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Allied AAR: A Route to Ribera or "A Bridge Too Far" (CMPzC)

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That was good work pulling that off without the aid of that recon coy. I dont think it was in the Axis best interest to pull all their units into the center of town. We migh be able to have them fully encircled within the hour and attacked from all sides with our artillery advantage their situation is not that bright. But it will be a hard fought action regardles.

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Hey Fizou,


Over at FGM, we are going to do an MG44 CMPzC. For the rules pages in our shared Sicily 43 dropbox...are there any new rules discussed here as forum posts that need to be put into the dropbox rules sheets?

Any changes to the rules in the dropbox rules sheets?


Of course you are welcome to participate!




kohlenklau (Phil)

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Hey Fizou,


Over at FGM, we are going to do an MG44 CMPzC. For the rules pages in our shared Sicily 43 dropbox...are there any new rules discussed here as forum posts that need to be put into the dropbox rules sheets?

Any changes to the rules in the dropbox rules sheets?


Of course you are welcome to participate!




kohlenklau (Phil)


I Think we have covered most of it in our shared documents, much of it discussed in emails before ending up in those files. Might be something's missing, feel free to ask how we have treated specific situations.

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Someone asked me how do you handle reinforcements to a PzC assault that is a CM battle?

My brain seems to recall that you make the CM battlefield EXTRA big to have the reinforcements start on the map and then the player CAN bring them in when needed? Or do they get tagged as R1 and beam in at a set time?

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At 1930 hours the action cease at Verdura river bridge (Battle Blue 3 in this post: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/109233-allied-aar-a-route-to-ribera-or-a-bridge-too-far-cmpzc/?p=1533683 - taking place simultaneously as the two battles in Ribera). The bridges over Verdura have been heavily contested during the day (one bridge destroyed earlier by German heavy artillery) and at 1800 hours the American 2nd Inf Bn of 7th Inf Regt assaulted the areas commanding the remaining bridge supported by paras of 504th PIR and Rangers of 3rd Bn together with Shermans from 2nd Armored Div. The bridge had earlier gone from Axis to Allied, back to Axis hands and was now finally captured by the Allies.  


The PzGrens from 15th PzGren Div, supported by their HQ unit and Grille SPA put up a though fight but did not have the numbers to hold on to their positions. The German force had been depleted during the actions earlier during the day and the fresh American 2nd Bn had barely seen any combat up til this point.    


Below follows a short recap of the action.




The US force press forward to take Point 108 and the Village in the center. At the same time a inf coy is moved around the right flank to try and cut of the bridge as soon as possible, catching the remaining German forces and heavy weapons on the east side of the river.




The Village is softened up with the airborne 75 mm pack howitzers before the units from the 2nd Inf Bn assault from two directions. 




Airborne clear the woods just south of the Village.




The right hook moving in on the bridge.




Some units start to withdraw to the other side of the river. The VPL looks to soon be in firm Allied hands.

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The nose is tightening. 




The Village and point 108 are under assault as the right hook is moving in on the bridge.




A Sherman from 2nd Armored Div, 66th Regt race through the Village that has been cleared out by the infantry to help deal with a Grille. These SPA have tormented my forces during most part of the day, taking part in three battles on map, and as off map support in another. Many men from 3rd Ranger Bn and 504th PIR have fallen victim to their HE. Finally we can hit back with armor.




The Sherman puts a hole in the right side hull of the Grille - killing two in the crew.




The Sherman puts another shell through the tin can Grille. Clean through penetrations. Another two crew are killed and the SPA bursts into flames as the lone survivor exits in terror.




Seconds later the Grilles ammo storage cooks off in a catastrophic explosion. Very satisfying to finally being able to hit back!

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The attack moves past the Village and infantry and tanks take up positions in the thin woodline just beyond the Village, overlooking the river.




Another Grille is quickly turned into scrap with three penetrations from a Sherman 75 mm. 




At the road junction close to the bridge the Germans have dug in machineguns and a PAK 40. The positions is quickly overwhelmed with fire from four Shermans. Note the blue circle. Another PAK 40 on the other side of the river, on a ridge line. Its is potted moving over the bridge earlier and is soon taken under fire by Shermans. Two ATG knocked out and the Shermnas reign supreme. 




The right hook joins up with the units that has taken the Village. They continue to push towards the bridge. Several German positions are run over, some Grenadiers decide they have had enough.




Just behind point 108 the Rangers and Airborne are held down by a Grille providing the Grenadiers with close support. Point 108 have been heavily defended and the Germans have a reverse slope defense. Small counterattacks have been beaten back by the Allied troops holding objective point 108. 




