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  1. Good lord, someone is having a bad hair day.
  2. yeah someone is having a bad day, maybe he should eat a candy bar or sumfink
  3. Also trying Flickr. Photobucket besides charging is just a pain.
  4. The tiles were used in lieu of roads because I hate zig zag roads....
  5. These were released with Steve's okay to one person who was working on a campaign a while back but never posted anywhere else by me. They were always intended to be part of the module.
  6. your game engine will be the same, you just won't have access to the content of R2V though (and don't quote me on this) there was discussion about being able to access in PBEM. Elvis could more appropriately answer that. Basically the way it works is you both download the exact same game. Their license however activates the R2V module material and yours does not.
  7. BF makes a very deliberate effort to insure you are not obligated to purchase any module you decide not to. It really complicates work on ToE and scenario design as you have to make sure the module is self contained and does not require anything beyond the base game so no BF doesn't consider it "disloyalty" In fact they go through a lot of effort to insure you have the option.
  8. I would pay for that! What? I take it back!! Lawyer!!!! Sorry.
  9. To be fair that isn't an engine upgrade issue per se - it is an object issue. Semantics maybe but Tank riders require specific coding of the object. That would require more effort and cost. Are we willing to pay for that? Me not so much. I honestly don't even use that much (hell won't do it with halftracks ) as the combat ranges in the game are not typically where that would be used with one exception and that exception was the very reason they even bothered with it.- Russia
  10. you have a point, but you'll need to take that up with BF. Pricing is exclusively their domain and rationale.
  11. nah it will eventually bite you.There are 3 R2V 210 files c, d and e. Contact the helpdesk and they can sort you out. 210 itself has a,b and c.
  12. Not necessarily impossible, but not one BF is willing to prioritize. Sorry if that doesn't make folks all warm and fuzzy, but reality is sometimes freakin harsh. It isn't impossible that I could win the lottery, but as a friend says- the lottery is a tax on the math impaired.
  13. Hmm I'll have to remember that...... Says another Philly boy. No Cheesesteak for you!!
  14. yeah and to note our French tester representative was pretty upset. We all were looking forward to that one, but sadly it didn't make the cut.
  15. not sure you need junctions. I have 2 installs and I can mod one and not the other. Been doing that for years now. Some mods may not work, but that is a whole other issue. The only one that I would really worry about is vin's text. That one is dependent on items most mods aren't. As Ultradave mentioned we testers generally aren't working with mods. We can't as we have to be reporting on stuff directly BF owned. That being said some will occasionally verify some. For example with CMSF I was really wanting the building mods and kept checking them but that was independent of what really falls under beta testing.
  16. it could simply be. You made the right move going to support.
  17. I have wanted that for scenarios since CMBN was released at least. If you guys think no one is asking for it think again. This is the #1 new feature I'd like to see.... and yet years later to my knowledge it isn't high on a list if it is even on a list.
  18. sure easy peasy….not. We have been down this road before.
  19. Maybe, but I doubt it is a priority. I am not sure folks realize just how difficult that is. The QBs are the best they can do just creating scenarios. While good they are not on the level of a user created scenario. Campaigns are an order of magnitude harder. The tools are there for folks to create them, expecting a random generator just isn't likely in the cards. The game doesn't even do auto maps, the QBs are all Mark's work.
  20. LOL yeah I can't say I disagree with any of that.
  21. I don't necessarily lay any of this at Marx's feet. If one looks at the violence of the capitalist states and not through the lens we tend to see things, it was a different time. The development of organized labor was excessively violent mostly perpetrated by the wealthy. Look at the history of the Pinkertons for example. The violence of the Soviet and communist China leadership or Cambodia etc to me is a completely different factor and has little to actually do with Marx's philosophy. This is people and power. This crosses the lines of political philosophy and is more a matter of governments that become a self interested owner of the wealth of society and enforce rules to maintain that control. The supposed communist states are more prone I think to this because they don't allow for any political opposition. (The same can be said in my view of states formed on the basis of a state religion) When you add to that issues with minority populations you then get to the level of genocidal behavior. Movement of or attempts to eliminate what are considered almost an external threat. The Uyghurs in China, Cossacks and other populations in Soviet Russia, Armenians in Turkey. The US has it's own history as do most nations in one way or another. The willingness of human's to commit violence on one another to mind boggling degrees doesn't seem to have changed. In terms of your specific comments regarding Lenin - the inner struggles of the Bolsheviks may never be fully known, but the infighting and eventual succession of Stalin is a pretty fascinating and tragic story.
  22. Finally saw this, nice post Childress. Couple items and have actually read Das Kapital - more than once There were more than a few items Marx didn't account for. Some Lenin later addressed and that was the relationship of Capitalism to Imperialism. Even with that Lenin missed a bit there as well. Essentially as the position goes Imperialism allowed the Dominant capitalist states to co-opt their own labor movements as partners in their exploitation of 3rd world nations. The move allowed an increase in the standard of living in their own countries at the expense of a brutal level of exploitation overseas. This is the underpinning of the concept of white privilege etc. In the US this meant the denial of basic liberties and opportunities to black and other non-white labor. As an example after WW2 the deal with the southern democrats was to deny black Americans the opportunity to take advantage of various GI bills. A lot of the current disparity of living standards (and the resulting social issues) can be traced to that first generation denied the opportunity to purchase homes that White GIs were afforded. The fracturing of labor over race lines essentially doomed the labor movements ability to truly make more than a superficial impact. In terms of current environments, living standards in the US have flatlined for years. Even with the employment levels we have now these numbers aren't budging. The latest buzz word is the "gig" economy. It is labor completely unprotected. No benefits, low wages. The millennials espouse this concept where they feel no allegiance to a job and want the freedom of not committing. They get that at the expense of their parents who provide the financial cushion to allow for that behavior. https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2017/08/young-adults.html The cost is their parents retirement income. The millennium generation will be unable to provide that cushion so the next generation is really going to be screwed. The current meme is "Okay Boomer", essentially saying they have little to learn from that generation and a lot to blame. While there is a lot of truth to that, there are some basic issues in that the willingness to work to provide for one's family and do work you may not actually like means financial stability was more assured. The current generation puts off a lot of what we consider "adulthood decisions" like home owning, marriage, children etc. It is too early to say how this will all play out and how people will handle a different lifestyle in a rapidly changing society but I worry that the current generation is not realizing the long term cost of the parameters they use in decision making. The income disparity of the wealthy and the rest of us is worse than it has ever been and the concentration of wealth is showing no signs of slowing. I live in the heart of Silicon Valley and the harm that the industry is actually doing is pretty evident. Not just home ownership, but even renting is out of reach for a significant portion of the population that we all depend on the essential services. Uber and Lyft are not sustainable models of employment. Back to Marx - his biggest contribution in my eyes is actually the development of dialectical materialism. From Wiki - Dialectical materialism is an aspect of the broader subject of materialism, which asserts the primacy of the material world: in short, matter precedes thought. Materialism is a realist philosophy of science, which holds that the world is material; that all phenomena in the universe consist of "matter in motion," wherein all things are interdependent and interconnected and develop according to natural law; that the world exists outside us and independently of our perception of it; that thought is a reflection of the material world in the brain, and that the world is in principle knowable.
  23. I don't care what we call it, just get it out the door!
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