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  1. Ok that might be the problem then. I cannot upgrade to engine 3, since i have no such installer. AFter purchasing the 3+4 bundle, i only got a link to the engine 4 installer. *sighs*
  2. Humbly thanks for the suggestion. However, the 4.0 installer says invalid keys for my ver1 and ver2. Can i regedit away all my keys somehow and start from scratch? Like un.activate the keys entirely from my computer?
  3. Thanks, but i opened a ticket 8 hrs ago. No dice. Maybe i need a ver 3.0 installer? Looks like Combat mission Fortress Italy needs both 3.0 and 4.0.. This is worser than Microsoft products. Increadible for a little game..
  4. ..and if this "fix" still does not work? I register my games and they show up with green squares in the splash screen, but when i press the play button to start the game the splashscreen disappears, only to reappear a few seconds later as shown above with only the picture. Also the registering is not remembered by the app, when i retry i have to register again.
  5. Ok, it is now 22:16. I have worked with this since 11.00 today, thats 11 hours. I purchased CMBN upgrade pack 3+4 and installed it. After a hazzle with support regarding wrong serials i managed to activate my products. BUT when i press the PLAY button the tank picture re-appears after 3 seconds without any buttons, and the game never starts. So i close the app and removes the exe from the taskbar and retry, and now i have to activate the product with the key again. This is infinite. Every time i start the program i have to re-activate with the key and still it does not lauch.
  6. What i feel is lacking, is the long campaigns.. I want to follow an platoon through the entire war if that was ever possible, and ofcourse i must admit that tne eastern front is by far more intruiging. Moreover, a typical soldier did not encounter total devastation contact with the enemy every single time, so i woudl wish for some easy going missions in between the hard ones, thus making the campaign easier this way, i mean often you took a town with barely more than a sniper in i it. O am an old rpg player perhaps this is the reason i think liek this. Wish i could manage my soldiers be
  7. I think Black Adder goes 4th explains it pretty simple I am not asking to make the game easier, i totally agree its a challenge with a difficult AI for a change, but i wouldnt mind some easy missions thrown in between during campaign play aswell, everything need not be an hard challenge imo. I like the simulation of ww2, which is exellent in cmbn! I have tried to restrain the urge of hasten my attacks, it is somewhat frustrating but does help casualrate, not always though.. Also more attention to LOS and cover helps, but could get extremely micromanaging and timeconsuming.. however the
  8. Ive noticed tanks don't have a realistic turn ratio. Irl drivers reversed 1 track and forwarded the other so they could swing around on the spot, but in this game they like slowly turns like trucks with forward wheel drive.. id say this is not modelled in the game? Or maybe i have played it to little to see this effect..
  9. Thanks for the moral support :-) It's not that i am lost with tactics, just that especially cm games i have never been able to master. 1 hour ago i lost 60 guys due to insane friendly arty. An all out concentration on a 3 story building missed by half a map and landed in the mist of my build up, those things makes you kindof wanna resign. I try to rush 1 squad and use the other for covering fire but it seldom works. Also i find it very hard to use my mortars effectively.. In comparison with the germans who seems to hit every shell right ontop of my units.. Zukhov or fieldmarshal H
  10. Well, i suck in this game, playing campaigns at easisest level and still get beaten. I tried to edit an existing campaign, like giving myself some extra hvy arty etc but it seems this is not possible? When i try to load a campaign in the editor it cannot find any files there despite they are all there? :eek:
  11. I have to agree with the positive feedback.. its been years since i saw such a well made wargame
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