As the Shermans roll up the enemy line the Grille is soon destroyed, reliving the men on point 108.

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Nice AAR Carl. Great job. What a long project, wonderful that you guys have kept at it. :D


Thanks Phil :-) . It has been a great ride, thanks for taking part!




The retreat will soon be cut of for the majority of the German force.




The last part of the German resistance is focused behind point 108. But resistance is now pointless. Once the bridge is cut off I will offer them terms to surrender to the Allies.




A para from 504th PIR overlooks a enemy MG42 nest that has been destroyed. The Grenadiers of the 15 PzGren Div have fought to the bitter end. 





The bridge is cut off, and the Germans surrender on their one initiative. This is a great victory for the Allies, taking the 300 VPL hex and removing the deadly Grille from the enemy roster.


Most of the craters around the bridge is from the action playing out eight hours earlier when the PzGrenadiers took the bridge forcing the paras and Rangers to retreat. They then had ample time to dig in.. perhaps they had been better served to continue the chase and destroy the para and Ranger formations.. to link up with the remaining defenders in Ribera? Many options on the strategic level to consider. I had probably stayed put too if I was the German CO.




Not all Germans were cut off apparently. My nemesis, Division commander Gen-Maj Kuderian escapes and will be able to lead the defense of Ribera.





End screen. As you can see from the numbers this was a one sided affair. But the enemy still forced a large allied formation to attack, and they will most likely not be able to take part in the attacks on Ribera. 

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Simultaneously as the bridge over Verdura (south west of Ribera) is secured by the Allies, the initial assaults on Ribera itself is underway. Earlier there has only been light fighting in the north eastern parts of the city. A depleted Para coy was chased, encircled and destroyed by Italian Bersaglieri and Engineer troops in the outskirts of town (over two battles, the Italians reinforced by German PzGren for the second battle. This took place ten hours earlier during the morning hours).  


The assault on the city is split in to two as it covers two hexes, and to make it more manageable. 


The battle in Hex 15,6 (north eastern part of Ribera) has already been fought to its conclusion. The Axis conducted a organized, fighting withdrawal to central parts of the town (Bersaglieri, Engineers and AT guns from 15th PzGren Div). They will appear as reinforcements in the Hex 14,6 fight at the mark they left hex 15,6. We are currently on the 10th of the 11 turn PzC scenario, this means there is a full turn remaining with the possibility for the Allies to assault again, from three sides, or even encircle the Axis. 




In Hex 14,6 the 1st Bn of the 7th Inf Regt is supported by Shermans from 66th Regt, 2nd Armored Div and attached Corps Engineers. The initial plan is to force a crossing over the fordable streams and secure a foot hold in central Ribera. From there the US troops will probe and see how hard the enemy resistance is. If the resistance is very stiff the ground taken will be consolidated and the attack cease. Then a new assault will be coordinated during the next turn, from three, or possible all sides. This might force the enemy to surrender, or be easy targets for the heavy allied artillery. 


For the current 14,6 assault the 7th Inf Regt can rely on USS Buck (DD) and short barreled 105 mm guns. Unfortunately for the Allies, the liaison officers from the Royal Navy have been wounded/killed earlier during the day, limiting the heavy cruiser HMS Ulster to fire missions close to the shores, far from Ribera.  


The enemy forces in Ribera is estimated as a reinforced PzGren Coy with additional PAK 40 AT guns from the 3rd Bn, 104th Regt, 15th PzGren Div, with a depleted Bn of Italian Bersaglieri and Engineers from XII Corps. The Axis have dug in and reinforced their defense for hours.



USS Buck has provided important fire support during the whole day.




105 L16 M3 Howitzer




Major General Matthew B. Ridgway (center), Commanding General, 82nd Airborne Division, and staff, overlooking the battlefield near Ribera, Sicily, 25 July 1943. Each officer wears the distinctive jump jacket and pants with large pockets and boots. (Matthew B. Ridgway Collection). From wiki.

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We are doing the 14,6 battle as a tag team 2 vs 2 (Me & Kohlenklau vs Kuderian and Poesel). 


The assault from western Ribera over the Verdura stream is done without much resistance, under a heavy smoke screen. The enemy is clearly defending further into the central parts of the city. Parts of the 1st Bn is immediately diverted north to take control of the high grain elevator by the dock. Its a VP location and commands the surroundings with great LOS.  




A GI goes down on the advance. Italian engineer troops occupy the grain elevator.




