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  1. This means I do need 3.0? Sorry for hijacking this, will open own thread if next reply doesn't fix my issue. But I installed FI on a clean machine, then installed 4.0 full. Now, after activating and pressing "play" the activation window opens without any buttons to click, I just see the tank firing which is the background, and can't click on anything. I can only end the Programme. Cheers
  2. I have a similar problem, I am stuck in the activation screen, after activation is ok. Did you install 3.0 before? I am back in CM after many years,and I installed 4.0 over 1.0. Could that be a problem? Cheers
  3. Thanks, it was the spam folder eating the reset Emails. C
  4. Hi, Haven't played CM for years, tried to/had to reset my pw but after a day of waiting, still haven't received a link. I was just dropping by to hear if that is normal, since I wanted to get the sale for the 4.0 upgrade bundle. Cheers, C
  5. Just logged in for this discussion after a long while... Does anyone have, on a side note, a good online recognition guide available for contemporary Russian vehicles, going into depth with all the versions currently floating around? Completely OT: Since I rarely drop by. Does anyone also happen to know a thread about the future road of CM? There doesn't seem to be one general CM2 Forum, rather lots of subforums dedicated to the single modules. Cheers, A
  6. aw, man. I come out of hiding once in a few years and you make sure that I will always be remembered for this typo :-( On a serious note though: He would probably attack in the same formation as he does already. His Inf can't spend its time and energy with rearrangements, neither can his JT due to risk of bogging. So he will attack in the same order. You on the other hand are a completely different story, you could completely rearrange your defense on the next line. The only reason why Baneman is acting, and you are reacting, is because baneman probably has a fairly good idea what he is up aga
  7. Another lutker here. Following with great interest and love it so far. But a question that made me end my lurker existence: Have you considered falling back to your next line of defense? In your Decision making you concluded that the terrain gets more favourable the further in depth you are fighting. Also, you would nullify his intel he has so far, by forcing him to start all over at the next line. A new chance to flank his JT and even more exhausted infantry fighting in the open, no? Cheers. Great AAR writing!
  8. After I was busy with university, I finally uploaded Part 3. For those of you who watched my videos so far: Thank you, and sorry for the long wait! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXM5mVVOUPY As always, crticism is appreciated. cheers, A
  9. Just uploaded Part 2 of the DAR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtZ4engcUg0 Enjoy. Feedback appreciated.
  10. After a looooooooong download sessio, that did the trick! Thanks Regards, A
  11. I use the old combined installer (BfN and CWF) and then upgrade to 3.11 with the complete patch. Will try it with the new complete installer, didn't do it so far because of my internet connection and had the old one still on my hard drive. A
  12. Hey all, just reinstalled CM twice without making progress in this matter. No Mods installed, Version 3.11, + CWF As you can see, and is discribed in the topic name, Infantry models are not being displayed, but vehicles and weapons. Anyone with a suggestion why that is? Cheers
  13. Hey Womble! Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, the low score came surprising to me too. I am thinking about revising the rating system and might reup a new video. This was very much a test run for "first time editing a bigger project". nevertheless, I think when the overall score is a little low, we would need to have a look at the single categories and their scores. And I don't think that any particular category score feels off. Also, I wanted to make a cut with other review magazines, where anything below a 7 (or 70%) is basically not happening. I absolutely agree with your
  14. Sorry, there was an upload error, hence I had to reup it a few minutes ago :-) Sorry for the inconvenience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5W4mX2Megs&feature=youtu.be there you go! Cheers
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