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  1. I noticed that too, here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=113294
  2. It was a flat grass field with no cover for hundreds of meters. It may be easy to test, but not with the demo.
  3. I've been playing the CMFI demo and I've been stymied (relatively) by the "Elephants and Tigers" scenario because that FlaK halftrack seems to be magical. My observations are anecdotal, yes, but I've run the scenario three times now and the issues continue to happen. Now, this thing is a 37mm FlaK 36 on the bed of the halftrack, exposed to the world with a gun shield but no armour cover from the vehicle. You'd think the gun crew would be vulnerable. But: - My Vickers crews have had the SdKfz 7/2 in full sight about 500-600 m away, but they will not fire at the targeted halftrack un
  4. The submarine in "Das Boot" was the same submarine used in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
  5. I think the key issue is the time limits. When you have, say, only an hour to scout enemy positions, ford a river, and overrun some AT guns, you're going to suffer a lot more than you would if you had hours to conduct proper recon and probes.
  6. Ah, good old WW2OL. I wrote/edited the equipment manual that came with the original game. The original stuff and updates went into a wiki eventually, but it no longer seems to be online. It was at http://wiki.wwiionline.com.
  7. The LOS/targeting line is straight. The path of the shell is an arc.
  8. The Matilda I was a pillbox. The Matilda II had a coax MG. Unless the infantry had a 75 or 88 to call on, it couldn't do squat to either Matilda. Nor could the German armour. Slow, yes - but damn near invincible.
  9. And that edge would not be apparent in this game other than perhaps rate of fire - but the B1 is essentially invulnerable to the Panzer III and the S 35 isn't far behind while possessing high single-shot-kill probability with their 47-mm gun. Besides, if you don't have a radio, that's one fewer person you need in the turret.
  10. Hrm. I'd like to see the whining that happens when the French/BEF player uses his armour as it should be used. The Germans would suffer terribly. Give me a handful of SOMUA S 35s and I'll beat them all the way back to Munich. Throw some B1s in there and make it Berlin (although it would take a really long time to drive there). The French had some fantastic albeit stupid-looking tanks, thrown away by doctrine.
  11. Waclaw, These sound great, but I have some advice for you: always put your name and a URL in your release notes, even the updates.
  12. I wrote this for the tech manual of World War II Online (when it was called that): http://wiki.wwiionline.com/mediawiki/index.php/Satchel_Charge Key quotes: "Targeting the engine deck was effective as blast and/or hot gases could pass through the cooling grills and enter the engine compartment, where fuel fumes might ignite. Such a result would most likely destroy the engine and the fire could detonate on-board ammunition and brew up the tank." "Lucky hits aside, satchel charges proved most effective against tank tracks. Placed in or under the track, they would break the track and
  13. Well, I'm back. Thank you for revisiting the Mac.
  14. To be fair, the Germans discovered that in May 1940, much to the consternation of the Matilda crews. P.S. That's me who just friended you on FB.
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