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  1. Hmm, I suggest we in the west, should better stop pointing fingers at Russia braggin about our superior morals and objective media because media is a tool in every corner of this world. Lets not forget the Iraq invasion and the manufactured lies of 9/11 ties and non-existent WMDs that convinced people to go to a x100 bloodier war than Ukraine for pretty much nothing. We are not on a white horse. And for once we have to give them credit for doing much more on the war on terror in a few months, whereas the west failed miserably for the last 15 years despite pocessing a huge miltary advantage. I'
  2. I had the impression the DPR militias's didnt perform that bad, if you take into account that from what I've seen so far, they consisted from unfit guys too old (some 40+) to be on the frontline and pitched against a regular army with airforce, artillery and 20yr old conscripts. The losses of the ukrainian army were pretty big considering what they were facing. To what point those losses were due to regular russian troops intervention nobody can accurately tell.(And its a total political flop that Ukraine coulnt effectively prove a full scale invasion by a phantom russian army on their soil).
  3. Didnt Motorola play a decisive role in battles with the Ukrainian army and militia? If the conflict is going to escalate again in the coming months it would be worthy for the ukrainians to target the DPR militia's leaders in order to disorganize and demoralize them. Its a bit far fetched that Moscow could order multiple assasinations of those warlords, that would create a really bad impression among the russian side in east ukraine once the news spread, given their role in the recent clashes. I suspect that an ukrainian offensive might be in the works.
  4. Sorry, I dont think there is a funny side in all this
  5. West from ancient times has always been interested in the east expansion and the vast russian land and resources. Napoleon, WW1, WW2 and now NATO. Its just history repeating itself, its not that hard to see. The author is right that NATO is the actual aggressor trying to gain ground since the fal of the Soviet Union. A look at the map is enough to understand. Cries about civil rights, civilian casualties are jut a humanitarian topping to a ruthless powergame. Middle east is badly messed up by miscalculated western interventions that brought nothing but chaos in the region. ISIS, rise of radica
  6. Trust me, I've read a ton of them:) I know those things very well. But playing QBs with a few valuable tanks you need to have a perfect knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, your turret traverse, what is the range your 76 AP will have a good chance with a panther front turret etc. Sttp, thanks I recently discovered that site too, some interesting results though not sure if they are accurate with the game.
  7. I'm really enjoying CMFB so far, I think this must be the best game of the series, engine wise and equipment wise. What I start to miss is a database for the equipment involved, kinda like some 3d viewers in old simulator games that introduced you the units involved in the game. I've played thousands of hours of WW2 games but still there is always something to learn and I imagine someone less familiar with WW2 will have a hard time understanding the pros and cons of his assets. The green bars give you a hint but I think it would be great to have the actual stats, the armor thickness, the survi
  8. Solved with a nice app colded Evolve. Much better stability than hamachi...
  9. I've been trying to play TCP/IP over internet with my old CM buddy and we are having sync problems, lag etc. Hamachi used to work for RedThunder and Normandy but now seems laggy and problematic. Is there an alternative to this? What people use to play stable online games?
  10. Yes I think its a great feature to use on map artillery like that
  11. Maybe my mind is playing games. I think you are right, I somehow mixed my CMx1 memories with CMx2....
  12. Thanks. Thats's strange, I remember manually targeting with mortars/mortar halftracks behind hills etc as long the HQ linked with them had LOS. I tested all the infantry guns that way and it was fun. I think it was quite faster as well...
  13. Returning to the series after a long break. I remember guns and mortars having the ability to target indirectly thanks to HQ spotters linked with them through command chain. Is this feature removed? Seems you can only issue them artillery mission through the arty window now...
  14. Finally figured it out. It seems every time I start the game it needs to Shift+Alt and change input language. Doesnt matter what language it just needs that change every time to "unblock" it. Weird but glad I can play now:)
  15. Yes thats correct. I used the default hotkeys.txt and a custom one, same results. key mappings are just keys "A" "Q" etc. I cant even toggle trees. objectives etc.
  16. Err, seems I can issue move commands only by holding CTRL, is this normal?
  17. Thanks mjkerner, might be a wireless issue perhaps. Camera controls are working but thats all.
  18. Hello! Its been ages since I post here but good to be back. Sadly I cant enjoy Blitzkrieg so far because of a strange mulfunction of the keyboard, apart from escape, zoom in and zoom and a couple others out no other command is responding, not even the ALT- combinations. I thought it was a demo thing but its the same for full game. Its a wireless logitech. Its working properly off game(as I can type here:)) Anyone had this happened before?
  19. I dont know about you but I think I will miss the bocage. I feel that in CMBN engine there are no strongholds for defending infantry, a secure place where your men can take cover and apply firepower effectively. Walls dont provide enough protection, woods feel very random and transparent, buildings seem paper thin and sometimes a death trap. Bocage was ideal for infantry battles, the leap froging one step at a time thing, kinda like the woods in old CMx1.
  20. Yes please. Pause implementation is great, but "time points" would make it *much* more useful. This way you wont have to request it from your opponent, you will have restrictions and you will manage your time more efficiently than pauses that can become infinite. PS. When you decide to add a timer please make it in hourglass form, to enhance the retro wargame feel but also to give you more of a rough idea of the time available so you wont become a time point junkie, micromanaging and calculating every sec spent/remaining
  21. I really like how tasteful and subtle the effect looks. I hate it when mods look like the tank took a swim in the mud pool with his pig buddies. Good job!
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