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Terrain does compensate for roads when you are laying them on different elevations but to be honest I have never seen ditches added automatically. If you really need ditches you are better off making them using the elevation tool and ditch lock feature.

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12 hours ago, weapon2010 said:

not one leaves ditches on both sides

This is as good as it gets without manually adding ditches using the elevation tool as Combatintman suggested.


A very slight depression can be seen either side of the track, and this is the feature referenced in the manual. Troops will often walk in the "ditch" when given Move or Hunt orders down the road, and I believe they gain a modifier from fire due to the presence of the ditch.

It is subtle and certainly in my opinion it is better to manually add roadside ditches  if they are required.


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If you are currently working on a new map i to would recomend using the ditch-lock feature...

It creates somewhat more usable (deeper) ditches along the roads and looks quite nice. With ditches like these you could also add whatever vegitation types you wish to be included in the ditches to further increase concealment and variation etc.

On larger maps this will require quite a bit of work though...especially if the map itself includes many elevation Changes...

Another alternative (with V4.0) might be to use the - stream - terrain tile along the roads...as seen in the first picture of the stickied 'naughty or nice'-thread in the general forum.

A bit easier to use i guess but the ditches does not seem to get quite as deep and steep as ditch-lock.


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