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  1. Thank you for responding quickly That is enough for now. But how do I save the core unit that I have made in scenario editor? I'm also still interested to make mod or something to make it easy to use custom unit for example quick game etc.
  2. Hi and lovely valentine day Finally had black sea I'm so happy In scenario editor, is there a way to add or save custom organizations so that I could use them in other maps or scenarios? Is the modding only choice? and if it is what would be the easiest way. - Thanks
  3. Whoa! Lot's of talk and nice to hear that I am not the only one with these thoughts. ALL THESE ARE MY OWN CONCEPTIONS, NOT OFFICIAL FDF OPINION! Let me introduce little bit my military and simulator background from Finnish Defend Forces (FDF) . Before my Finnish conscript service in 2002 I played lot's of military simulators. 2003-2004 as I was working as a conscript trainer I participated few times this small scale test to use Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin as a command & tactical simulator. In test they put one company - battalion level combat mission in classroom screen. The teacher gave mission and overall status, after that the trainees had some time to ponder what to order. Then they would order the teacher as they would order substitutes and the teacher would execute their units order according how he would understand the orders. After all commands the teacher pressed "go". After first turn whit contact or some new fresh intel there would be a short time to chance or fine down the orders. There was few test but then the whole project dry up. Not sure why or can't remember, I guess it was the slow tempo, WW2 units, no PC: that could run it and the trammels of CM1 version? These test stuck in me mind the whole time I was in officer school, especially when we had tactical exercises whit out troops (TEWT) where we just assumed or played war games in paper map or the teacher would tell us what happens after one's decisions. I so a huge potential in CM then and now. This one mission for whole classroom thing could maybe work better, if there were smaller amount of leaders. For example only company HQ and Platoon leaders. And strict time lines for giving orders. I did one test of my own for my class in officer school when I was cadet. It took 45min to complete a short reinforced platoon attack (and of course in that building where we were =) ) But maybe the best use would be as a individual leader training or / and quick test for tactical level decisions in TEWT? After officer school I have been basic conscript trainer and after master degree (captain) level studies I have been in non-commissioned officer school trainer and leader. Now last years I have been simulator officer in brigade-level unit in the FDF Army. My main task is the VBS3 coordinator in my unit. Almost all my military career my thought and wonder has been that why there is no tactical level leader simulator in FDF? I think all level military schools should have simulator (game) that they could test their tactical ideas and practice commanding and battle itself. In FDF we have had many weapons, vehicle and command&staff (GESI http://www.cae.com/defence-and-security/simulation-products-solutions/land-training-systems/command-and-staff-training/ ) simulators for long and now VBS3 but none of the suits good for individual practice. Also you can do squad to battalion level practice in VBS3 but if you don't have at-least squad level leader with you it gets pretty unconventional. Don't get me wrong, I like VBS3 and it also have huge potential in military training and as I have played all Bohemian games a lot since first Operation Flashpoint I am clad that it is finally in use of every unit in the FDF that has conscripts. But as a training for company-battalion level leaders I think there is a cap and CM2 could maybe fill it? ALL THESE ARE MY OWN CONCEPTIONS, NOT OFFICIAL FDF OPINION! Thank you all for answers and some replies to Steve from Battlefront: There's been some small scale use of CMSF and CMBS for military training purposes. I am also aware of one large defense contractor that has used CMBS for R&D to demonstrate proof of concept. We run into major obstacles (i.e. building sized brick walls) when it comes to wider use. The primary one being we don't have the resources to compete against the defense industry darlings. The second one is that, as is, CM2's engine lacks features which are seen as required for full classroom integration. The latter could be easily overcome if the former wasn't an issue. So of the two limitations, the will of a potential user to overcome the defense industry problems is definitely the bigger one. Sadly, the US' influence over defense simulations means that even smaller countries, with more constricted defense spending, aren't knocking down our doors even though we could provide a superior product for "cheap" compared to what is currently on offer. Nice to hear. My main thought in the use of CM2 in military training is in individual trainee so that would close the problem of full classroom integration. And if it would be use with other trainees there could be normal PvP game or the open command simulation as we tested in early 2000. And as for buildings, terrain, units. I think we could easily just use what comes in CM2 modern era games. I don't think that it is important to have perfect immersion in this kind of level. Of course it would be nice if there were Finnish landscape and troops but if it makes thinks hard and expensive I think the Red Thunder, Shock Forces, Black Sea would do just fine. It would also solve many security and copyright stuff when it would complete open and public consumer game. Normal CM2 would be still better than paper map and needles =) That said, CM2 "as is" can be an excellent tool for exploring textbook work in engaging and more visceral ways at an affordable cost. Pretty much any soldier's personal computer can run the game outside of a secured classroom environment. Students can explore concepts on their own time in their own way at their own pace. The experiences from the game can then be compared to that of their peers and instructors within a common paradigm and shared experience. CM2's game mechanics are consistent and vetted by professionals, which means there's a degree of real world learning that can be integrated in with specific course goals. Just what I had in mind. The organization could give the basic training how to use CM2 and then the trainee would go train. As for the EULA, there's nothing in it that prevents an institutional customer (military or otherwise) from purchasing and using CM2 in a classroom setting. However, bulk purchasing of licenses is obviously desirable in most cases because budgets are tight and usually the number of seats needed is more than a handful. We do offer discounts to institutional customers. Great to hear. Very rare in these days. ALL THESE ARE MY OWN CONCEPTIONS, NOT OFFICIAL FDF OPINION! I will continue discussion whit my collages. WeGo Xmas to all!
  4. | https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127954 I did these many times and rebooted and closed all firewalls etc. Still no start. After one reboot I got this message that is attached to this, but not anymore and still doesn't start
  5. It's total panic here =) I know, that's why I did it step by step and tested quick play after every update. It worked fine until 1.32. Is there any way to remove patches or do I have to reinstall the whole game?
  6. Hi I updated the game step by step with www.battlefront.com instructions and I tested it after every update and now after 1.32 update it wont start?
  7. Hi Does anyone know is there any use of Combat Mission game series as a tactical & leader simulator for ground forces? And if so, does they need a special license or does the normal version EULA allows it's use in professional military education simulator? Thanks
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