The Italians occupy the upper floors. I have them under fire from the opposite side of the river. A platoon is moving in to clear out the tall buildings.




A .30 cal fires from the other side of the river.. forcing defenders to vacate the top floor. The Italian engineers will have a though time against the modern US weapons.




Another squad returns fire across the river. The floor below has been blown by the engineers, not sure if this was a mistake or if they want to bring more guns bearing on the other side of the river (only top floors have windows). 

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Pink circle, grain elevator and docks. Purple circle, saw mill. The heaviest fighting is taking place at the saw mill so far.




In the center the allies are staring to draw closer to the large church which seems to be heavily defended with a extensive trench system. 




Engineers from 7th inf regt fire down into the enemy trenches. Long range support provided by .30 cal mg.



The all rifle engineer units not really suited for combat are supported by Shermans that are supposed to do the heavy lifting. Here cleaning out a trench from Grenadiers. 




Heavy fighting around the saw mill. The engineers have a hard time gaining ground (lack of assault weapons and fatigued from earlier actions). Without the Shermans they would be in no position to take the mill.  




One IG has been destroyed, another is under fire with engineers just meters away. 

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The fighting around the Grain elevator intensifies! 




The Italian Engineers continue to blast holes in the solid walls of the Grain elevator to gain LOF to the US troops on the other side of the River. A assault squad is caught in a deadly exchange with Engineers on a floor above them. The US troops on the other side of the river provide heavy fire support and soon have a second .30 cal in action. They Italian bolt action rifles will have a hard time competing. Never the less, taking the Grain elevator will be a bloody ordeal. 




On the right flank of the Grain elevator, Italian Engineers and Bersaglieri gain the upper hand on the US infantry covering the Allied approach to the Grain elevator. The cover is key here and the US infantry will have to do something to improve their situation. Fortunately a second platoon is on its way to bolster the attack.




In the center, the US Engineers and Shermans continue to attack the trenches held by Panzer Grenadiers. Casualties mount, and its clear that proper infantry needs to be diverted to aid the assault. This Sherman rushes in and drains the trenches with .50 cal from close range.




The TC gets shot seconds later. The tankers need to keep their heads down or we will soon have more TC casualties. The explosion is from US Engineers blowing a hole in the wall leading to the trenches.  




At the Saw mill heavy fighting continues. The crew of the IG in the trench is cut down by MG fire to the last man. Progress is slow and the tanks exposed. 

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this is dam good to read , ceep going guys  


Thanks snarre! Glad you enjoy it.




Im gonna go through the four areas where combat is raging at the moment. 





Pink: The Grain elevator. 1st Bn of 7th Inf Regiment under my command are fighting for control of the tall buildings against Pioneers and Bersaglieri from XII Corps.


Yellow:  Center, with main road towards the large Duomo. 1st Bn of 7th Inf Regiment under my command are fighting their way towards the Duomo against Bersaglieri from XII Corps.


Orange:  Duomo and southern blocks. Engineers attached to the US Corps with Tanks from 2nd Armored Division attack towards the Duomo under kohlenklaus command. They are opposed by Panzer Grenaiders from the 15th PzGren Division. 


Green: Saw mill. Engineers attached to the US Corps with Tanks from 2nd Armored Division attack towards the Duomo under kohlenklaus command attack against Pz Grenaderis from 15th PzGren Div.


The Duomo and trench systems in its surroundings are pounded by USS Buck. The old city of Ribera, despite its beautiful architecture, is not deemed important enough to warrant preservation by Allied high command.



Engineers and tanks are ready to exploit the suppression as soon as the barrage lifts. A platoon from 1st Bn, 7th Inf Reg is now attached to the Engineers to help bolster the attack.




Engineers clear out a trench close to the Duomo. A grenade explodes mid air. 




At the Saw mill kohlenklaus men are desperately trying to gain a foothold in the mill itself. The Panzergrenadiers are putting up stiff resistance! 



The Engineers casualties are starting to mount. They need to make better use of smoke and available cover to beat these krauts back. 




Dont shoot! Engineers are starting to surrender.




The Shermans from 2nd Armored Division must carry the day!

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At the Grain elevator..




It looks like the enemy is bringing a substantial force to the fight for the Grain elevator. My base of fire has beat them pretty bad whenever they pop up in the objective itself. On the other side, the enemy base of fire will give me an equal problem. I will have to try and stop them from bringing more men to the objective as well as clearing it from the troops that are occupying it right now. 




