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  1. Well this crazy bug is around since CMSF. As far as I know it occurs only in Tcp/IP and only for the guest side. Soldiers that start loaded on trucks/apcs lose all/some of their weapons. Eg you are on setup phase and you load a squad on a truck. Once you press go and you disembark that squad chances are that their rifles/smgs will disappear! Please note this is not a graphics bug, the weapons disappear for good, your men will have to fight bare handed.
  2. This is my first attempt in CMBN maps. A non-historical coastal scenery made for ME, medium size. Has no AI plans, so H2H is the only way to go. Its not playtested yet, so would be nice to get some useful feedback Get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ca556xtxhyox97z
  3. What kind of computer do i need just to edit this? I was trying to downscale it a bit to use some parts for QB maps and It took me 5-10 mins to go from 3300 to 3200m Otherwise this looks simply epic from the 2D preview..
  4. wow, good job. How on earth did you get so different trees? It seems their 3d shape is hard coded.
  5. Do&Do most of the times. In some rare cases (eg really pissed of with my luck or my opponent) I can be a Do&Don't
  6. I'm pretty sure the conscirpt bunker can deploy legs and run away when things don't go well.
  7. Well I suspect that now trees will be fixed in a permanet position as saved when making/editing the scenario in the editor. That means that anyone loading this scenario will get the "same" trees and this will cover multiplayer as well. Thanks BFC and testers!
  8. Can this be fixed with a minor tweak? So as the system makes sure trees are drawn identical on each pc? Sometimes it can really make a difference in tank vs tank fighting. In the sherman pic guest thinks that his tank is covered by a dense treeline while in reality there is only one tree infront of him.
  9. Yes, thats my only complaint about QB pricing. 384 rockets for the price of a pair of 60mm mortars? Seems like a bug to me.
  10. Yes but this doesnt matter in single player because you only have one version. In multiplayer, each player sees a different terrain because graphics are loaded seperately one each pc and this shouldnt be the case with trees. Possibly it affects PBEM too.
  11. I did some testing with a buddy and we took these screens: Its obvious that tree trunks are placed differently (at least visually) in guest's PC. That can lead to some trouble with LOS/LOF as only the host sees the "real trees". My opponent complained about weird targeting issues where apparently he did have clear LOF.
  12. Thanks! I had forgoteen about this, a lot of useful info on C2 in that thread really. Infantry is a bit easier to understand, seems like info is shared instantly within a platoon. Tanks need some more testing..
  13. Random CPU picked reinforcment group in QBs. That could vary from a small hmg team/sniper to a inf plt an armored car or even a tank, always depending on battle size.
  14. Attack them with 2-3 tanks a time (preferably 76mm equipped). Force them to get closer to your forces. Flank them, make them expose their thin sides. Use artillery to cripple/imobbilize them. Generally you should never go H2H with one of these. Its sure death 9/10 of times.
  15. Well there might be possible bug with the way trees are displayed in the guest's PC when in online and possibly PBEM(?) My opponent claimed that his tank refused to fire through a wide gap in trees despite clear LOS. I checked his position afterwards and it looked completely blocked on my end(Host pc). Now I loaded the editor and seems each time trees are drawn in a different, random posiition, within the same terrain tile. Could it be possible that the data on the host is calculated based on host visuals and the guest recieves these calculations but with tree positions portrayed different
  16. Thanks for the input Steve! Sometimes the game feels so real with 1:1 that you expect that everything you see is what is actually and only happening. So I thought a inf team and a tank commander could have a short chat while next to each other Tank spotting is one of the most critical aspects of success/failure in this game and I'm still trying to figure out if there is a golden rule with C2. I'm used to CMx1 where sneaking on a buttoned tank guaranteed first shot. Doesnt seem to be the case in CMBN. I was playing a H2H match last night and had a panther buttoned and immobilized in clear s
  17. I must have played a ton of QBs so far and I'm having mostly great fun. It's amazing but I think this is the game we all dreamed about when we were playing with miniature tanks some decades ago But sometimes I get the feeling that spotting is bit too random. I'm not sure if even C2 works here. I dont have same files (I play online RT) but I've seen completely random things in spotting. Especially tank vs tank. What are the most important factors say for tanks? Obvious things that I get so far: 1. Buttoned/unbottoned really seems to make a difference 2. Unit experience/status. Big
  18. Amazing I just got a ~ 290m first shot- kill with a shreck! Sometimes its good to just let it fire
  19. Well I really wanted to play a german campaign but this dark first mission put me off. I'd prefer the classic dark blue/grey tones that other games pick for night environments. Sometimes CM takes realism too seriously
  20. Is there a way to use the maps of the campaigns as stand alone? I'm trying to find ways to expand QB maps database and there are some truly excellent campaing maps I'd like to borrow
  21. In my experience, a Jgdpanzer IV with destroyed optics had a very hard time to hit anything at 1000m, with most shells lobing way over target. It managed to score a kill only when it came as close as 200m to the target. Maybe the 88 helps a bit more with accuracy?
  22. Yes there is a problem with trees. Its too black and white, the shell either detonates on the foliage or goes through. I guess it will need a ton of calculations to simulate deflections/velocity impact of the incoming shell but some tweaking is needed so that trees can provide cover but not block big rounds repeatedly.
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