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  1. Ok that might be the problem then. I cannot upgrade to engine 3, since i have no such installer. AFter purchasing the 3+4 bundle, i only got a link to the engine 4 installer. *sighs*
  2. Humbly thanks for the suggestion. However, the 4.0 installer says invalid keys for my ver1 and ver2. Can i regedit away all my keys somehow and start from scratch? Like un.activate the keys entirely from my computer?
  3. Thanks, but i opened a ticket 8 hrs ago. No dice. Maybe i need a ver 3.0 installer? Looks like Combat mission Fortress Italy needs both 3.0 and 4.0.. This is worser than Microsoft products. Increadible for a little game..
  4. ..and if this "fix" still does not work? I register my games and they show up with green squares in the splash screen, but when i press the play button to start the game the splashscreen disappears, only to reappear a few seconds later as shown above with only the picture. Also the registering is not remembered by the app, when i retry i have to register again.
  5. Ok, it is now 22:16. I have worked with this since 11.00 today, thats 11 hours. I purchased CMBN upgrade pack 3+4 and installed it. After a hazzle with support regarding wrong serials i managed to activate my products. BUT when i press the PLAY button the tank picture re-appears after 3 seconds without any buttons, and the game never starts. So i close the app and removes the exe from the taskbar and retry, and now i have to activate the product with the key again. This is infinite. Every time i start the program i have to re-activate with the key and still it does not lauch.
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