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  1. This is a particular favorite of mine. "Hey, let's go see what happened to all those dead guys!"
  2. Seventy-two black-eyed virgins. The way I see it, we airdrop the virgins directly onto the objective (like the Swedish bikini team in burkhas) then maybe my Syrian troops would be a little less likely to get rattled and break for the map edge the first time somebody waves a Javelin in their general direction.
  3. When you choose a movement mode and then place the cursor over the vehicle you want them to board, the icon will change into a 'down' arrow. If it's yellow, the vehicle doesn't have enough room. If it's green, click it and the troops will climb in. One thing I didn't realize until recently on this... if you have the vehicle moving toward the squad, and the squad moving toward the vehicles with a 'mount up' order, the vehicle will stop (even if it hasn't completed its movement) and let them climb in when the two meet. The point being that even if they aren't sitting right next to each oth
  4. We can't even get a creek in CM:SF and you guys are asking for an ocean?
  5. I wonder why the Russians hired the surviving members of Lynrd Skynrd to ride around in the thing?
  6. Yeah, what the hell? They're not large files. I'd grab all of them, personally. Have a good trip - and keep your head down.
  7. Personally I've always felt that American newspapers would benefit tremendously from having nude women in them. If nothing else, it serves as a powerful visual reminder of what's really important.
  8. The problem being (presumably) that none of us are 13-year old geniuses. One of us however, is starting to look more and more like a typical forum attention-whore.
  9. Hell, I run CM:SF with nearly all the video options on 'high' on a Geforce 6600. That's with 2G RAM and an AMD processor I put in there so long ago that I can't remember exactly what it is. I've run the biggest scenarios I can find, and the most graphics-intensive maps I can find, and the game runs smooth and quick. Since the 1.04 patch, anyway. Before that it was pretty rough. Of course, I run a WinXP system - and I tell you something else that helps a lot. I have a user account created on this machine that I use for nothing except games. I keep it stripped down with no bells and whistles
  10. Personally I think the game's music was extremely well done. Well, I say 'music' but what we're really talking about here is one song. But I agree with the people who'd like the option to change it or turn it off. After the 1,000th repetition it gets a little old.
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