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  1. whats the reasoning behind the no pre-order download only option? I would have preordered the MG bundle. I guess I have to wait to save 5 bucks.
  2. this thread should be immediately deleted. lol.reads like a bad Abbott and Costello joke
  3. NOOOOB!!! You don't know what in the hell you're talking about.
  4. Guess I wont get any tougher scenarios at this rate I actually wished i lost more than i do. Like Johnny eluded to. Its a case akin to chasing the dragon. But what came to my mind after reading your post was your nose being WIDE open on you first piece. It was your first time experiencing anything like that and it was amazing. You can easily get more from a host of girls, but you don't' think to go experience it. Cheer up!. I had a case of that back in the 90s when i was faster twitched, going from quake 1 to 2. Quake 2 online multi-player never had my heart like 1 did. It wasn't even
  5. Great job on the first patch. Busy bees! You guys remind me of blizzard on the way you support your games post release. ------------ Combat Mission Battle for Normandy v1.01 features Vehicles * Moving vehicles fire their weapons with further reduced accuracy. * Spotting ability of buttoned-up vehicles is further reduced. * Fixed a graphical bug that could cause a Puma crew to rotate outside the vehicle. * Vehicles that lose an unbuttoned crewman to small-arms fire are more likely to pop smoke and/or retreat like they typically do when the vehicle itself takes a hit. * Armor pen
  6. scenario sound interesting. would like to see a pic with the layout of the map.
  7. Great map man. It was a long fight. After it was over I was reviewing the map, and it was like going down memory lane. Each section of the map has a different obstacle and i was reliving it. A lot of men died taking that. Oh that's where I misclicked and the tank slaughtered them etc etc. Good sht. Anyway. The difficulty wasn't too bad. Its moderate. I had to put some thought in it. If I wanted to complete it under the strict casualty limit, tough. I like the fact that you gave each side there own objectives which I found out in the aar. Because while I was playing, I got into a firefight
  8. Someone get this old coot the therapy cat. Put Mr. Biggles on his lap to calm him before he's gets too excited and sht's himself.
  9. never played the first, but the rolling hills look intriguing.
  10. There's a sky scrapper that conveniently has over-watch over the majority of the Allied side of the map. Instead of having one panther you conveniently have two in case you lose one( I lost neither.) Plus a stug and a host of mg 42 teams, anti inf guns and reinforcements. And a Bomber that conveniently comes available later(didn't use). the Allied did hold out as long as they could before they surrendered. I saw alot of crack etc in the AAR, but the Micheal jordan/scottie pipen(panthers) combo was too much. I lost the stug because basically he was expendable. The panthers had kills in the 4
  11. yeah yeah yeah I'm going see about that! I'm not from the faint of heart camp.
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