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  1. Windows 10? Been intending to add reply a while. Game still crashes in command but in line with my Feb 9 post reboots way quicker afterwards. Something. However machine on occasion conflicting Google too and bringing up same message as did for CM. No expert, computer still under warranty so taking in for check. Confident now however own problem absolutely nothing to do with game itself. Life gets in way a lot currently but if a fix found for own machine will report back at some point.
  2. Schrullenhaft. For now have disabled Program, Launcher and wondershare and created exceptions for Black Sea and Blitzkrieg. Whole system pretty much defaults, no overclocks. Frustratingly not got the time to really dive into the game to see if had any effect, though computer unfazed by disabled programs and now boots even quicker than it did. So whether or not games sorted, seen a benefit. Has to be a good omen.
  3. Thanks for response. Have problem with Black Sea and Final Blitzkrieg, do have full Normandy bundle but not actually played as yet. Crashing whilst 'idle' has happened two or three times but positive not due to computer idle - that kicks in after about fifteen minutes, where as am only leaving five at most when making a coffee. Majority is while moving mouse around map and or clicking on a unit. Have noticed that sometimes clicking on unit the 'thinking circle' pops up and message is 'wait for resolve or close' but it never resolves. Most regular is '.exe encountered a problem', some
  4. Back Sea Russ campaign - first fight. Managed to cause self more casualties than AI. Have that side of things pretty much nailed thanks.:) Thankyou to all for such prompt responses. Pleased that D drive and max gx (particularly max gx) probably not cause. Shall check AV and drivers, though think drivers are up to date. Apologise now however as back to the grind of shifts so unlikely to be able to have a good look till Monday next. Last free night so shall carry on doing as have been; saving each and every turn. Current fight going well - not killed single one of own men.
  5. Having problem with crashes during command phase. Game freezes, message comes up CM .exe has encountered a problem and will close. Always during command phase. Games themselves always boot no problem, have never crashed during a replay phase, only command. Couple of times has crashed in command phase whilst making a coffee, as in running fine only to come back coffee in hand to .exe encountered a problem. Annoying. Am using Windows 10 and a 1050Ti NVidea Gx card plus an I7 processor. (Aware game only uses single core). Sound a 2270W Nvidea High def audio. (Is that the sound card?). D
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