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  1. This is just the setup zones coloring. Press go and the reds will go away..
  2. It seems that my favorite german formation the Pzgrenadier motorized company is gone after patch 1.01. EDIT: I found it, its under battalion command now..
  3. I think game is a bit smoother now and terrain is more "stable" than before. Could be my idea.
  4. If this is a radio equipped unit you can always call the locksmith.
  5. Got to admit this is well portrayed in the game. Assault guns are not that useful in the bocage. They take ages to pivot in those narrow lanes and the close combat ranges make them vulnerable to average US guns. Stugs will have to wait for the ostfront modules..
  6. Yes but you do know that a PzIV can lose an armor duel even with a Stuart?
  7. Game wise, stug is a more tough opponent for allied tanks - extremely low profile and no paper thin turret like the Mark4. Still its a bit overpriced, given that the uber Panther is just 50-60pts more expensive! I'm not impressed with the Stug's hull armor either seems rather easy to knock them out from the front with plain 75 Shermans at the ranges of most normandy maps. Maybe reducing their price 25-30pts would make them a little more desirable.
  8. bump...I have a fear these TCP/IP bugs will haunt the series till the end
  9. Yes deploy time is 20secs *in the open*. But I think I read somewhere it needs some extra care to set up an HMG on a window. Thus its taking longer. It might need over 2 minutes to fire, but wait a bit and the MG42 will start singing.. Also, you cannot change facing once in deployment phase. Its a window thing again iirc.
  10. I think this is not a bug. I suspect HMGs take more time to deploy in buildings. After some time they will eventually fire the MG42. Gunner is in "deploying" phase right?
  11. Well playing as a guest reveals even more bugs in TCP/IP. I was playing an A/D scenario and I had to cross a bridge. I repeatedly ordered multiple squads next to the bridge to move on it but my movement orders were auto cancelled. After 10 failed attempts I discussed this with my opponent and he told me he had barbed wired the bridge. But my troops NEXT to it couldnt spot it! I blew up the invisible barbed wire and then move on. Barbed wire was still invisible after we ceased fire. :mad: It was a night scenario btw, dont know if that matters.. I'm really disappointed with the number of bugs
  12. Yes sorry, unfortunately noone showed up in an hour or so and I had to got to sleep. I most probably will be online tonight though.
  13. Its pretty easy. Download it here: http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/download Then just join a network with the keywords in my first post.
  14. To help the beta team, here is the "mountbug" Rocken is refering to: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=98943 TCP/IP seems like the less tested game area. Other TCP/IP bugs: Treebug (fixed in 1.01) Phantom artillery (rounds are heard but not seen explode-guest side)
  15. Just an update on this, it seems that this doesnt happen only to passengers but to random rifle squads on foot as well but to a lesser degree. Guest side only again..
  16. Valid points but your tone and language is s***. And this is something new, bashing the mechanics of the most complex wargame of all time and praising a decent but rather basic graphics engine..thats just lol.
  17. I get an out of memory too. Intel dual 2.8GHZ D 2Gb ram Geforce550GTX
  18. Opel Blitz was called the workhorse of the german army for a reason
  19. Yes, as far as I know this only happens in TCP/IP and guest side. TCP/IP is still the most buggy aspect of the game and its a bit disappointing that it doesnt recieve much attention. We have the moving tree bug (apparently fixed in 1.01), we also have a phantom artillery bug(guest side only), where you can hear and see craters from artillery but not the rounds and explosions and now this. Guest simply cannot execute a fast mechanized assault from the beggining (very common in a meeting eng). He has to press go, first manually load all inf on vehicles and then order them to move. This is since
  20. Good points Diesel thanks! I thought that about the bridge but I couldnt resist putting one there just for the looks. Thought that a straight railway like looks a bit boring I could run a river deeper in the map but that would be a problem for gameplay reasons. About positioning of farmhouses, its true center is not the most ideal spot but I wanted to brake open space evenly and make a wide exposed field a little more inf friendly. You are right that some elements dont feel quite right but I guess its the artistic junky in me that makes things according to color palletes, space arrangments
  21. It came out more mediteraenean than norman but couldnt help it It still has bocage though
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