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  1. Thanks guys... looks like tournement house is the way to go. What kind of bad things can happen if anything goes?
  2. I've been playing CM for a while but I would like to start playing PBEM. Which ladder has the most users? Which one should I join?
  3. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Shatter: And no more crap about me being new too. I changed names from Shatter50 to Shatter check it out if you don't believe me.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I checked it out. I came to the conclusion that you are a newbie. Sorry. Hope this helps.
  4. [i meant to post this in the CM2 thread. I don't know why a new thread was started. Sorry] I had a dream last night that I was on a CM map. I was struck by the presence of non-combat vehicles. I think neutral, stationary non-combat vehicles should be placed around the map to give a feel of realism. Also, each soldier should be modeled with the option to only model three. The comps of the future will surely be able to handle the polygons. [This message has been edited by infohawk (edited 01-01-2001).]
  5. Yeah, I used to think Elijah was cool, but now I'm starting to think he's a troll. I could be wrong though. [This message has been edited by infohawk (edited 09-06-2000).]
  6. Taken from "World War II Almanac": The 3rd Reich used an experimental battalion of monkeys in suspenders to help invade Greece. The operation was a success.
  7. I think thunder and lightning need to be modeled so that one out of every 3000 tanks gets damaged by it and one or more soldiers(depending on the season) get striken dead.
  8. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gregory Deych: Grish, Everybody's best guess at this point is probably next fall, with some chance of summer and a somewhat bigger chance of winter.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Combat Mission 2: Duncan vs. Connor MacLeod There can only be one
  9. I think real time is harder. Plus, in a way it's more realistic then having for ever to plan on assaults, but on the other hand it's not more realistic when you troops are metal marines. I think it would work well in CM, 'cause the units don't move that fast. Of course the progamming aspect might not work.
  10. Curious, was peiper's nazi pic taken down? [This message has been edited by infohawk (edited 09-06-2000).]
  11. Similar questions about hardware have been answered with "Don't ask us! Ask the hardware makers!" on this board. Hope this helps
  12. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by WendellM: After the sh*t that Peiper "the 1st" put this board through? I think not. Maybe you missed his photos of emaciated dead humans being carried out by the sick f*cks that he considered "heros," maybe you missed his threats to come back under a different IP. But that particular brand of slime needs to be shot down whenever it reappears. So, 'scuse me, but I'm breathing just fine...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> What about freedom of expression
  13. Today I was shocked when my pet monkey came into my room with an SS uniform on.( Dylan is a precocious little chimp). He had been playing CM for a couple weeks and had managed to climb fairly high in the ladder. I have stopped him from playing. Is this a good idea? [This message has been edited by infohawk (edited 09-06-2000).]
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