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  1. turn off FXAA and you should be good.
  2. Well, I guess I can always install it on my Windows 7 version.
  3. doesn't work! you think I didn't do that? of course, I tried this, I think the exclude add an exception is broken as its broken in AVAST also. I'm considered a Windows expert. I'm not a computer novice, I been working with computers since Commador 64, and Tandy days. Trust me I know what I'm doing, and the old version of CM, will not work on Windows 10 CE. The new CM versions work with no problem, as they have the new and improved license update 64 bit. I believe BF knows this and is trying to avoid the problem of not upgrading this older license software as they don't want to pay for it. (the majority of players are on windows 7) their not experiencing this issue.
  4. and still no go with Afghanistan or ShockForce. lol, this is really bad for my version of windows and the stupid Windows Defender lockdown. cant delete it either.
  5. found this trying it out now. unfortunately, this didn't work either. this is so frustrating!!!! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/886695/you-receive-an-error-1053-the-service-did-not-respond-to-the-start-or
  6. still can not run this anymore windows 10 CEFall update issue still continues today when can I play with what I paid for?
  7. Well I'm basing this off of Microsoft's statement on the reason for the lack of support, from the vendors. I read in their statement 12 months ago they sent out warning they were doing this. Now how ever I know they tell vendors what changes they are making ask them (vendors) to submit their drivers and exe, to make sure they work. or report what's not working. For instance I know AMD, NVIDIA have to communicate directly with Microsoft's windows division. Sound, video codecs, etc.ect. I'm not blaming BFC, but well those 2 games are now broken on my machine and refuse to run. I still think it's something to do with Defender being hard coded into the Windows 10 CE but as Microsoft support told me, its on BFC's end.
  8. Southern California, next to San Diego.
  9. I don't know as I don't work at BF, and only they can tell you how many people are using this new edition. and whether it's affecting only those two titles. I beta test several games, and yea windows CE Fall update messed up a lot of games. I'm assuming BF, had access to the new CE fall update information Windows 10 microsoft announced to 3rd party vendors, on the changes to the digital system and BF probably either ignored the changes, or forgot? I have no idea. but since the latest versions of BF titles work, I'm going to say they new about the changes and ignored their older products i.e. Shockforce 1, and Afghanistan.
  10. once again Friday and I can not access your store front. It seems the last 2 weeks I been getting this issue.
  11. Windows 10 Fall update user here also submitted ticket, and they can't get it working for me either, the new windows build CE Fall update has messed up ShockForce. I can't run it either or Afghanistan, full uninstall and reinstall, No workie, complete uninstall of virus; and defender you can no longer uninstall, as it's built into the new Fall updated version. everything they suggested I tried, it's now in Battlefronts court, fix it or I get a refund.
  12. Combat Mission: Shock Force Tech Support ok I thought coming in here and asking for help would help. But as you just pointed out it doesn't and I had already as you say put in a support ticket. are you a moderator or beta tester or employee of the CM series? I didn't think so, you had nothing to add to this conversation.
  13. I will just delete this until they update the .dll error. Windows says its on there end for a registry error.
  14. well, still no go, error same as before. full uninstall reinstall error launching. error launching (0x0000142) application was unable to start
  15. Windows 10 Home v1709 OS build 16299.98 don't know why if you're on the same system I'm on it works for your but not me I'll have to try the regedit delete option this is a pain i'm going to lose all my missions. there was a security update on thursday https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4051963/windows-10-update-kb4051963 maybe this stuffed it,.
  16. yes I already tried the compatibility before I came in here to ask about it. no AVAST isn't blocking it. defender is off. it's something with the stupid windows 10 CE Fall update. windows error reporting states it's a .dll error in the exe file. states its registry digitally has expired?
  17. CM Afghanistan, and shock force I get error launching (0x0000142) application was unable to start when did this start happening? is the new windows 10 CE? all the other new version 4.0 work no issues. tried to reinstall still same error.
  18. this is very awesome, welcome news! now I only wish Shadow play worked with openGL, but alas it doesn't. it lags the hell out of the game.
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