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  1. Oh, right. So with winrar you only need to open 'part 1' and that will contain all of the files from the other parts.
  2. Mind sharing how you got this to work? Each one is overwriting the other, and they're all the same file size.
  3. 30 ton Sherman rams a 70 ton tiger at a possible max offroad speed of 19 mph and the tiger... bails? At a range of 50 meters, from the rear, the sherman crew decides to load an HE round rather than an AP round? The HE round is "devestating" to the crew inside?
  4. Looks like the benefit was that Japanese rations required no refrigeration (still needed to cook.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Japanese_rations
  5. Yeah, even if they're not balanced, I find it enjoyable to assault through fortifications, as the AI isn't great in the attack. I tend to give them more points anyway to compensate.
  6. So when I purchase bunkers/shelters for the AI in a quick battle, they seem to always be left empty despite having plenty of infantry to put in them. Is there some sort of trick to get them to use bunkers? I've noticed this in the normandy game as well.
  7. Does take the enjoyment out of it for me, having perfect intel of your enemy forces. To me, the scenario stuff is typically over designed - every terrain fold tweaked by the author so there are no "good" positions, every house rotated so that there are no ideal fields of view out of windows, etc. No randomness whatsoever. The QB randomness has the right feel for a chaotic battlefield, but like people have said, the auto picker is super risky. I naively expected this to be tweaked for the new product, but my first experience with QB gave me some sort of Ukrainian sniper battalion - why would such a formation even exist?
  8. Really have to disagree about the accuracy thing. Read the book for something closer to the real thing. The plot-line, cartoon evil characters, etc never existed. It's a generic action movie (and sort of a boring one at that) with a few nods to Kyle's actual encounters (or what he said they were.) The movie depicts what Americans would like to think happened in Iraq. The morality of the stuff he did, and his feelings about it, isn't quite as cut and dry as the movie makes it out to be. It says right in the title - it's a hoorah American flick that avoids any grey areas (the interesting stuff) that might have existed in his deployments and actions. In any case, hopefully some of that cash it's hauling in goes to his family.
  9. Understandable, but wouldn't the target light command solve this? Area fire at structures with the regular target command seems to be the case where you would want them to fire all assets available.
  10. I do, actually. Making decisions based on your own needs and requirements rather than what your customers would actually want, and pay for.
  11. Yes please! The war was decided post '42, would love to see the action when the war was actually in the balance - when the german army was organized and outfitted well. Have played enough of "fend of the horde of allies with whatever you can scrape together nearby." Enough shermans, panthers, and t34s! I want to see PZII's, III's, french heavies, etc.
  12. None of those are requirements for graduation from elementary school in the united states.
  13. Fantastic game once you're accustomed to the UI - one of the only products I know that has an operational layer. Creates a bunch of relevance for each individual mission that you play. It has far less micro management than CM, more of a "click and watch things unfold" sort of game - and so real time is quite forgivable and appropriate for the gameplay. If the UI puts you off at first, keep at it, it's a fun little gem underneath. There's a realistic sound mod floating around somewhere that helps the immersion side of things quite a lot.
  14. I haven't seen this to be the case at all. Nearly every interview I've ever seen has shown the typical afghan civilian to be absolutely sick of war and violence. They want to go about their business, make a living and feed their family without the constant threat of imminent death. They're absolutely tired of being used as pawns by both the taliban and the US military. They get the **** end of the stick no matter which side is "winning."
  15. Because modern civilization has gone beyond "The guy with the gun can do whatever the hell he wants."
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