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  1. Where can I get the 30.87 drivers? The new ones are terrible...
  2. What? No Brazilians? No FEB (Brazilian Expeditionary Force)? Battlefront, I fear you might be alienating a very important customer base by leaving out our fine fighting forces which had a pivotal role in some skirmishes in Mount Cassino and nearby places. :mad: No Brazil... but you guys just know I'll buy the game anyway :mad: Epée (brazilian exile in Ozzieland) [ April 04, 2003, 08:02 PM: Message edited by: Epée ]
  3. Can someone please give me a link to the background music mod?
  4. I've been offered a ATI Radeon 7500. I have a geforce MX 400 64mb. Can I safely get the ATI card? Will it work fine with CMBB?
  5. Yeah, I keep losing LOS to Pillboxes as well, in the open. It is a bit silly.
  6. Best I've played so far: 'Battle of Minors' 'Izium (or something like that) Diet Plan' I really like getting ready made maps and playing attacks/assaults on them. I love the 'Valley of Thunder' map for example, am playing 2 different assaults on this.
  7. I think this was the name of the ASL scenario that came with the Beyond Valor module. Does anyone know if this has been translated to CMBB?
  8. I'm having trouble myself as well...adding the zip does not work
  9. I was playing a CMBO scenario in deep snow with another member of the forum. All I had left was a Stuart. My opponent then proceeds, to my amazement, to turn his Panther around and reverse along the road heading my way. One shot was all it took to take that Panther from the rear with my Stuart. Afterwards the opponent explained that there was a bug (afterwards corrected), that made vehicles never bog if reversing. He though it was a wise maneuver then not to risk a snowy road and present his behind to my puny tank
  10. I have both, but after CMBB - I can't go back to CMBO. CMBB is all I need.
  11. Hey, everyone hates Seachanai, don't be too surprised at your own reaction.
  12. Thank you!! This is what I wanted all along! RODINA!!!
  13. Your site is the most amazing mod site I have ever seen. Anywhere. Anytime.
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