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  1. Me too. That's one weak point of the CM series. In a hex based game this is much simpler of course. For me using the '1' camera view helped the most. You have to go to ground level. The worst part is when 1mm is visible of the top of a vehicle to the enemy, and the engine grants a full flank shot with big hit probabilities to them.
  2. Yes, only the spotter units. So don't lose them because that means losing your artillery support.
  3. It's there, between Apr '42 and Mar '45. Rectangle enough for me.
  4. Erm....why so sure it's 76mm and not 85? Is the 11mm difference so obvious? Not that I take the 76mm ammo incapable of doing that damage, I'm just intrigued how you arrived at that conclusion. I always thought this was a staged photo and it shows the result of a field test on a captured Tiger. Back to the topic: the combat ineffectiveness of the Russian AFVs in the game is evident. (In that particular situation. Many considers the Russian side stronger in the overall game). The penetration model (the formulas which use the historical penetration values) is close to reality, maybe on t
  5. Good info, thanks. I don't necessarily consider phrases in training manuals like 'under 500 meters the armor provides no protection' as reliable information. It's more like establishing a doctrine for the tankers, they wanted to err on the safe side of things etc. What's remarkable is that wargames model the T34-Stug force relationship very differently. In the CM model the Russian tanks die easily. In Steel Panthers it's almos impossible to get a kill over 1km (Stug 75mm long, T34 front, the usual setup), and even 88m bounces quite often. Stugs seem more vulnerable than in CM, but not mu
  6. AFAIK this is a limitation in CM. A HE round only functions as HE when you hit the ground next to the tank. If you hit the tank itself, the round is treated as a weak AP round.
  7. I think you test with the 80mm variant and not the 50+30mm one. Only the 50+30mm version is considered broken AFAIK.
  8. I'd say the game's CRT (in boardgame terms), i.e. the combat mechanics is soft, compared to other games or boardgames. It's more suppression-oriented. It is us who play gamey. Taken out of an operational context, in a single pitched battle, you will sacrifice your men till the victory point ratio is on your side. No point to retreat or concede the game after 10% casualties.
  9. I remember getting 3 full penetrations on a Stug F with a 76mm ZIS-3, at close-mid range. The tank stayed motionless about 30secs then started reversing back. I couldn't believe my eyes. But I also remember killing a Jagdpanther with a single (and first) side shot from a well placed SU-76. That was sweet. Both actions happened in PBEM games.
  10. That sounds right to me. If one is used to the 'softer' combat mechanics of RTS games then that attrition rate might seem too high. But the numbers in this game are modeled after the real things, which were designed for killing not for elongated shooting scenarios.
  11. If a tank becomes immobilized and a crew member had been lost then the tank gets abandoned. So don't get bogged now with TCless tanks...
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