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  1. Got this book yesterday; I'm about 3/4 through it. For me it was a slow start, but then it picked up... I guess I'd say it was "ok". I won't bother giving x out of y starts, since I don't know what the heck the baseline would be. But parts remind me alot of the book that optionally comes with CMAK. Anyway, I'm wondering what you guys thought of it.
  2. From the trim and detailing, I think it's a 2010 Toyota Prius.
  3. So, my advice is: Buy one. Then buy the other one. (Do your part to stimulate the economy) Ok seriously: I think it really depends on what theatre you would most enjoy. For myself, CMBB got stale from the never-ending steppes, and Russians, Russians, Russians... Remember that in CMAK you get not only Africa and all that sand, but you still get part of Europe (Italy, Crete). Other than theatre, arms and nations, CMBB and CMAK seem to me pretty much the same game, but then I'm not a grog. I prefer CMAK, but that's because I like Europe as an antidote to steppes or sand, and I speak
  4. I smite thine apologies, for they impugn my honor!! Eh, I mean I appreciate the effort even if it was wrong. I even appreciate just talking about my situation, really, just to know that I'm not totally crazy here. In fact, unless I'm blind, the Dynamic Flags are also something only available to scenario designers, not to QB players. Oh well. cinacchi, that sounds like *alot* of work for a QB. OTOH, it sounds like a really nifty way to make PBEM battles??? Where the designer picks most of the parameters, the map, and *some* of the force, but the players get to pick some of their ow
  5. In hindsight, it is perfectly obvious I would have gotten this response; it's perfectly natural, after all! Ergo, I should have mentioned something in the first post: there is a bug in CMAK which forces me to restart my machine, *fresh*, before playing. IOW, CMAK will freeze up IF and ONLY IF the machine has ever been put to "sleep", (since the last restart). That's not a huge deal, if I'm going to play a whole game, (QB)-- the overhead of restarting is small if I'm going to do an entire QB. But in the case of PBEM, it would perhaps mean a restart per turn... In the case where I end up
  6. For awhile now, maybe a long time even, I've been playing QB's. After getting CMAK initially, I went to Scenario Depot Part Deux etc and downloaded every "Allied vs AI, Pts<1500" scenario I could find... And that was fun for awhile. But then, naturally, I'd run through them all and/or I got annoyed with the tendency too many authors have to put you up against truly preposterous odds, as if only a real man's man would complain about fighting an equal number of German forces.... only to find that there were six more Tigers waiting in the flanks to make things... ah... "challenging" to
  7. Yes, I was. Thanks for that "trick" if that's what it is, of slapping some sense into him. Nice to know, although I guess I'm almost disappointed-- I had a feeling that that was not the real reason I started this thread Anyway, thx.
  8. Ok, here's a saved game. I don't know if this is what I've been up against-- looking at it closely, this one seems like an honest 'bug', but we'll see what you guys say. As far as my original complaint in this thread, ISTR the spotter having the ability, in the command menu, to target something-- he just wouldn't. Whereas here, he doesn't even have that command! Hmm. I've saved the game in two places, once as a (hopefully) binary cmg file, and also zipped: www.lafn.org/~zeppenwolf/tmp/JustDoIt.cmg www.lafn.org/~zeppenwolf/tmp/JustDoIt.zip Open, look at the spotter--if you're li
  9. Sheesh! You guys don't know how lucky you've been. > I'd love to see one of your examples though, run some tests in the QB and feel free to post something. Ten-Four-Good-Buddy. (Ok, that was CB radio, not military, but it's the best I've got after a bottle of Chenin Blanc) >What Joachim is getting at is to be aware of the positioning of the mortar in relation to the HQs LOS to the target. Yes, Ok from your putting it another way, I totally see the point now-- it's about the HQ "line" and the mortar "line" being (mathematically) coincident. The more angle between the two,
  10. MeatEtr>It's the same as CMBB, all on-board mortar can be spotted by any HQ. "Any' !?!!!! This is where I have a problem. Since nobody has disagreed with your statement there, I'll guess that I have to physically provide a scenario turn where the above is false. But it's simply not the same as CMBB-- I have had numerous instances where the HQ had LOS, was not panicked or any other thing, the on-board mortar guy had a line-of-command to the HQ (the Fat-Red-Line), and yet... the mortar guy woud simply refuse to fire a single round. Well, that takes us back to square one-- I need to
  11. Ok, guys, something happened to mortar and off-map arty spotting since CMBB and I don't see it in the release notes, (or else it has always been different for allied vs axis?) What EXACTLY are the darn rules for when & how an arty guy can be indirectly spotted for by an HQ guy, (and which HQ's can work?). It's starting to seem to me that an HQ can spot for someone IF AND ONLY IF it's the commander of his exact squad (even the company or battalion HQ won't work!). And if it's an "independent" mortar/arty, then forget it! Well fine then, but then I certainly won't be filli
  12. Well I'm "here", and I'm playing with myself. I MEAN... Hee. Seriously, though-- I just got CMAK a couple weeks ago, (after playing the boobs off CMBB years ago), and I've been burning through the 50 odd scenarios at Scenario Depot II which are under 1500 pts and are "Allies vs AI" first choice. After all that CMBB, I WANT TO BE AMERICAN AGAIN!! Phew! Anyway, I'll probably get into the PBEM circus sometime, but for now I have a bug in CMAK I hope I can fix/avoid, (otherwise PBEM would be a drag)... Never heard of these other sites mentioned; I'll have to czek them out. Wish
  13. Wicky: I presume you've got an old beige G3 which is limiting your problematic OSX 10.2 No, it's an iBook-- the first release iBook, a Blueberry which executes an astounding 300 million instructions per second. As I've said, the "upgrade path" for this machine is to... buy another machine. Which I might, I suppose, but for the nonce I'm happy enough to have figured out a way to make CM a realistic option. Guess I need to get CMAK before CM goes out of business or something. Emrys: Look at the bottom of the page when you are on the index page. Eh... ok, I will. Still, this forum i
  14. Say, what happens to threads around here? They totally vaporize after a few days?!?? Welll, that's a bit different... but okay. In the thread I started about Mac OS awhile ago, (not long!), I think someone named.. "Wicky"? asked what OS'es I was on; I felt the urge to update my OS9 to the max, (although I already had the 9.2 "Startup disk"), so I've been in OS9 land for the past few days. I now I have OS 9.2.2, and OSX 10.2.8 (The OSX is limited by the hardware, and the hardware cannot be upgraded on this machine. So I'm REALLY maxed out here!) But I found, after googling and
  15. It's not my fault!!! When Mac OSX first came out, there was a bug for some machines, (including, but not limited to, mine)-- when you chose to boot up in 9.*, that was fine, but when you chose to go back to OSX, it would refuse to make the jump. You wound up having to *reinstall* OSX (over your perfectly functioning previous install), to get back to the future. Well!! The problem was apparently in the "Startup Disk" control panel; Apple released a new version which allegedly fixed that bug. I heard, I saw, I downloaded. But... it STILL doesn't work on my machine-- if I ever c
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