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  1. yes all sported now had to reinstall on the reinstall..
  2. so your saying players are to dumb to play a game, that should have been playable out of the box, instead of needing a doctorates to figure out the differences? your insulting people's intelligence and confusing them, when you say engine and patch and upgrade....should be where putting out a "Game engine upgrade" ok we're putting out a patch; first if this is the reason, then it should say it in the game banner, i.e. Engine v4.00 patch v1.3. it maybe clear to the coders and developers, but as my old college professor once stated "for the masses you need to think on a freshman level, because nobody remembers anything from their senior years"...
  3. activation for Gustav worked but still getting that same error, is it a case to have to reinstall this?
  4. ok got it to work now I get this error? so it would appears that the CMFI: Gustav Line product no longer works?
  5. unfortunately I can not edit nor delete any attachments in the forum..
  6. so when is the V4.0 for CMFI going to be posted because I still see my old prepurchase information and no new updated MB's. never mind I see the file.. duh!. SO I unzip and its still v2.00? so was april fools on me i guess. I see in readme it says v4.0 but now my license key doesn't work.. Damn you Russian StarForce!!! cannot activate license key is null
  7. thank god I hope for easter release!! "knock, knock on wood"
  8. Man these Italians sure take long vacations?
  9. I read that the Release for CMFI for v4.0 was supposed to be mid Jan, now its end of Jan.. so what happen?
  10. I was in a Quick tiny mission and the Bradley's wouldn't stay in a hull down they exposed there full vehicle. http://www.mediafire.com/file/f4y5lfkmiv5oelh/Quick_Battle_tiny_.bts
  11. their licensing server didn't like my code license number, so they had to reenter it manually.
  12. all fixed up thanks BF! looks and game acts great!!
  13. another thing I noticed is the weapons they fire now are more accurate. and they use appropriate weapons when they should.
  14. another note I played that mission Hold the Line, and I finally got a stalemate, before 4.0, I would lose very bad, new 4.0 upgrade, I got a stalemate. Stopping the Russian advance is all I cared to do but will try other ways. I really hand it to them at the bridges though.
  15. I would try and target a corner window just left of the vehicle and it wouldn't.
  16. This new upgrade fixed the fire left into corners or just left of vision blocks of vehicle, problems,!!!! Thank you!!!!
  17. So even though I kept getting this error, I updated the game and got it to take, persistence pays. Thank you for the help!! v4.0 !!! yes!!
  18. I just tried to install and Windows 10 isn't allowing me to install it... I'm getting UI error I run Avast but I turned it off to instll this and still isnt working. UAC is off and yes I have full admin rights.
  19. yes they fixed it; so Ill check tonight when I have time to reinstall all of it; as I own all the add-ons and those are going to take awhile to license back in again..
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