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  1. +1 Making Venafro for me was fun. It is barely a platoon engagement. When I tried going larger I really started burning out quick on it,
  2. a bit of positive news I thought you'd apprrciate Four Years After It Was Heavily Damaged, Mosul’s Iconic al-Nuri Mosque Is Being Rebuilt (msn.com)
  3. I still remember Mord and DKs unit icons and thinking I love this stuff but are you guys freakin crazy?
  4. never hurts if you have some existing PBEM games to finish
  5. It should not delete mods. Installing over an existing copy just over writes. Now on the other hand if you are me setting up a new PC and you format your old main drive before copying over your documents folder... yeah I did that this week. Fortunately I do have saves of all my mods, but I wiped out quite a bit of work I had done on Sadr city and a couple other maps I was making are gone forever.
  6. you won't be disappointed. Though you may have to take a deep breath at the workload you may be taking on when you see what is possible now. Benpark's work is nothing short of amazing. He may have burned out a bit on this
  7. stroll through the Berlin map. Stuff I could only dream about in making the Venafro map in CMFI
  8. redundancy. you can never have too many backup plans
  9. suggestion. We take all your posts, convert to PDF and it be included in further releases as an addendum for Jon's work if that isn't already the plan. This is phenomenal.
  10. damn congrats on the 29 years. Looking at retirement in about 10 weeks and we are celebrating our 16th anniversary next month.
  11. exactly! You need to get crackin on that Afghanistan Module for CMSF2!
  12. they don't even try to fake it anymore, they just call it a Game as a service and sell unfinished crap
  13. Clearly you haven't been listening to Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red (insert "favorite" AAA game studio here)
  14. My experience so far in CW is treat your infantry not too far different than late WW2. Get yourself positioned for side and rear shots. And note your range is far superior to WW2 weapons. Anyone who thinks they can scoff at LAWs and Dragons is gonna be in for a rude awakening. Definitely not as bad as Javelins but you can still serve up some hurt. BMPs and BTRs are a nice target, especially if their crunchies are still mounted. As for the Russian side. ATGM heaven. I learned to really like the BRDM 2 ATGM variant
  15. I literally laughed out loud reading that. Man that is a brutal comparison. Haven't played with the Brits enough to really experience it but I'll be wary.
  16. we're just waiting for the next release and are bored. You stepped in it, have a beer.
  17. If you argue with him he'll just surrender because....... do I have to say it?
  18. Looking forward to this. CMSF2 is still my preferred game.
  19. wait till you run across a flavor object blocking your access. 😛
  20. something else that might be of interest Sgt just from the perspective of how the Iraqis shoulder the fight against ISIS The Spymaster of Baghdad: A True Story of Bravery, Family, and Patriotism in the Battle against ISIS - Kindle edition by Coker, Margaret. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
  21. Are you asking if trees can block ATGMs? If so yes as well as main gun rounds.. likely more than they should. 😛 Don't count on it though as it isn't always going to be true. You'll notice it as well in air attacks against units in woods.
  22. Some of us not even that. First I heard was just about 1 month ago.
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