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  1. The young insurgent leader may have been inexperienced and afraid, but he was brave... or just blindly stupid. He didn't hesitate to throw his men at the Americans who had appeared behind him. Against a superior trained force in a good defensive position endowed with night optics his men never stood a chance. Some survived long enough to return fire, but that lasted only moments. Some of the insurgents did survive...and would likely end up in Fallujah or Ramadi Hitman's battle was just beginning
  2. Assassin 1 is given the order to reveal their presence. Lt Navarro gives the order to Sgt Nieto to light up some contacts around their position - "time to start this party Sgt." The bravado hides his concern that his platoon is isolated from the rest of the battalion and the enemy force in the town is estimated at several hundred. On the opposite end of town Hitman starts eliminating enemy units surging toward the canal road.
  3. Godfather upon hearing from Assassin 1 orders Hitman across the canal. The insurgent leader to the north nervous about what is going on around him sends out men to the other two team leaders in his area. Unfortunately one is dead and the other is in a daze wandering among his men - casualties of the American bombardment. There is no help.
  4. 1st recon plan is for Assassin 1 to occupy a factory complex on the northern outskirts of the town. The open fields between it and the river will allow the team to cut off the defenders from the North and create confusion. Meanwhile once Assassin 1 has confirmed they are on the objective Hitman elements will cross the canal and follow the canal road west then occupy the buildings along that route. This is parallel to the bridge road and one block over. Hitman 3 is tasked with actually taking control of the bridge itself. Meanwhile Raptor and the remaining elements of Assassin will frontally assault the thoroughly disrupted defenses and clear the town, Hitman elements are to maintain a defensive posture along the canal to prevent a friendly fire incident. The first the insurgents know of 1st recon's plan is the sudden appearance of smoke if front of the northern positions. They wait for the Americans to appear...… Meanwhile Assassin 1 has slipped past them in the dark and headed for their objective in the enemy rear. The insurgent commander confused by the failure of the enemy to appear sends a team forward across the road. On hearing they see nothing he races across himself to confirm. The view from Assassin 1 at the factory complex.
  5. he's just visiting to get some tea.
  6. The defenders Command structure starts to suffer. Communications are bad enough, but with no formal command structure loss of key leaders leaves the units adrift. Meanwhile Assassin 1 has the frontline seats for the bombardment and Cobra runs. The Iraqi view View from Assassin 3/2's position waiting to roll forward into the dust and smoke.
  7. The Fedayeen occupying the town however have bigger concerns than the mosque. Recent students from Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, they have not experienced any of the sheer terror of modern combat. 1st Recon units start moving towards jumping off positions. Unfortunately trying to drive a bunch of Humvees through even a lightly occupied town with one sniper in CM isn't gonna end up looking at all like what 1st Recon did in Al Gharraf. Assassin 1 units move into their forward position...…… on foot By the way if anyone is interested there is a nice site with google map links for the major locations in 1st Recon's drive on Baghdad. Also a really nice pic of their pimped out Humvees LOL http://www.americanspecialops.com/usmc-special-operations/marine-division-recon/1st-recon-generation-kill.php I've substituted Al Rafai for Ar Rifa- According to Google maps that is it's proper name. It's eventually gonna be Mahmudiyah in the Triangle of Death for units of the 4th ID when I get around to editing the map for that. Your map is getting near as much use for me as LLF's Ramadi map @George MC
  8. Al Rafai 1:15am 1st Recon has spent the day resting (ha) and preparing for the assault through Al Rafai. The assault is scheduled for 1:35 am with a preparatory bombardment and support from 2 flights of Cobras. The Fire control team observes as the first rounds start to fall on the doomed town. The fires in the distance are roadblocks set by the defenders - suspected irregular forces with maybe a mix of regular units that have abandoned their posts. The effect is immediate The fire plan had been set to avoid if possible damage to the main mosque. Godfather watches in silence hoping that explosion was further than it would appear. He would unfortunately be wrong
  9. Random? I guess you don’t see the blessed Virgin Mary there do you. Heathen.
  10. Sea of paddies? Is that an outdoor concert in Ireland? Hey I’m Irish, I can say that.
  11. Your problems isn’t is CM worth it in terms of the hours of enjoyment you’ll get. Your problem will be what other activities can you forego to make more time for CM. Your significant other may be a slightly bigger problem than cost.
  12. Yeah I may have been a bit heavy handed and for that I am sorry. No need to apologize for me being left out, that would be my problem not yours. I was trying to get the back and forth to ratchet down a bit. I would apologize for calling you a nerd... but that would be disingenuous. As a nerd I recognize my fellow nerds. And just because I love this cartoon
  13. seen this yet? And some info from the Vietnamese side with period footage. There are 3 parts at least.
  14. both you guys need to tone it down a notch. You obviously have some major disagreements, but jeez cut the name calling and stuff. It would make for a far more interesting exchange for the rest of us if you weren't treating each other like 12 year olds. Or adult total nerds. Algo.. Algor... Al gore rhythm? What was that word @Sgt.Squarehead?
  15. Yeah wait till they come, you are gonna love this s**t. And I am not once of those East Front grognards.
  16. Meanwhile Hitman 2 and 3 overrun the crossroad position on their way to seizing the last canal crossing before Al Rafai. Oh wait, there goes Sgt Colbert!
  17. A fire control party from Bn joins the OP where Assassin 1 and Assassin actual are set up. Unfortunately by the time they are in position the enemy mortar team has fired off their few rounds and retreated back into the town.
  18. rotflmao, I was looking through clips to get the right mix and I saw the one with Sgt Colbert after the air base seizure. "Gentlemen we just seized an airfield. Pretty f**kin Ninja".
  19. which mod is it? The thread doesn't have an actual link. the 3 color mod appears to be from Chris. Hmm that might explain it - I think I am looking at CMSF 1 mods...errrrrrrrrrr Got it, was under "uncategorized".
  20. Excellent idea - trying it out though and not sure why it isn't showing, but it appears in naming format. Either that or I have the wrong mod. There are 4 marine uniform mods on CMMODs. 3 seems special force oriented and one is the 3 color mod. I may have to play around with this assuming I am in the right place.... Still you are absolutely right, these guys need a little work
  21. There is a discussion on YouTube with the actual principle characters and Evan Wright. The characters are really well represented and the show is just funny as hell sometimes the book is worth reading but the film follows it pretty well
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