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  1. So to summarize we're talking about 1st a DLC about Marines / VDV and then potentially another one with potential French content? That would mean what? another 4 / 6 years wait before that 2nd DLC ? 😫 Well I understand our friends at BFC aim at releasing smaller packages more often so I'll stick to this as a hope it will be quicker 😀
  2. Oh and BTW I didn't read your proposed scenario in all details but if it were to be placed a bit later in the future (so as to include nice toys such as the Jaguar or the Griffon) then it could also include the Leclerc MBT overhaul (rénovation) to give it some additional punch 👊👍😉
  3. FoxZz let me join the general call to include the French forces in CMBS! As a Frenchman I can only applause and support your initiative. And honestly the amount of research you did is very impressive... Hats off! I sincerely hope BF will listen to this plea and as we like to say : "Impossible n'est pas Français !"
  4. Hi Bil, Thanks a lot for the link! I have recently bought CMBN and CMBS after a 15 years hiatus in the Battlefront games and discovered this week your website. I'm in the process of reading it all and I had not yet reached the section your link points to so I'm the one sorry for bothering you with that. By the way I take advantage of this opportunity to tell you (I'm not the first I know) that your website is truly fascinating. Awesome content, I learn so much! 👍 So again thank you! Nital
  5. Hello and sorry for jumping late on this topic. The link to this mod appears to be not working. Would anyone be able to share a working link as these icons look really great 👍 Thanks Nital
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