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  1. Hi

    If you want to play, I prefer ME  buy 4200 (large) on a map 2x2 km, any side

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    2. mirekm61


      ok, game start in DB is also a map " mervill-map" please see in scenario editor.  I use a CM-helper for game by DB.

    3. Gen_Dumitrescu


      sorry ... emai is gfdne1997@yahoo.com  please send me the drop box link on the email and we can start. thank you. 

    4. mirekm61


      invitation to DB sent

  2. Hi. looking for H2H opponent in Combat Mission Battle for Normandy. I am running game engine 4, all modules. Will play either side, single scenarios or campaign. if interested , ping me or drop email at gfnde1997@yahoo dot com, thank you.
  3. in case you are interested in CMBN. I play allies.
  4. we can try this, not a MG. if you find a MG , go ahead start it. let me know if link does not work. https://www.dropbox.com/home/FragerZ CMBN
  5. if still interested , i could try. looking at 10-20 mins, most days of the week. PBEM , CM Battle For Normandy, I have all modules installed. I am located in US, I play Allies.
  6. Looking for opponent PBEM - CM Battle for Normandy. I am located in US, I play US side. I can do 20 mins per day or so, most days of the week. Thanks.
  7. Tried this very file with another gaming partner ... working just fine there. I was able to pick it right where we've left it at 050 The issue resides with gaming partner #1 Somehow this large file gets corrupted. We are playing several scenarios in parallel , everything is good with smaller files (several Mb's in size). Next step : figuring out where the file gets corrupted in the transfer process ...
  8. All files have .ema extension. Previous file in my incoming folder of 28Mb with rev 047 works fine. subsequent file of 32Mb with rev 049 does is invisible. Root causing by elimination ... what if the file size is the problem ?! I am going to try an experiment ... will ask my game partner to export several "offshoots" of different size from my 048 file that I have sent. (limit the moves to generate different sizes etc). Should this be an internet uploading problem ? can the files get corrupted during DropBox transfer process ?
  9. Hi I've start playing CMFI over PBEM. We both have the base game with GL and patch V112. Been playing several smaller scenarios for weeks now, everything been working fine with file transfer via DropBox etc. One particular large scenario in GL called Cesaro has stopped working after we've played for 2 weeks or so. Incoming file V049 comes in at 32Mb , transfers OK, I copy the file in my Incoming Folder yet the file is "invisible" for the game ! I can see the 047 file ok, can load and replay w/o any issues. The 047 file is at 28Mb size. I've restarted the game several time, re boot computer, re installed the DBFI , GL and the two patches. Asked my game partner to re-play m re load the file (keep browser open , check internet connection etc) Still no luck. This 049 file is invisible for some reason. I am using Win8.1 , 16Mb RAM with an AMD 64 processor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. GD
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