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  1. The US Army by the book maximum effective range of the M16A1 and A2 is 460 Meters. In reality when we went to the range, the farthest pop up silhouette was at 300 Meters. In Desert Storm I fired my M16A2 at max 150 Meters. In my 2 tours during Iraqi Freedom I fired my M4 100- 150 Meters max. However both of those were very different from what war in the Fulda Gap would be like.
  2. Those are wet weather boots, but at least by the time of Desert Storm they were authorized as NBC boots as well. The lace up boots that came standard with the chemical protective suit were notoriously hard to don correctly and tended to disintegrate under field conditions. It was normal to wear the wet weather boots instead as the were easy to use and were considered as effective as the chemical NBC boots.
  3. I had one experience picking up a replacement vehicle from the POMCUS site at Pirmasans in West Germany. My unit was authorized a new M880 (Dodge 1/2 ton Pickup.) Because it was a new addition to our TO&E we got to go get a brand new one from the POMCUS stocks. This vehicle still had the factory stickers and brand new tools, manuals, and all kinds of other additional gear most of us had never even seen on our older vehicles. So as far as my experience goes, the stuff at the POMCUS sites was brand new, fully equipped and ready to go.
  4. Although we carried as much as we could handle. I always was a good 2 or 3 hundred rounds of 5.56, 3 or 4 more 40mm GL rounds, and 2 grenades over our official ammo loadout. So was every single soldier I served with, in one form or another.
  5. Now you and I both know I would never challenge you on TO&E questions.
  6. Pink piping was panzer crewmen. Stug crews were considered artillery and wore red piping.
  7. One of the things that made a huge impression when I arrived in West Germany,(scenario designers take note) was that EVERY SINGLE hilltop either had an air defense site, a signal site, or a radar site, on it. That was before I learned every bridge was wired for explosives. To me Germany was a country completely designed for war.
  8. They loved it. They got paid very well for any lost crops. They loved it even more if one of their animals was hurt or killed. They got paid for the meat and or milk that animal would have produced, PLUS as many as 2 generations worth if the animal was part of the farmer's breeding stock, which somehow they always were.
  9. Since CMCW is currently set in the American zone, there should be an independent building (GI pub) called the Green Goose. They were in several towns and cities where American troops were based.
  10. I am totally stoked for this! The timeframe covers my first 2 years in the Army, and the early part of my first tour in (you guessed it) West Germany!
  11. Check your main folder for CMBS. Look in the data folder to see if there are ,brz files that don't belong there, such as ones from other CM games. I've had this problem in the past, and it was a .brz file from CMBN that somehow ended up in my CMBS data folder.
  12. They can split into two teams. The Platoon Leader leads one and the Platoon Sergeant takes over the other.
  13. An excellent book on a very complex and difficult subject.
  14. You can't, but after you D/L and install the game you can add it to Steam. Which will give you access to the Steam Community pages etc,
  15. I've been playing Tank Crew since it was in pre release, and it does have AT guns, artillery pieces, (you can't call for fire though), HT mounted infantry, MGs, 2 campaigns, (Kursk from both sides) that have 10 missions apiece, and air support. It's the best WWII tank sim since Panzer Elite IMHO.
  16. In my old company, yes. That was D Co 4/7 Inf (Mech). The FO rode with the PL, The Medic rode with the PLT SGT. Fun Fact: Our entire Company FIST team, lived in our barracks and stored their vehicle in our motor pool, but were actually on paper assigned to our brigade artillery.
  17. Speaking as a former mech soldier, there is one FO per platoon plus a FIST team at company level. The platoon FOs are usually SPCs, and the Company FIST team comprises a LT, a SSG and a PFC/SPC RTO, who ride in a M7 Bradley FIST/V.
  18. We would collect up all the brass and links and put them back in the ammo crates they came from. The supply sergeant would then return them to the issuing ordinance unit for disposal.
  19. Depending on the game, I mod almost everything. The biggest exception is CMSF2 where I have the stock buildings and US armor because they look great straight out of the box.
  20. I've had a similar experience. During the first night of the 91 ground war it was pouring rain on a moonless night, even with the night vision devices we had it was pitch black. The only light we had was the flashes of our own artillery as they did fire missions off and on all through the night.
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