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  1. One more question, I bought the upgrade 2.0 a few years back, do I need to install this prior to 3.0, or does 3.0 include everything that is in 2.0? Edit.. was hastey with the "one more question" statement. I'm attempting to activate my Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy key and I'm being told it is invalid, yet I am copy/pasting straight from my account page. Ok, Got it going by activating with the Upgrade 3.0 key, got into the game, quick battle, chose my options, hit next and CTD, windows 10!!!!! Will wait till the 3.11 patch is downloaded, may contain compatibility for windows 10.
  2. Just back for another run on CM Normandy, picked up the 3.0 upgrade, quite alarmed at the fact it is a 9.9GB download, is this right? the base game is only 1.3GB and upgrade 2.0 was only 500MB.
  3. I don't think it was so much the battles that won the war for the allies, but instead the fact that the Germans were fighting on too many fronts, The Americans came into the war when most of the nations at war were nearly broke, the American industrial capacity was way out in front of the Germans, so even if every German tank Destroyed 4 US tanks, it would still not be enough. The US did not win the War, the Germans lost it, and If the Germans were not at war with Russia, the Allies would never have taken back France.
  4. I would like to see; * An option for setting the range for engagement for units, including setting the HQ unit and all subordinates, this would help with ambushes & preventing AT units from firing outside effective range. * the option to set the number of purchase points in Quick Battles. * More detailed information on the purchase screen.
  5. The problem with these so called different points of view is that each culture in the nation thinks that their point of view should be adopted, a classic example is the Muslims wanting us to adopt sharia law. What you say may happen in an ideal world, but most of us live in reality, the majority of immigrants coming out here just add to the welfare burden, and it's hard for them to share their point of view or experiences with us when many of them cannot even speak our language.
  6. I'm an aussie, and I can honestly look back 30 years ago and compare it to now and I don't like the way things are heading, the govenment seem intent on ruining this country. How can you be proud of what this country has become ?, I served in our armed forces, I was prepeared to give the ultimate sacrifice for my country, not now, not a chance, all I care about now is my family and the kind of life my children will have in this multicultural country, were the people we are letting in hate our guts.
  7. There is a big difference between max range and effective range, the effective range of the Panzerschreck (Tank Terror) was approx 150m, thats not to say that green troops, or troops in a shaken condition may let them of at a much greater range. Maybe a feature like in steel panthers would be good where you could set the engagement range of a units weapon.
  8. It all comes down to how many hit locations are modeled on the tanks, are the "driver's vision slit or the hull MG mount" even a factor in the frontal armour? if so then maybe the text could be more specific, if the program knows it's happened, then I'm sure it can produce a text message to inform the player. The OP has found what he thinks may be a bug, and as we have always been told, test and produce saves & Screen shots for the devs, he's done that, now let BF look into it if they deem it a priority.
  9. I've seen this same argument on several forums about the movie 300, it's not supposed to be accurate, it's supposed to be entertaining, if your going to sit there looking for historical errors, don't bother watching movies anymore, read a book instead.
  10. I can understand the reasoning behind that, you can't checkout every complaint nor do I expect them to, but if we at least make it known that these problems are occurring, or at least what one might consider a problem, and enough people experience that problem, then the need for a saved game should not be necessary, although I agree, much more helpful, but this thread is up to 34 pages, so it's obviously a hotly debated topic.
  11. "anecdotes", I figure it's the same as "screenshot or it didn't happen" ? Checked for a save, no go, No autosave and don't save during a battle, the game is pretty stable and I don't reload a save if I make a mistake.
  12. The Machineguns definitly need looking at, I had a squad of Vet Germans firing on a US mortar team in the middle of the road, at 100m, the two squad MG42 fired at the Mortar team for just under a minute, no kills, no suppression, the mortar team setup, aimed and landed about 3 rounds wipping out my entire squad, I quit the battle in disgust.
  13. My first impression is good, I like the game a lot. The only issue I could say is the fact that AI tanks seem to have a constant 360 degree vision, it doesn't matter what terrain I'm in, I cannot get a couple of soldiers to sneak up on one without being spotted almost instantly, if either crawling from 100m away through tall grass or steping out from behind a building.
  14. Bull****, haven't you ever heard of Point target?, Area target?, Linear target? deep target?, linear target with depth?, is this what they taught you in the army ?
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