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  1. sorry I am not really into White men feeling victimized. Hell my mother couldn't get a credit card when I was young because they didn't give them to women. The neighborhood I lived in when I was 4 had a massive riot just because 1 black family moved there (google Baker Incident in Phila) and your own Boston history is rife with this kind of stuff. Black people are still having their voting rights undermined 55 years after the civil rights act. I think white males tend to be the real snowflakes. We don't like not being able to take for granted being at the front of the line all the time.
  2. The south facing bridge in Delores seems to have an abrupt drop off. Have you had any pathing issues there?
  3. I prefer Steve Martin's in My Blue Heaven. What is the difference between a light bulb and a pregnant woman? I think Germany has some more important issue to worry about at the moment. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/03/world/europe/germany-military-neo-nazis-ksk.html?searchResultPosition=4
  4. Barring that I think you'd try on your own as a secondary choice 😛
  5. It might also have something to do with the newer AI behavior with units heading to the corner. I don't have any firm evidence of that but have seen occasional weird behavior like units moving to the wrong side of a wall where it intersects with a building. I also as Erwin noted split my squads most of the time which may limit the overall effect. I haven't been getting much CM time lately so don't have much to go on right now regarding behavior.
  6. Send me as well. It could be the QB OOB is allowing you to select from the module. I can pull the force selection and have it looked at.
  7. oh you have gone and done it now. I think Mord almost had an aneurysm with CMFI
  8. Enjoyed? Enjoyed?! As in past tense?!! Soldier you march your a** back in there, there is no way you completed all that content.
  9. How come I keep hearing the song from Oliver….
  10. Local humor from a particular political bent which they did understand. You get the same reaction from the non right wing about the comments on the "People's republic of California". They weren't looking for an explanation, they were just pointing out it is stupid.
  11. wait a minute.. a cruise ship? maybe they better stay in Germany for now.
  12. Ocean City MD? 😛 Actually there is I think some talk of Poland and that would be really interesting considering this https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/russia-sends-more-troops-west-challenging-us-nato-presence-near-borders/ar-BB156dgJ
  13. meh Let's see what happens in November. Could be this will all just be a bad dream. Maybe they are planning on moving those troops to Lafayette Square 😛
  14. I use fraps and then crop in Picassa.
  15. I don't think You'll ever see BF do this, it would have to be a community generated scenario. Mods are never part of BF official scenarios. Interesting ideas though nevertheless.
  16. for the blast if it selects quick, go ahead and place the order then click on the line again and change to blast. You'll see the color change denoting the change in order.
  17. Do you talk like this in real life to real people not on a forum? Interesting interaction behavior... and kind of repetitive.
  18. Or not. Part of the alt right narrative that falls flat so often is linking things that aren't linked, assuming intent where none exists and inflating beliefs to facts. oooh the rapier wit, I am mortally afflicted!! Aaarrrgh -Does it say anything else?-No!Just "Aaargh."Aaargh.Do you suppose he meant the Camargue?-Where's that?-ln France, I think.-lsn't there a St. Aaargh's in Cornwall?-No, that's St. Ives.St. Ives.No, "Aaargh." At the back of the throat.No, in surprise and alarm!-You mean a sort of a "Ah!"-Yes, that's right.My God!It's the Legendary Black Beast of Aaargh!That's
  19. Only to the uninformed. I have lived here 25 years the first 10 in San Francisco. The nonsense I read about life here is pretty funny. I love it here and despite the cost of living in the Bay Area we are set to staying here for retirement. The quality of life is simply so much better. There is a reason it is expensive here. Simple demand economics. Sorry NJ is so cramped. That and your income is based on the fact that you are essentially a NY suburb. NY took a dump and it became NJ.
  20. What??? You guys can't even pump your own gas! You realize CA is a big state right? Our population is over 4x NJ. We are 3rd in size, NJ is freakin 47th. Only CT, DE and RI are smaller. Our GDP is 5x NJ. Our s**t is gold, but we are so wealthy we don't deign to pick it up. Oh yeah I'm slightly biased. I am from Philly. LOL Freakin NJ... what exit?
  21. All I ti takes is having someone to blame. We humans are unfortunately predictable.
  22. Some of the difficulty in India handling the pandemic. My coworkers were telling me about the chaos there at liquor stores let’s just say social distancing wasn’t really a consideration https://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-spreads-among-indian-police-131214838.html https://news.yahoo.com/chaos-outside-liquor-stores-india-eases-virus-lockdown-112326078.html
  23. While I don't disagree with most of what you said, I would note we Americans certainly don't have a lock on being poorly informed or even misinformed. Hell we aren't even close. Meanwhile - interesting article on the challenges developing a vaccine. To note the article talks about newer strains of the virus being more contagious, it doesn't say that they are actually more inclined to higher fatality rates though they certainly are more capable of straining our health care networks. It also may explain partially why China's overall infection rates seem lower (assuming the numbers we ha
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