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  1. BFC. You have a responsibility. Dorosh is a monster. But he is your monster, you created it, gave it life, meaning, purpose. Now the monster has expelled from your garden of eden for eating of the fruit of the peng thread, and generally being a dick, it is terrifying innocent forums around the web. Containment & appeasement. OK, so it hasn't worked with China, Al Qaeda, Iran or the Gothic hordes. But it has got to be worth a shot
  2. Yeah, screw those civil courts. Next time I'm in a dispute, I'm just going to lock the other party away until they agree with me.
  3. Thanks for this state of the nation address. I've been pootling around with CM:SF, never got into it, but 1.07/08 are OK for me now red v red - I'm one of those who just doesn't enjoy the firepower/ spotting of modern blue forces. Still have philisophical issue with 1:1 modelling, when a team, rather than individual, is the unit of command, but that's water under the bridge now. To WW2 Commonwealth forces (and beyond!)
  4. Indian Army uses Brens as well. Many front line units have now meant to switched to 5.56 INSAS rifle & minimi type thing, but as the minimi type thing is having problems, there are also a lot of Brens still in front line use... Pakistan uses the MG3, so as recently as Kargil (1999) the Bren was up against the spiritual successor of the MG42. And the Bren equiped troops won that one too. Has there been any war that a Bren equipped army has lost? Case closed...
  5. Problem is that as english is a second language for so many, the vocabulary (for second language users) tends to get reduced. Genitals are a rich source of swearing (for native speakers) - e.g. twat, quim, dick. Viz's online profanosaurous isn't bad for those wanting to expand their vocab...
  6. Call me sentimental, but I always thought that Seanachai and MrPeng were too good for the Peng thread, that their rants sometimes touched the sublime. Or should that be the nadir? Still, when they go off on one, you can feel the hatred and the passion The rest of us wankers just mess around in towel-snapping japes, with both a spoken and unspoken heirarchy, only to mumble and fumble around if *gasp* a woman posts. Still, I went to a Good English public school, so it all fills me with nostalgia. Not so much to actually participate actively mind...! So, piss off or don't piss off Sea
  7. Steiner. I would offer to have your babies, were it biologically possible!
  8. Sheesh, I may be an old fart who still thinks that an _ is an integral part of any filename, but, oh crap. Lost my train of thought. Most excellent Peng thread! This is what is about, meeting strangers on the internet and spewing abuse at one another! Never mind, all your dollar belong to us! (unfortunately...) Still, it was a nice trade while it lasted. China got to industrialise while selling crap via Walmart, and America got to buy crap in exchange for bits of paper. Still, got to love the chutzpah of fighting a war and going on a mortgage equity withdrawal consumption binge,
  9. Am always amused by Mr Joe Shaw's ramblings on, well, nothing in particular. As as far as I know, his sole claim to authority, and, indeed, sole achievement is that he manages to remain continent, until, oh, at least elevenses. Mmm, elevenses. An under-rated meal break.
  10. Em...ok. But read the sign in the shop first.. Hard to believe eh? Idiot! I don't have a lawn. But your welcome to piss on the pine needles, I do. </font>
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