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  1. Topkick

    Multicam 82nd Airborne Division

    I agree with above, great work, keep them coming!
  2. Topkick

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Hey thanks, great mod!
  3. You are right. When I look at the file in the scenario editor, under "units" there are no armor labels, just different infantry types. Odd yeah? Great looking portraits!
  4. In Allah's Fist, the tank unit's portraits are USA infantry instead of USA armor
  5. Topkick

    A Thank You to Battlefront

    Agreed! Thank you! Bought the upgrade, activated with no problems and stayed up far too late last night playing!
  6. When an AFV pops smoke, does the game engine automatically switch to thermal sights (if equipped)?
  7. Topkick

    New Website status update

    😃My Dad used both of those, quite often..😄
  8. Topkick

    New Website status update

    " I see, said the blind man, as he picked up the hammer and saw" . Thanks for clearing that up for me. Given what I've read I've gotten the impression that, at least for some people, the new site is live.
  9. Topkick

    New Website status update

    Is the new website live yet as the site URL I have is for the old one. If it is live, what's the URL?
  10. Topkick

    New Website status update

    Got a new password and still am getting the "we are moving etc" message on the storefront, can't access any of my prior downloads.
  11. Got a weird thing going on here, doesn't matter which CM game I start up. After my PC has been idle for a while, when I start up a CM battle (regardless of specific game), my map spins and slides left. Holding down the control key freezes things, but soon as I let up, off to the races again. The only fix I've found is to exit the game, log off my PC and re-log in, then all is normal.
  12. As long as they were in visual/audio of the FO after I dismounted them from the jeep, C2 held. Once I dismounted them, it took a turn to establish C2. I attribute that lag to the normal "who the hell are you guys" situation that would occur...
  13. Tried something out. I put one of my FOs in a building with good LOS to the objectives, and placed the Mortar Platoon 1st Section (the one without a radio) in the farmyard behind the FO's building (concealed from the enemy, but in visual/audio C2 range of that FO). Instant C2 established! All my 81's are now in contact and in C2 of one form or another and fire missions are on the way..note that these moves were all made while still in setup phase. Later, I plan to replay this, using a similar tactic, but not move/place the mortar section during setup. Instead I'll mount them in jeeps, then once play commences, move them to the FO's location, dismount and deploy within visual/audio of the FO. I want to see how long it takes for C2 to establish between the FO and the section when I do that.