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  1. Been watching the youtube videos of "The Great War", good stuff.... the war is 100 years + 100 weeks old now. Anyone still coming here to look for players?
  2. Wow, lots of people returning after very long breaks from the game! Been well over a year since I played till DK sent me message about a one year old post on this forums... enjoying a very nice game vs him right now. Forgot how fun this can be. Sadly I don't have WW1 Breakthrough.. seams that's what most want. Looking to start another game of SC WW1 The Great War V1.07 if anyone interested.... PBEM Email me at pjflanag@aol.com if interested.
  3. Looking to play some PBEM of older games. SC 2 Blitzkrieg v1.09 or SC WW1 The Great War - Call to Arms v1.07 I think these are the final versions of each game. Looking for mirror game, I would consider myself a average player. email me at pjflanag@aol.com if interested
  4. Looking for opponent, mirror game "Fate of Nations". Giving it a try, so expect surprises if your a pro at that 'mod'.
  5. How has the game been going for PvP? I see so few posts on this post that I'm worryed it will be hard to find players. Also why no AARs yet?
  6. Looking like I might get back into PBEM..... is the the only site people are matching up is there another site (Terif still running a site?). Ok, looking to shake some rust off.. sadly only old games (no GTO SC). SC 2 v 1.09.. Old timer at this one but very rusty or SC PTO... I'm very new to this one
  7. Does any other site orginize PC SC2 games? Example Panzerliga for SC1 and SC2?
  8. Aye, but a few thoughts Terif 1) Yea I remember that patch now, but if really we wanted more 'interest' in Norway we should make it apples for apples.... IE drop the hit on Russia for Germany DOW and change it to the same as Allie.... a risk Sweden will be effected. Now its a race for Norway (sometimes) as both sides can land on turn 4.. axis before allied but at much more risk due to navel supiority of UK + French fleet. 2) Ok, never tested the Iraq MMPs.. was told by one player it was double. sub1) While I wish we would see more 'effect' to DOWs; these NA minor states are last on
  9. Two items seam 'wrong' with this country 1)DOWs: Axis DOW Norway and we see a small hit on USSR readness, if Allies DOW Norway we see no political effect???? Shouldnt this be just the same as say.. Denmark? A small effect on USA readness? Isolationist US would just say 'its thier damn war and they can have it'? Was this readness adjustment missed when the change went into effect many patchs ago on DOWs for these country's? (Denmark and Norway) 2) Convoys: If USA (or USSR?) takes Norway, UK still gets the convoy and they get the std MPPs from this surrendered country. At least thats
  10. I look at it as a 'pre war' focus on one type of combat. The allies can do this as well, Russia can build a full Q of rockets/Armor/air or HQs then get the siberian trasfer for a negtive Q. There is a short comming to this, whenever the unit dies you cant buy it back at 1/2 cost. Its fully lost. I'm sure there are a few other areas where you could do this as well, USA fleet with attack on Spain ect....
  11. Hit the 'End Turn' button. A save file name screen should pop up. In PBEM you can do only one turn at a time so by ending the turn by default it will try to save it.. and give you the option of creating a new file name.
  12. Hmm, ok slow in changing my sig... let me try this. Odd? Failed? [ April 05, 2007, 12:04 PM: Message edited by: Iron Ranger ]
  13. I've been messing around with the Denmark/Iceland script in muliplayer games lately. Seams if I host and axis (with script off) then it works proper and iceland turns axis, with no units and UK must invade to get the city and port back. Also no free bomber. If I host and I'm allies (with script off) then Iceland turns independant and gets the free bomber.. as if the script was on. Railheads: Messed with this and found City under 5 str: Units can only operate away from on the city hex, not hexs next to it (no matter thier supply). Except Air, if air is at 3 or more supply and the ci
  14. unable to finish test.. assume I just forgot the timer and they are working normally. [ March 07, 2007, 09:45 AM: Message edited by: Iron Ranger ]
  15. TESTING [ March 05, 2007, 09:02 PM: Message edited by: Iron Ranger ]
  16. Allow a land route through Finland would seam the wise thing to do if the port is bombed out and Axis control the hex's around the baltic to Berlin.
  17. They are unlike any other unit. They take no damage back for attack, they have ranged attack, they can effectivly attack all units and stratigic targets. For this they have 0 defence... except... exp right now.
  18. Yes hard call, but look at it this way. France see's that german is going to be tied down in Poland for 3-4 turn then winter hits (IE no gamey transfer of troops west due to 'weakened' weather). France desides that with UK aid they might take Spain, mainly as the weather is much weaker in the south. And if they dont take it well, as a bonus USA gets more ships. DOW Spain (the old spainsh gambit). Defeat spain, nice jump in MMPs, Moral and more ships for USA. Dont get spain, well USA ships still come, axis get the Rock (95% of the time this happens anyway in high calibar games), and
  19. Guess I'd say add in defence bonuses but no entrenchement. This would make rockets in the right area tough but still easy enough to high tech/exp armor or armys. Seams the best from a balance/historical look.
  20. Tough call, I hope a few of the testers will comment on this??
  21. I have not tested this, not in the testing mood for SC2 - sorry. In SC1 Rockets did not get the benift of exp bars in terms of defence. It was felt that this made them super weapons since there happened to be a set value for soft attack that never changed. Is this true in SC2? Does the bars of xp on rockets add to both that attack value and defence value? Or only one? If only one, I suggest making a change to both! Rocket in the right place are very usefull, with the ability to upgrade soft attack on several units the rockets shouldnt become superweapons (unlees poor play by t
  22. If the allies DOW spain USA gets the pacific fleet. Somehow I feel this is a bug and USA can DOW spain in the mid-late game and still get the extra naval units for free. These bonus unit should only be given if Spain JOINS the axis powers as a minor. Not if she is DOWed (by eather side?). At least not if the Allies are the ones doing the DOW.
  23. I've actully seen the transfer not happen till the late spring of 42, this was some time ago however so a patch could have fixed this.
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