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  1. CMFB and CMBS were last word looking at modules, but there is no timeline. CMBS was to cover Marines and VDV etc. CMFB was to go to end of war and include Commonwealth forces.
  2. You have CMSF2 already. Why do you need others? ...no I am not biased at all. Module releases coming are CMFI and CMRT. Which is better for you is really subjective. If you are a hardened Eastern front player it is obvious. If not CMFI is pretty interesting. More variety etc. CMFB and CMBS were both earmarked for modules, but if you are looking at timing CMRT and CMFI are going to be out first.
  3. heck went through the whole pile of scenarios for CMSF, found the ones with maps I liked and then created a subfolder to store them in for my own personal use. I have done a few maps and released them and have more on the way. My attitude - if I can make a map someone likes and can create a scenario for we all benefit.
  4. Googles? Wait they are wearing google glasses? I thought they were night vision!
  5. If this one is the one on the vid that has food and spare parts in the wreckages of ships...... can’t say I ever heard a sub salvaging spare parts from a wreck.
  6. Typically the sunset sunrise is based on actual times. What that means for Ukraine in June through August Ahh here you go 2017 https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ukraine/kyiv?month=8&year=2017
  7. we may not be referring to the same gamey tactics. I'll see if I can dig up the reference
  8. If my recollection is right (and it certainly might not be) it had to do with some extremely gamey tactics.
  9. My pixeltruppen with their unit patches would beg to differ.
  10. yeah that is another reason campaigns don't normally excite me as much. I can't swap units in if I want to try something else.
  11. Oh man yeah tell me about it. In working on CMSF2 I would grit my teeth as soon as I started adding water knowing there was a good chance I’d start having to check elevations all over the the map and then start messing with bridges.
  12. yeah, the ww2 games are great, but I don't think they have the same leeway to design things of this nature. Non conventional warfare inspires non conventional design maybe? Whatever the reason am loving the crop of stuff coming up.
  13. one suggestion for immersion. Pick an actual unit and name it such in the editor. One of the only issues with campaigns is you can't edit them to add stuff like mod tags etc so whatever is put in by the creator is it. Whenever I mess with something I typically try to actually assign a real BN in the editor versus a generic "1st Battalion".
  14. If you are asking about the patch, that is something only BF can address. If you are asking about the campaigns, it is simply effort. Campaigns are generally done by the testers. Campaigns in general are always a lot of work requiring a lot of time, in this case it is additional work as in light of the changes from CMSF to CMSF2 some of the specific scenarios have to be completely revamped etc. In short everyone is really busy. Really really busy. CMSF campaigns to do, patch testing, modules with their testing and scenario/campaign creation. I know folks feel like they haven't seen new material in a bit. Personally I think what will happen is we'll hit a sudden point where all this stuff gets released in pretty close time frames then folks will complain about which they should look at first. when it rains....
  15. yeah doing clearing operations in the forest is always one of those decisions where you need to really think about alternatives. Nice video work. Not getting as much CM time as I'd like lately so this really helps fill the gap, thanks for posting. Love that RPG shot that just misses the Stryker at 7:15. Sphincter moment.
  16. those were already done. Only the campaigns were unfinished work as they had to be unpacked and redesigned one by one etc.
  17. yes and no. The move to the full installers and a standardized engine was a great move forward I think we can all agree on. It like everything else though has some unintended consequences. CMFI has been a beast for ToE from day 1. The new module is where it all comes to a head as you have multiple nationalities and a front that was treated as a bastard step child at the time. It really shows in what BF is going through trying to make that ToE fit in the engine. Folks think it has been fun tinkering with dates and equipment in previous games... ha this one will be causing you to reach for the aspirin. BF would have to chime in regarding decisions on resources and approach on the patch versus the modules.
  18. LOL yeah Charles and Steve have no idea what they are doing. CM is just a thing they wing at when not sipping Margaritas on the beach. 😒
  19. Not mostly, but the research of it does continue and there are items that are debated and then there are game constraints that sometimes make it difficult to actually represent the detail. You may recall some of the discussion on how the vehicle occupancies affected unit ToEs for CMBS which theoretically should have been more clear cut. It doesn't always work that way. The army can decide that Joe Specialist on the grenade launcher will have to sit with another squad in the 3rd Stryker, but in CM you can't do that. Either the team fits or it doesn't. Folks should by now understand that the game team/squad structure and it's intersection of actual ToE is a pain point. One that Steve does his best to make fit, but it can get very difficult with unintended consequences when you start changing the ToE for dates. Folks should also appreciate that the testers are just other players. We feel the pain just as much. That we have more visibility as to current state doesn't make us any less anxious to get the patch out there or frustrated that it isn't.
  20. LOL yeah umm to actually develop that would take more time than the patch and likely still be wrong. Sure Charles could stop what he is doing to try and create that, but the net result would likely be that everything grinds to a halt and there is no progress. I don't think you fully understand the variable complexity of the ToE and how much is actually being researched as the modules are built. You can't build regression testing if you don't have the data yet as to what you would test. The assumption that there is an agreed upon ToE database for all these forces covering the war is a 50 ton fly in your ointment. I frankly have no idea how they even keep this stuff straight, certain individuals must have massive libraries and near eidetic memory to recall it all.
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