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  1. May i ask if we can get the manual? ­čÖé
  2. Same here. The lack of information is very disappointing. Where are the youtube videos of ChrisNd showing new stuff? An update per month would be great, pics, videos etc...
  3. It's all ok now! Thx Battlefront Team, Merry Christmas!!!
  4. Same here. Bought the big bundle, installed it and tried to activate all 4 games. Get the same errors, even with the new activation tool -> wrong license... (Windows version)
  5. Hello guys, did someone notice moving tracks on abandoned tanks? I had that in two QBs (Panther and Sherman).
  6. Hi GhostRider, behind the mantlet, there is no turret armor. Either you hit the front turret with 110mm (small area) or you hit the rounded mantlet with 100mm of armor. The 6 pounder should have no problem with APDS rounds against the turret or mantlet.
  7. Me again, found another small "bug". The gunner of the Marder II sits reversed and looks backwards.
  8. Hi guys, when the Tiger tank commander is unbuttoned, he looks straight into the cupola (all three versions). He should be one head higher.
  9. Ok, so we agree on both terms, with "-" and without. I find another error, on pages 53 and 54. The M36s ammunition table. There are 2 "AP" rounds, the one with 3 rounds should be APCR, right?
  10. Hi Big Boss, you are right, it should be Gesch├╝tz with ├ť. The same with Infanteriegesch├╝tz, but I don't know for sure, because you said you saw documents with the - between Infanterie and Gesch├╝tz... I will do "research".
  11. Hi Big Boss, there is no "Infanterie-Gesch├╝tz" or something like that in german. 7,5cm or 75mm leichtes Infanteriegesch├╝tz 18 -> so the manual is correct.
  12. Hallo Leute, wer hat Lust auf eine Runde CM? Habe alle CMx2 Titel, aber w├╝rde nur Normandy, Italy, Red Thunder oder Black Sea spielen wollen. Bei Bedarf melden.^^ Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich zwar viel Offline spiele, aber noch nie gegen einen menschlichen Spieler gespielt habe. Den Rest k├Ânnen wir ja dann sp├Ąter kl├Ąren.
  13. Thank you very much JuJu, it looks fantastic! Especially the rubber ducky loading bar...
  14. Explanation from Duden: (Flugwesen) Taxiway (Milit├Ąr) (besonders im Zweiten Weltkrieg an der Ostfront [provisorisch angelegte]) befestigte Fahrbahn, Piste f├╝r den Nachschub -> main road, supply route
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