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  1. Its no secret US/NATO are more careful with civilian casualties. A lot has to do with public opinion being much more harsh with them in case of civilians deaths. They have definetely move on from napalms, and spraying agent Orange in Vietnam. More precise weapons as well that probably Russia cant afford to use in mass. I think I've seen some videos of laser guided bombing by russians in the early phases of the war and honestly they werent as accurate compared to pinpoint strikes from videos from Iraq/Afhganistan. I think thats the first conflict that a russian intervention is so exposed to wes
  2. I dig the techincal details but do you think there is any point in this "my bombs are more humane than yours" discussion in this war of anihilation? I think even precision weapons would have a hard time to hit anything here. I'm amazed how even some of the bombs hit their target. Its like Stalingrad only more packed.
  3. You suggest he is playing 1P hotseat in Syria right now?
  4. Haha, I think Harvard of terrorism was a good one:) Most of the time he talks nonsense but he isnt very far from the truth here. What wording though for a presidential candidate.
  5. Concrete proof of West aiding ISIS in Syria http://www.pri.org/stories/2015-12-15/how-texas-plumbers-truck-wound-isis-hands
  6. Yes that film is haunting and as close as it gets to the horrors of war
  7. No, some were quick to write that ISIS was taking part. Reportedly its just your everyday, vanilla jihadists of Fateh al-Sham with suicide vehicles. Great. Another precision weapon thrown in the mix.
  8. Haha. I wouldnt put my all my "World" money on Trump either. Politically I'm more leaning to the democrats, though I dont like Hilary as a person. I still remember that video of her making a joke on Ghadaffi's horrible end. No matter how bad he was, to cheer for someone's death shows a pretty cruel and heartless nature.
  9. I think it was no secret that life was more comfortable closer to Europe. A lot had relatives abroad. They also knew that they were doing a lot better than their iraqi neighbours. +1. And a lot were lost between, in the aegean sea. And those smugglers get away stealing thousands of dollars per person just to put them in floating coffins. I think its the nature of the conflict that no matter what, moderate rebels could never have had the upper hand in the opposition camp. The latest rebel offensive to relief the Aleppo siege is consited mainly of terror groups coordinated by I
  10. Firstly, there were no syrian refuggees pre war. They are leaving the country because of the war, not because of Assad, thats not accurate. They were free to leave the country under Assad's rule as well but they didnt. Secondly, they are not interested in moving to Russia. I've seen a lot of them here in Greece, they are educated, english speaking people with cellphones more expensive than mine, that their first priority is Germany or UK. They have relatives there and the chances to find a job are much higher. Third, a lot of them are men in military age that either had to serve in t
  11. God, he looks like some war nutjob straight out of Dr Strangelove
  12. Hahah. If I was a US citizen I would vote for Hilary. As a global citizen I would vote for Trump. But I dont trust either. Maybe Trump has no idea what he is talking about being friends with Russia and changes rhetoric once elected. But its hilarious to read comments all over the internet with democrats labeled warmongers and gun loving republicans praying we will avoid WW3. Such a bizarre time we live in.
  13. Political enemies perhaps, as long we let politicians and the elite divide us. But people have come closer than before and it is encouraging to see a lot of people in the states that dont consider Russia their enemy. Hope common sense will prevail.
  14. Bahh terrorizing poor people and distracting them from real life. Its Cold war again but with internet.
  15. Oh boy. How can they still pull things like that. Everyone has been bombing them lately.
  16. Well one can say *at least* they are indirectly responsible. Τhey were aware of turkish intentions, both Greece and Turkey were inside their vaccuum back then. The 1967 coup was widely condemed in Europe, only US supported it. Most greeks hold them responsible for that since then. Greece practically never had any realistic chance to materialize such a unification plan like the russians did. When the turkish 40.000 strong invasion occured, there were around 1000 greek soldiers on the whole island. The obsolete F-84 that were stationed in Crete, didnt even manage to take off to he
  17. So, why ISIS was primarily born in post Saddam Iraq, where there was no despotic regime around anymore?
  18. Nobody said that we are ok with the regime, or that is all US fault thats not true. Our main line is that the previous interventions in Iraq and Libya and the bad outcome records didnt justify another military operation to force Assad out.
  19. Horrible. But this is since the brother-killing war had started right? Do we have similar pre war evidence? Well, Greece had a western-backed dictatorship back then remember? When the sport was equally enjoyed by both cold war rivals. Those generals were total fools(or tools). So, no, that was a long scheduled invasion. And thats roughly admitting that Russia had the right to invade Ukraine to protect the russian population and counter the coup in Kiev. Hmm dont recall that we ever got so close to such a good outcome? There was a reason why tiny Cyprus rejected the Annan pl
  20. IanL, good points. I dont want to sound like someone defending a regime that made people miserable. All I said, is that he indeed seemed to be the lesser of evils given the dynamics of the region. And it was probablly not worth erasing a country from the map just to get rid of him. I dont doubt that among the opposition were just normal people wishing for a change. Those though by nature wouldnt last long against the radicals and they actually didnt. Like they didnt in Iraq or Libya. We must remember this is not Europe, Ukraine or something even remotely close to that. The violence, extre
  21. According to wiki, one of his crimes before the uprising was banning the face veil in universities. Why dont we depose Francois Hollande as well, France has been arresting people with burkinins on Nice's beaches And now that Vlad mentioned Turkey. Turkey, a NATO member since 1953, has been mostly an athortitarian state, opressing human rights, imprisioning journalists,political opponents and leftists, invaded and occupied North Cyprus for half a century and regularly bombs cities to ruins hunting the PKK, while occasionaly invading Iraq and Syria at will. Not to mention the support and oil
  22. Of course Putin is not outside the oligarchy club. Probably he wouldnt be president for so long if he didnt have close ties with them. As individuals I'm not sure that oligarchs were part of the soviet system for a long time. If you have a quick look at their bios, most of them were rather young guys it the 30s back in 1991, that indeed created their fortunes from small business that took advantage of Yeltsin's privatization reforms and grabbed big chunks of Russia's vast resources. Those folks became bilionaires in a night. Abramovich started as a worker/mechanic and his first business was se
  23. Although you are painting Russia in a very negative tone, I know and understand those differences in the more primitive nature of their nation. Thanks for the insight and reccomendation though looks like an interesting read. I used to think that their centuries long OligarchTsar rule has more to do with this than the communist system. Russia didnt have its own class revolution early enough like France for instance that created the french democracy and the middle class in late 18th century. The 1917 revolt was a necessary "evil". A violent turn that came to close the huge cap between oligarchs
  24. Great, I come to BF forums to have a chat on politics after a decade or so only to find out I need to go the shrink. And that casinos, drug dealers and bordellos in dominican republic are safe from commies since 1965. Thats a good point I admit. But the risk especially with Crimea was too high to ignore and hope for a political comeback and solution. The final outcome is yet to be decided in the rest of eastern Ukraine and seems like everything is in pause waiting the next turn to unfold. On Syria, I'm not sure any direct US action against Assad would have brought
  25. Sorry, I was mostly reffering to the poster before you and a few others that their posts were on the ironic side. I respect that, because I can remember how heated were the feelings in this forum in 2003 and the solid pro-war front. I have to say America has changed a lot since then and its evident from the thoughtful comments all over the internet that shows people are now better informed about the things happening in the middle east. But Iraq war is still a case that went unpunished and noone was held accountable for. Which is pretty serious considering a death toll that some claim is close
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