Heavy MG fire across the river force some of the occupants to withdraw and when they make a run for it, well placed teams take them out.




Looks like my platoon is about to get severely outnumbered. I have another on the way, but will that be enough? 




In addition to more men, the Italians also sport infantry guns and brixia mortars. This crew hit the dirt as a GI with a scoped Springfield tries his best to occupy them.  




Another inf gun hits my scouts at the top of the Grain elevator. Its to lethal to stay there and I'll have to give up the excellent spotting location. For now at least.

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In the center..




The attack here is going very well. The Italians are outgunned, outnumbered and gets outmaneuvered.




Garands and BARs force the Italians to leave their positions. 




Once forced to leave their initial positions they can get outmaneuvered and caught out in the open. 




In this case, only one man was fast enough throwing his arms in the air.




Another building cleared from its Bersagilieri occupants. 

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At the Grain elevator the Italians ready their 65 mm Inf guns.




I quickly remove the BAR team that are in LOF of the gun. But being sloppy with the angels and LOS, a five man rifle team is annihilated by that same gun. Damn, five pixeltruppen down due to sloppiness. 




Inside the Grain elevator combat rages. The Italian engineers blow sections of walls to storm the men from 7th Inf Regiment that have taken one section of the large complex. They meet heavy fire and the assault is broken. Other sections are quickly forced to retreat due to MG fire from across the river. I have the upper hand in the Grain elevator complex but right outside a large Italian force is ready to counter attack!




Under covering fire from light mortars and Inf guns, more Bersaglieri rush in. They might try to cut off our reinforcements and encircle the Grain elevator. 





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In the center..




The quick advance continues. The Bersaglieri that reposition or run for safety are in several places out flanked and shot dead when they exit their cover.




Light resistance from long range encountered. The enemy is a few hundred meters out, by the plaza Duomo. One casualty suffered, by next turn we should outgun them with several BARs brought to bear.  




Overview of the center. The attack continues, but I expect heavier resistance as we approach the Duomo. 




At the Sawmill, Kohlenklaus men finally destroy that second INF gun. 




Overview of the kohlenklau sector. 

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No problem Phil :)




Overview. The overall plan is to take all of Ribera, but we don't have to do all of it in this battle. The PzC scenario is for another full turn so that means we can attack again if we end this battle in a ceasefire (The Axis will be able to counterattack twice, as they are still to act in this turn and then have the option to do so again in the last turn of the campaign. Its not very likely though - as most of their forces are bound up and they cant throw away troops on the attack). Hence our main objectives are to secure the bridges and the southern building blocks (done), and the Sawmill & Grain elevator (in progress). Secondary objectives are to take the Duomo. Its would be optimal if this could be achieved during this battle but its no disaster if we have it as a remaining objective for the last battle. In the last battle we will hopefully be able to bring up more reinforcements and artillery as well as resupplying for the final assault. The last city block objectives are in heavy urban terrain and will be very costly for our infantry.


Things are going according to plan but I want our force to redirect troops to the Sawmill to bolster our attack there.    




Yellow box - the Grain elevator. 




The men of first battalion are in a heavy fire fight with Bersaglieri from XII Corps. 1st Bn is taking casualties and needs to be reinforced or the Italians will gain the upper hand.




MGs from across the river that have been focusing on the occupants of the Grain elevator itself now turn their focus on the Bersaglieri that are assaulting the position held by 1st Bn. The firepower of the MGs is just what the men of 1st Bn needs to halt the Bersaglieri. 




.30 cal MG tracers spraying the Italian positions. The dust and smoke from the Grain elevator is caused by Italian AT guns firing blindly but no casualties caused to the US troops inside.


Light blue box - center.




Italian Bersaglieri  make a run for it but are trapped by US troops that quickly gun them down in the open. The opposition in the center is pretty light, I expect it to stiffen once we get closer to the Duomo. 

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Orange box - Duomo.




Kohlenklaus Shermans from 2nd Armored Div supported by Engineers clean out trenches and strong points causing heavy casualties on the Germans from 15th PzGren Div.    




The lead tank is hit by a 75mm PAK 40. The Germans are believed to have six PAK 40s in the city. 




The tank reverses towards safety (note the clean through penetration to the side). Some troops close to the tank are killed in the explosion.  The trench now littered both with German and American bodies. 




The Tank is hit again, and again (note the incoming round - gun clearly aligned with the road). The crew is reduced to two men (driver, gunner) and loses its optics, radio and Ma deuce. Still running, but in complete panic, the tank reverses away from the PAK LOS. 

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