'm sure it puts me at a slight tactical disadvantage, but saves on administrative work! Also: I'm not saying the design is perfect - wouldn't it be better if the MGunner knew he was shooting at a split team and didn't spread his shots as a result? If you want to suppress a horde of incoming Ami split-teams: area target. I'm just pointing out ... I don't think this is a bug, so much as a design decision that doesn't work out well in the given case.
  4. Has anyone considered that this might be by design? e.g. a Squad covers three action squares. You target the squad - thus the MG locks on to the middle action square... but let's be honest, you'd want the gunner to spread his fire left and right a little to try and suppress or kill the whole squad. Basically "targeting" a unit is no different to area firing except that the action square you have targeted is moving. By design the gunner spreads to shots left and right to adjacent square to suppress not just what you're shooting at, but other infantry as well.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly. Has anyone worked out the gmail integration though? It sends fine, but doesn't receive? Is that it's limitation?
  6. How come the last couple pages of your images don't load? Is it just me?
  7. Wow. I wander back into the forums after a while away.... and what the hell? A TOUCH version? I've never seen a point to a tablet... but that has been slowly changing. Seen one or two apps that would actually be decent on a tablet over a phone. Combat Mission definitely qualifies. Now: I have an android phone, and suspect I always will.... but I'm actually looking at the JUST ANNOUNCED MS Surface. CM:N is already a Windows game - what's the chances CM:T will be Windows 8 compatible (and thus playable on the fancy Surface tablet? ) Something to keep in mind, BFC, don't you think?
  8. In case anyone is wondering: the manual provides instructions on how to set up relative keymapping.
  9. The "alternative" keys are actually the "sane" keys. Relative key mapping is some of the most ass-backwards way of controlling a game I have *ever* seen (in about 20 years of gaming.) And it's default?!? I have started a really long document on all the short-comings of CM:BN's UI issues, and how they could be fixed. The NUMBER ONE was this "the same keys-mean-different-things-depending-on-the-tab" craziness. That's when I discovered you could change to "alternate" keymapping style. I pretty much stopped on the document, because it was just a GIANT relief to be able to have sane keymapping I
  10. My best moment (and it was in my first game after upgrading the demo to full I think) 1. I "soften" up a village with a heavy arty bombardment. 2. I send in the infantry to secure the 2-story buildings 3. Once cleared of AT threats, I move up my Panthers, working their way down the narrow little streets 4. A sherman counter attack begins from the far side of the village, so I creep a Panther between some of my 2-story buildings to see if it can get a shot off 5. The sherman fires first, and the shell deflects harmlessly off... into a heavily damaged building my infantry were occupying
  11. I got a tactical victory first go - I had no idea a counter attack was imminent. I was expecting lots of resistance around the bridge. I proceeded carefully up the left side of the road with everything. I wanted to avoid having to pick through much forest, as I didn't have many men - but the forest overlooking the bridge obviously needed to be thoroughly cleared out. So, using overwatch and cover I moved up to the forest edge, then began to creep my infantry through it spread out, while my vehicles stayed back. My plan was to clear the forest, then secure the bridge with the HT guns a
  12. Crap, sorry. Wrong thing on the clipboard I guess! http://youtu.be/qLRl9MFaN6E I can't edit my post now, either Boo forum policies.
  13. The tactical problem I faced was that the Sherman had retreated through a gate and so to approach it I had to drive in such a way as to expose myself to the gate before rotating to face - thus exposing my side-armour to a waiting Sherman gun. I have from experience noted that although a Sherman has almost no chance to penetrate a Panther frontally, it can be quite successful from the side - even on the turret. I moved the Panther in focus along a dry creek bed to keep it concealed. Even if it was visible, it would only be exposing the top of its turrent to the enemy - both the strongest par
  14. Very nice ! The sounds I thought were a pretty cool addition Although - do mortars whistle like that?
  15. I looked at my losses, and noted them. But I didn't record them and I knew I'd live to regret it. I believe, from memory, I had approximately 300KIA - something like 295? I do know for sure it was very close to what Germany had to. So we had similar losses over this campaign (despite me getting awarded a "total victory.") My armour losses weren't too bad. A smidge high, but acceptable. I can't recall the number though If I remember I'll fire up my last save and add here.
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