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  1. So what I got out of that long write up is that after meeting with Steve the second time you and Bil were no longer wearing pants?
  2. Can we stay on topic, for crying out loud it is CM Cold War! πŸ€ͺ
  3. ooooh yeah. This is a majorly significant item. For the US not having it is a severe handicap.
  4. well thank you for the dedication. This was the focus of most of my boardgame purchases. Gawd so many. MBT, IDF, Air and Armor and those were just the tactical. Went all the way up to The Next War and NATO. Even went so far as to include 2nd Fleet to determine if NATO convoys would be able to cross the Atlantic.... This is my retirement year and you gave me the game I've waited decades for Bil/Capt. Nice timing, how did you know?
  5. you don't need to kill it via the turret. Heck I nailed a pair of M1s with recoilless weapons - just don't try to shoot em from the front. Dragons are good. There are lots and lots of targets. And those Russian infantry AT4s are honestly better than using the vehicle mounted units - you are a lot harder to spot. Only problem is they only have a 1000 meter range. Killed a tank with a BMP mounted unit from a bit over 3km the other day. The learning curve in this game is brutal (and in my case seemingly flat...)but the CMBS instant reaction days... well that ain't this game.
  6. a little modding, some M60s and maybe Hue?
  7. No. CM does not do air to air anything. Al that would happen outside the confines of a tactical battle.
  8. I saw them live in Phila back in the early 80s. Oh wait you aren’t referring to the band πŸ™ƒ
  9. Smoke is a word you will learn to hate on the Russian side.
  10. Okay gents, here is the parallel park test
  11. as a direct fire weapon it'd help taking down guys holed up in a building...
  12. carpentry- oh wait did you limit it to games? I used to play Skyrim and fallout, but haven't touched those in a long time. Mostly editing some stuff in Tiller's games to get them down to platoon size units, but that is only to facilitate CM campaigns. πŸ˜›
  13. yeah I had really wanted ammo dumps as targets for missions- i.e. find the enemy supply cache.
  14. Heh above my paygrade. Oh wait I don't get paid πŸ˜› You know CMSF is my favorite. If it were my choice BF would have a dedicated work team just for that family and it would incorporate a whole side business for CM:A.
  15. I'm really late to the party. RL stuff has been difficult. Wait till you see the artwork for urban stuff. Yeah I saw the somewhat negative comments, but the time has been well spent. F&R is pretty amazing. You'll be spending quite a bit of time just looking at all the options for appearances much less the toys.
  16. The only time I have seen them say anything negative is to beta testers. We need to test with a clean base game, once released you bought it. The only mod I know with real potential issues is Vin's text. Thing is if any mod causes a problem you just remove it. No work required on BFs part. Heck they even gave us a program to unload the BRZ files and repack them plus mod tags that they documented for us. Yeah I'd say the evidence is BF has no problem modding appearances, they would draw the line at modding the actual engine and unit capabilities.
  17. I know I ran into that in map design, but once you saved and opened it was normal. Never saw it during an actual game. Yeah that was a pretty good description. Fun scenario. May have to go try it again. Have had almost no CM time for a while and am going through withdrawal.
  18. Also an aspect of the player as god. You know that but if this were a real battles isn't it plausible that they would not? CM certainly has it's limitations. Players however also have our own bias of too much knowledge. We also look at every single battle as a crucial must win. In reality a commander's decisions would be influenced by factors outside the scope of a single CM scenario.
  19. I'd be happy to take that bet! They may not move as fast as we'd like, but they do this because they like it and they know their community. Steve and Charles aren't planning retirement any time soon.
  20. wet dream..... The wife might be a little perturbed at that thought but hey what can I say?
  21. dang man. Not even close. My congrats to her for what must be an awesome life story.
  22. Friday afternoon and finally off video conference calls. Gawd I both love Zoom and hate it. There are lots of reasons for delay and for those of us who have been around a while it is a constant joke on Steve's ability to wildly overestimate when a product will be out. We love ya steve but I always double or triple your estimates. Covid has impacted all of us and I really appreciate Combatintman's concerns. My wife and I both have aging mother's that are very vulnerable. In my case I can't visit her because of the risk, my wife is unable to even assume risk, she is simply prohibited
  23. My first trip to London I made a point of taking a train out to see her. Beautiful ship.
  24. Just got this email announcement notification. Pretty cool. Doubly happy that CMSF was brought up to spec. All that hard work paid off for my favorite CM game - Thanks BF! https://www.matrixgames.com/news/combat-mission-shock-force-2-out-on-august-25th
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