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  1. Exactly. AARs etc can be fun up to a point but if the delay goes on too long frankly they just get annoying.
  2. It'll melt by the time we see Fire and Rubble....
  3. I could although I prefer to play against the AI if I can.
  4. From having a quick read I think lack of AI scripting in the CM side might be a problem. And also not sure how you can predict an enemy assault is going to happen in PzC, although I guess I could live with just playing my assaults,
  5. Were you toying with me or didn't you know about this post either?
  6. We need some technical guru to tell us how to edit the save file. now that would be something...
  7. That sounds interesting.... How do you feed back the result of the CM battle into Panzer Campaigns?
  8. I'd quite like to have the game myself. Has there been any news somewhere that I've missed or is it the big elephant in the room?
  9. The Final Blitzkrieg and Shock Force 2 Engine 4 links seem to be broken?
  10. You guys can't change history by imposing your views on this game either way. Bit too much virtue signalling going on from both sides.... Why not spend time making the real world a better place here and now while we wait for Fire and Rubble?
  11. I'm a fanatic, and going back to the original question, if money were no object I would recommend every single title and it would still be the best bargain you ever got Personally I'd start with Red Thunder because as others have already said, its many hours of fun with no complications beyond buying the base game. But if you prefer the Western theatre, the same is true of Final Blitzkrieg.
  12. Lol, someone give them Fire and Rubble to shut 'em up
  13. Hi, Is there any possibility this feature might be introduced some day? I know it can be achieved by email, but I assume thats pretty unsatisfactory as only one player would be able to watch the replay....
  14. Ignore this post, problem sorted. Is there some way we can delete posts?
  15. Hi All, A friend and I are trying to play multiplayer for the first time using the '2 Players Internet/LAN Turn Based' option. We have both turned off our firewalls temporarily and have also cleared the combat mission application to access the internet. But when we try to start a game using IP Port 7023 the host gets 'Waiting to Connect' and the player joining gets 'Connecting...'. Can anyone suggest what we need to do to actually get this working?
  16. He gave up on it in the end and just ordered the full game.
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