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  1. The 75mm is almost useless in indirect role. It keeps hitting trees or hills with its low flying shell trajectory. I have a significant better (not ideal) epxperience with the 150mm siG.
  2. Yes sometimes LOF and foliage makes for "retarded" results. I was playing a H2H battle with a friend and he somehow managed to achieve LOF between his M10 and my Tiger through 100m of dense foliage. He fired and fired and fired and all 5-6 rounds landed on the tree trunks. Then my tiger waked up and killed him with the first shot through the same trees Well, despite my relief it didnt feel quite right. Maybe its the only game that balistics are so detailed and honestly its really fun to watch all the projectiles flying, ricocheting etc. But sometimes this "obsession" with balistics hinder
  3. LOS/LOF can be a nightmare sometimes. I still wish mechanics were more abstracted like CMX1 instead of having to calculate every tree and every gap in the bocage. You almost need to pay attention to little things like playing a first person shooter. Often these little details can prove great fun but its disappointing when a single tree can beat superior tactics.
  4. So geneva convetion is sometimes violated in CM:BN. I'd call that realism
  5. I think you have to use something more powerful than an onboard graphics card.
  6. Got to agree with Lt Bull. Lighting is a bit primitive. That makes distant terrain looking like a flight sim from the 90s. When in ground level things look really nice because of the well made textures and the crisp details. When lods kick in and the basic shadows in the distance disappear maps look quite flat. Compared to CMSF trees look a LOT better, and the addition of extra dimensions to the tree lods adds volume to woods. But again there is no effective lighting/atmospheric depth for them and distant terrain features stand sharply like simple silhouettes from a kid's drawing. I dont kn
  7. Yes, keeping units in command is a pain. Also, target lines would be great for tank action at least. I still miss MisIDs and seperate contact markers for Inf/armor?AT gun etc. This is a fantastic game, it can reach perfection with some fine tuning..
  8. I'm in hamachi server Name: CMNORMANDY Pass: CMNORMANDY
  9. What is the difficulty level? I played WeGo at basic training and had the same issue. I usually play at elite which has no similar problems..
  10. I think it has to do with QB size? Extra ammo is probably more realsitic for Large/Huge scenarios. I think thats what I noticed testing this a bit.
  11. One of the most fun features of CM:BN is the use of inf guns in indirect role. But there seems to be a problem with the trajectory of the shots, especially when woods are in between the gun and the target. I've tested the 150mm and almost 2/3 of the rounds exploded in trees even halfway of the target. The range was about 1km. This might be short but is there a way for smaller ranges to make the firing angle higher so that the rounds can bypass obstacles?
  12. There is no pause in online unfortunately..
  13. I think they've done the best effort on building models so far with Normandy. However, I just wish they werent so perfect 3d shapes and so cleaned textured. I too like the look of the weathered stone Church, maybe we can see some more buildings with that old stone look.
  14. Nevermind, I figured it out..Needs a dedicated section/plt HQ to be nearby.
  15. I noticed a cool feature where you can spot for US on map 60mm mortars via C2 radio link. But I cant replicate the same for the german side, for 81mm mortars or the inf guns, despite having perfect radio link between battalion/company/spotter. Only via visual link. Am I doing something wrong?
  16. So, the next question is how many CMBO copies were sold? ~15-20k?
  17. All I can say is that it has started to feel like the first contact with CMx1. Addiction. I'm only missing a pasuing system in online mode. The details are so awesome that its a pitty to lose them in the chaos of action. I still prefer it RT but a time out system (or a time point pool like chess) would make this great game just perfect.
  18. I've seen this with indirect use of Inf Guns. They seem to be unaware of the obstacles infront of them, or I could be wrong. I had a 150mm gun wasting 6-7 rounds on trees (killed some nearby friendly inf) before finding a gap between the branches and hitting the original target.
  19. 15mins? The only quickbattle that lasts shorter is this: There is always cease fire option..
  20. Lol..I'm sure you are not the first or last one..You dont have to worry about it, there is a chance they will give you a PC version for free with maybe disabling your current mac version activation keys. Or in worst case someone with a mac can buy it from you..
  21. J/K..They are very active here in the forums, so expect a reply soon.
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