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    Thank you Olek...

    This isn't an argument. It is just a contradiction! Mr. Vibrating: I'm very sorry, but I'm not allowed to argue unless you've paid. Man: Aha! If I didn't pay, then why are you arguing? Got you! Mr. Vibrating: No you haven't. Man: Yes I have. If you're still arguing, I must have paid. Mr. Vibrating: Not necessarily. I could be arguing in my spare time. Man: Oh, I've had enough of this! Mr. Vibrating: No, you haven't. Man: Oh, shut up!
  2. edit in a couple vehicles, dismount the drivers and use those as runners. Save you some guess work and also provide the opportunity that your runner doesn't make it.
  3. sburke

    CMRT Wont Load

    you aren't the first- you won't be the last.
  4. yeah don't count on that if you play as NATO- this ain't CMBS.
  5. Not sure what that means. You can have varying degrees of role playing and still be competitive. There is no conflict there. The role playing is more about not just having a charge to the last man 90% casualty rate fight just to determine a winner. Sometimes winning is just having a really fun game.
  6. I pretend I actually know what I am doing. Then when it all falls apart I pretend my pixeltruppen were insubordinate and did not follow the plan. Seriously how I play is largely determined by circumstance- my opponent and their play style or the limitations of the scenario itself if against the AI.
  7. sburke

    Unread Content loading slow or not at all

    I've never used either, but just below the search bar you'll see in light gray an unread content selection The forum and storefront are I think separate, but both hosted so not a "Battlefront server" per se. I just tried a couple times. The 3rd time it loaded right away. The others.... not so good
  8. true, but even if he was inclined to ask, I don't think the answer would be in number of modules, but rather content. In doing modules generally speaking you have a couple items that drive content. ToE - how many formations do you need to create and what are the particulars you might have to do for them. Weather - what effect does that have on terrain files and vehicle models Region - creation of signs, building fronts, typical buildings etc The decision to do CMFB versus keep extending CMBN one would think (and this is based purely on conjecture - I know no more than you on this) have to do partly on how much more they could keep adding to CMBN. Snow terrain, ToE changes, new units etc. Plus I would expect changes once they start doing German specific details for maps - buildings etc. So in theory your answer lies somewhere in what is in CMBN and something short of what CMFB ends up consisting of. For sheer number of Modules CMSF holds the title over CMBN, but I don't actually know content wise how it stands up. I expect CMBN has more. Then you have a whole other factor - managing when people don't buy all the modules and how does that affect content use. That would seem to be more a business product management concern rather than a technical limitation. That could end up actually being the more important part of the decision process. (for example how do you develop battlepacks if the actual content users own can vary too widely).
  9. Proprietary and you aren't likely to get an answer.
  10. What’s with that hat. 😂 Just kidding, thanks for sharing.
  11. I think you missed the more important piece - counter insurgency urban combat. Urban combat in Sadr City or Ramadi isn't remotely like anything in the North Africa campaign. I don't relish North Africa desert combat and I also am not much into CMSF armor combat. In that sense you are right, if you like one you theoretically like the other. I am not into either I think what it comes down to (and I think I mentioned this somewhere up above) I am much more into Infantry centric engagements. Not that N Africa didn't have some of that, but it isn't known for it. If BF produces it I'd most certainly buy it, but it isn't at the top of my hit list.
  12. Baghdad Bob's Transmitting station
  13. so here is my contribution Street fighting in Ramadi courtesy of LLF
  14. I don't play desert armor battles in CMSF (not much anyway)... I am more into urban counter insurgency fights. Not too many of those in WW2 desert battles. But that is just me... and @Sgt.Squarehead
  15. For Heaven's sake no man, not from the bottle! From the Tap! Guinness is built not poured!
  16. If we are truly playing in a bar I’ll take either as long as you serve Guinness.
  17. Hence my giving it a send off. CMSF was the start of CM2 and as soon as I loaded it I knew I was done with CMx1 games. I’d give it a Viking send off but burning the plastic wouldn’t go over well.
  18. sburke

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    LOL yeah I think the only reason it has been running is it hasn't really gotten inflammatory. You are right though, it is time better spent playing CM. Which oddly enough is what I say almost every day at work to myself when sitting in another inane meeting..."I could make much better use of this time ………."
  19. Bummer man, sorry to hear that, but the good news as you noted is CMSF2 is coming soon, is way better and you'll get a very hefty discount. Once you have that, you won't want to be bothered with CMSF1 anymore. I am planning a special deletion ceremony for my copy once CMSF2 is GA. It has served me well.
  20. can't speak to any of this but I will note this is probably an ideal time to bring it up. Wil make sure to point some folks in this direction to read. Thanks Keeryel
  21. sburke

    A long delayed update

    or just not liking steam. Please I appreciate you preferring it but don't try and categorize those of us who care little for it.
  22. sburke

    A long delayed update

    I just keep telling them CM has a really nice personality, you saying maybe that is not the best lure?
  23. sburke

    A long delayed update

    Sure. Good luck with that survey. Hope it knocks one out of the park. Ignore the doubters, full steam ahead (pun intended)
  24. The convolutions I have gone through at times to disguise vehicle movements or used jeeps to knock down fences to mis lead my opponent. . . .😁