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  1. Thanks all, I'll give your suggestions a go. I've been distracted by playing Red Thunder for a while
  2. Hi, I wanted to try and entice a friend to get into Combat Mission, but am having trouble finding your Red Thunder, Final Blitzkrieg and Black Sea demos on your new site. I had been planning to link them to him. Can you steer me to any links for them? Cheers Jon
  3. I haven't tried calling a ceasefire at the start. Maybe I'll give that a go. There is little cover anywhere around the monastery, which is on the top of a shallow hill. The scenario is at night with low visibility. As I recall there were at least 5 Panthers against my 12-12 Shermans. Once our tanks spot each other, as usual the Germans fire earlier and more accurately. I've tried using infantry to spot for the tanks but thast didn't make any difference, except the infantry got killed as well
  4. Yes it does. So I guess that means no update since I bought it in 2016. Thanks sburke.
  5. After 65 views and no response I'm guessing no-one has played this campaign. If thats the case I'd be interested to know which other community developed campaigns you all prefer.
  6. A View to a Kill is the night mission where a company of infantry with Shermans tries to take a monastery on a hill at night, opposed by Panthers and infantry by the way.
  7. Hi All, I was enjoying playing this campaign until I got to the 'A View to a Kill' mission. I've tried replaying it several times using different approaches but can't avoid a bloodbath where my tanks and infantry get annihilated. Can anyone suggest a tactic for me to get the drop on those Panthers with my Shermans? Cheers Jon
  8. Hi, As I bought CMRT at the end of 2016 I thought it might be sensible to check for patches.... The game runs on my system as v2.00. The update being offered on your site is v1.00 to v 1.03. Has there really been no update since 2016, and if so, what is the purpose of the patch on the site?
  9. Thanks for the replys guys. Joe, thanks for the offer, the main reason I'm thinking UK is because I had it in mind to play online rather than by email. I'm not sure if people like to play it that way though, as all the discussions I've read seem to focus on email play.
  10. Hi All, I'm looking for another player in the UK interested in playing any of the Combat Mission games. Just looking for casual play and no ladders etc. Where would be the best site to ask this? Cheers Jon
  11. Thats cool then, thanks for the confirmation Joe
  12. Hello All, Back in January I ordered the upgrade bundle to version 4 for all games, digital download and disks. So far no disks have arrived. Have any of you who also ordered disks received them? I know CMFI has yet to be upgraded so I'm wondering if that is the reason for the delay. I already asked this via the support page but had no answer.... Cheers Jon
  13. Please remove this post, I've got the Battle Pack working now
  14. A stealth release.... So how do I order it? I see no links. edit....found it
  15. Thanks for the response A co. I scraped through with a minor defeat, hoping the later scenarios are a bit less frustrating ;-)
  16. Hello All, I'm having some frustration with this scenario. Apart from my infantry taking forever to move forward, there copmes a point where the SU76's fall vicitm to immobilisation, minefields and AT. Does anyone have any techniques they can share with me for success in this one? Jon
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