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  1. Just installed this one. Looking good Oleks! Thank you.
  2. I'll miss Pointy. He was a nice guy. Always had a shot of Vodka to share.
  3. At one point, Steppenwolf said he was working on a UI mod for CMSF2, but AFAIK it's not oput yet.
  4. And ALL of them are still using terrorism as a tactic, and are STILL funded by the Iranians. AND all of the became "official governments" through those same tactics. Ask the Lebanese.
  5. Maybe not head choppers, but they sure funded, trained, equipped and gave intelligence to a lot of bomb vest wearers.
  6. Exactly. I'm wearing one in my profile pic, but it's too small to see.
  7. Really nice shots/ Just a uniform nitpick from a former MP, the MP brassard on the ACU has been replaced by a rectangular patch with the letters MP in black that's attached to the Velcro just above the unit patch.
  8. I finally finished going through all your portraits. WOW! What awesome stuff you have hidden in there. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication, man!
  9. @Aquila-CM Would you consider doing some CONEX/ shipping containers? These are found all over US and Coalition FOBS. Along with your HESCO and concrete barriers, they would allow for very realistic looking bases.
  10. Truth be told, all the Hescos I've seen are a dirty grey color. In all my time in Iraq they were all the same.
  11. I have many of Ari's CMBN mods loaded into CMFB. The only one that has given me any trouble is his All In One CMBN Sherman pack which obviously wouldn't have some of the late war Sherman skins. I also have some CMRT German vehicle mods to fill in for some missing stuff from CMBN as well. This applies to only the vanilla textures of course. There are no whitewashed or other post Aris mod tagged mods. In any case, with the above noted exceptions, his mods all work for me in CMFB.
  12. Any uniform and vehicle mods won't work. Battlefront had to rename all the relevant files for CMSF2 as the models were upgraded as well. Terrain, etc. should work fine.
  13. You rock sir! Can't wait to install it.
  14. Steppenwolf's UI mod for CMBS will work with CMSF2. Add in Scipio's weapons and equipment mod for CMSF1 and you will have almost everything covered. There are a few silhouettes missing, but the ones from Steppenwolf's UI mod will cover all but the M4A1 with an ACOG. Which is a new sihouette that hasn't been modded yet.
  15. Hmmmm, not a bad idea. I'll give it a shot.
  16. In real life the Duke system only works against cell phone or radio controlled IEDs. It won't affect wire commanded ones. I don't know how the game handles that.
  17. Not the same as the APC version. Besides the M1064 having a mortar. It can't carry 12 soldiers plus driver and TC.
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