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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for all your answers, that shed a lot of light especially as I didn't think for the ATGM as a way to pack punch at large distance (although it makes complete sense). Agreed with you @IanL it would make sense to have the crew switch to APFSDS once they witness their ATGM defeated by an APS system (but probably by then their life expectancy should already be quite short) And yes, @Attilaforfun, from my limited knowledge, 1300m is indeed point blank for this kind of gear... I must also say that I am impressed by the knowledge in armor and ammunition you gents have all displayed here πŸ‘ Now I'll be checking how many Bulats I can pack in my points against my friend πŸ˜‰
  2. Thanks to both of you for your replies. Indeed my test did not pretend to be as thorough as it should have been, and my message intended mostly at getting "first hand feedback" regarding the surprise I had felt when doing those experiments. So I understand now that the t72B3M is likely to spot my tanks first, and that the ammo selection cannot be forced. I also understand any test should be done in a far more extensive way. All in all this leads me to rather use greater numbers of mid to low end tanks to bet on numbers and saturation... So again thanks a lot for your help guys!
  3. Hey all, This topic as, in the process of preparing a quick battle against a friend of mine, in which I'll be playing the Ukrainians against the Russians (no T-90 allowed), I tried to benchmark the mbt respective performance, and the ability of the various Ukrainian tanks to penetrate their Russian counterpart and was puzzled by some findings. The test conditions were as follows : - I have used a large open map (I will rerun the test using the firing range map as soon as I have downloaded the ScAn_CaDe tool) -firing distance was circa 1300m - I had set the Ukrainian crew as veteran, high motivation, +1 leadership against typical Russian crew - I did "face to face" meetings between stationary Ukrainian tanks against moving Russian tanks (movement in the direction of the Ukrainian tanks, exiting a wooden cover) - the tanks I used were T64bv, Bulat, Oplot for the Ukraine, t72B3M with and without aps for the Russian To my surprise, the Russian tanks saw the Ukrainian ones first, except the Bulat which saw its opponent first (please note that I had first set the Russian tanks with a very short cover arc fire order) To my surprise still, the Ukrainian tanks almost always tried their first shots using gun launched atgm and not sabot round. Even more surprising, even after their atgm shots were destroyed by aps (when relevant), they kept firing the same type of ammo while my intuition would be that the AI would then preferably use sabot rounds. Therefore I have a few questions some of you may be able to answer : => is there a specific thing with the Bulat in terms of optics, which would explain its performance in detecting the opposing tank? => Similarly, as the Russian crew was less experienced than the Ukrainian ones, does this mean that the t72B3M optical performance exceeds that of the oplot? => is there any way to "force" the use of a specific ammo as a function of the target? (I think I know the answer but still) The objective for me in this test was to decide if I want to prioritise quantity (T64bv, Bulat) over quality (oplot, oplot with aps) against Russian tanks in the upcoming battle... Thanks in advance for your help gents 😊
  4. So to summarize we're talking about 1st a DLC about Marines / VDV and then potentially another one with potential French content? That would mean what? another 4 / 6 years wait before that 2nd DLC ? 😫 Well I understand our friends at BFC aim at releasing smaller packages more often so I'll stick to this as a hope it will be quicker πŸ˜€
  5. Oh and BTW I didn't read your proposed scenario in all details but if it were to be placed a bit later in the future (so as to include nice toys such as the Jaguar or the Griffon) then it could also include the Leclerc MBT overhaul (rΓ©novation) to give it some additional punch πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜‰
  6. FoxZz let me join the general call to include the French forces in CMBS! As a Frenchman I can only applause and support your initiative. And honestly the amount of research you did is very impressive... Hats off! I sincerely hope BF will listen to this plea and as we like to say : "Impossible n'est pas Français !"
  7. Hi Bil, Thanks a lot for the link! I have recently bought CMBN and CMBS after a 15 years hiatus in the Battlefront games and discovered this week your website. I'm in the process of reading it all and I had not yet reached the section your link points to so I'm the one sorry for bothering you with that. By the way I take advantage of this opportunity to tell you (I'm not the first I know) that your website is truly fascinating. Awesome content, I learn so much! πŸ‘ So again thank you! Nital
  8. Hello and sorry for jumping late on this topic. The link to this mod appears to be not working. Would anyone be able to share a working link as these icons look really great πŸ‘ Thanks Nital
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