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  1. I thought this was going to be the theme music for CM:BN? http://vimeo.com/2539976 Technically it fits the season the game depicts; for a portion of it anyway.
  2. Thanks Steve. That's interesting. Does it seem to be related to the card manufacturer, or spec related? Hopefully y'all are able to get it sorted. Regardless, I can't wait to play it .
  3. Thanks for that comment, Elvis. I was about to ask about the Moiré patterns in the plowed fields, and if it was really like that in game. It would have driven me nuts if it was, so now I can rest easy . Really enjoying your DAR.
  4. ROHOS is starting to look a lot better now. The first screens released showed everything with a glossy plastic look. These are a lot better and look more natural. The tank interiors are nice too. Can't wait for DH2 on this version. After watching that video, I'm not too pleased about their decision to lock players in their vehicles. Not cool. If my tank is burning I'm getting out - just like in reality. It never bothered me to see other players jump out of the tank before I got credit for the kill. Knocking out the tank is way more important than getting cred for killing the crew. I think a better solution would have been to find a way to award points for knocking out the vehicle instead of having the points based solely on pvp kills, since I'm sure complaints about bailers factored into this decision.
  5. eniced, did you get my pm by any chance?
  6. Cool, that timeframe works perfect, moreso toward the 10est/9cst side. I don't think I'll be able to play this week since I'm really busy, but let's shoot for early next week if that works for you. I'll pm you w/ contact info.
  7. MP sounds fun. I'm on CST. I'll warn you though, if you're looking for a challenging game and opponent I might not be the right player. I just bought the TOW series and am still learning it. In short, I suck and will most likely be steamrolled . But if you're just looking to have some fun on MP and want to see what it's like, I'm down.
  8. I saw where the ToW series is now on Steam, which is awesome. Will CM:N be available on Steam as well?
  9. :'( pretty please, with a cherry on top? two cherries? and a cookie.
  10. That's that T-34 in London that was painted pink by some artists a few years ago. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefz/90583100/
  11. I'm WW2ed out as well. Well, more like ETOed out. The ETO, east or west, has been done to death, and that poor dead horse keeps getting beaten. However, I'd love to see the new WW2 CM set in the PTO. I know hell will freeze over first, so I'd rather see more modern/cold war era modules than yet another ETO game. *yawn*
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