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  1. Mostly agree, except for terrain. In that particular case we have far more intel than any officer ever would unless they have fought on that ground before. One other item at the player disposal that I don't see used frequently in AARs is recon by fire. Trigger the enemy to expose themselves. Risky but it can work.
  2. fixes for what? Not being a pain, but there isn't any date there to do anything with. Forgive me if this is from a prior thread or something, but do you have a save? (Hatten as I recall is a real hog on resources as a large scenario).
  3. I think part of the issue is adding time affects play balance for human to human and adversely affects one player while benefiting the other. Balance is really tough considering the different play options. Nice thing is if you really want it you can always open the editor and add time for play against the AI and save that separately.
  4. Well anything to do with the models of units is most likely out. Soldier models and vehicles are all redone. Sound may or may not be an issue. I haven't had time to really check that. Base terrain I would think would be okay, but MikeyD would be better able to say on that. UI mods would definitely be out as their have been significant UI changes since CMSF. Yeah starting fresh is likely a good idea. Though it may be some time before the level of mods approaches CMSF1, it will be worth the wait I think as the mods themselves will be able to take advantage of better models. Kieme's buildings though are a must for me (I think your fault as you pointed me to those a while back ) and fortunately those work.
  5. A questionable effort. There may be folks who continue to play CMSF, but I would expect that to drop off pretty fast considering how much better CMSF2 is and the vast majority of these mods will be CMSF1 only compatible. The only mod I have truly played around with is Kieme's buildings. Everything else including sound mods is likely going to have to be checked. As all CMSF content will work in CMSF2 there isn't much reason to keep the original. Vehicle and soldier mods are almost certain to fail. If someone is going to upload these there should be a caveat to inform new players that they may face compatibility issues and to only use mods that are specifically uploaded for CMF2 or they will have a helluva time sorting through the issues they will face.
  6. comparing WIA/KIA ratios for US and Red forces in CMSF, high KIA ratios are much more prevalent for Red. It isn't guaranteed that is body armor but likelihood is high as I tend to fight Inf on Inf and not have to worry about 120 mm rounds. As Mikey said though that is not based on anything other than observation of game results. While individual rounds are calculated I am not so sure that intersection points with Pixeltruppen are such that they would provide the kind of detail @Gkenny is asking about. I would expect not.
  7. Apparently what no one understands is that when Steve gives a possible release date what that date means is the date it definitely WILL NOT be out by. So when Steve said October that meant NOT October.
  8. If you ever see it again please grab a save. Other than that no I have not seen that behavior in any title.
  9. Now that demo is out time to revisit this. I tend to look to Iraq simply because there were a lot more units involved than the theoretical CMSF backstory. What I am hoping to do here is ID units and the appropriate Icon so Mord has a starting point. Any sources of info folks have and pointers about what the icons should be would be really helpful Wiki OoB for Allied forces. This is just the initial invasion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_invasion_of_Iraq_order_of_battle
  10. you know you have spent too much time in LLFs Ramadi map and looking at satellite views of the city when you can recognize in Videos from 2004 where exactly a unit is.... at 2:15 is when they hit Rte Michigan about a 1/2 km from the map edge of LLFs map (near Gov't ctr). The other thing that is freaky is to watch civilian behavior when there is gunfire and rpg rounds going off. People don't quite run for cover like i'd expect. Crazy.
  11. sburke

    Modders: Female Faces?

    https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/11/14/a-female-soldier-has-made-it-through-the-armys-special-forces-selection/ For the first time since the Army opened its special operations jobs to women in 2016, a female soldier has completed the initial Special Forces Assessment and Selection process, a spokesman for Army Special Operations Command has confirmed to Army Times. Several women have attempted the 24-day program, part of the Special Forces Qualification Course, since then, but none have made it to the next round.
  12. sburke

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Him? Hmmmm interesting......
  13. yep, in my Hamel Vallee game a Marder driver was hit and another crewmember was in the seat so fast I had to assume the former driver had been vaporized. That is odd, hopefully he has a save otherwise chalk it up as a mystery.
  14. Just came across this - a podcast with Cpt (now Lt Col.) Christopher Bronzi on the events of April 6 & 7 2004. It covers specific events then as well a bit more wide ranging topics for the stuff soldiers and small unit leaders face in combat. http://allmarineradio.com/2018/02/28/battle-study-urban-combat-in-ramadi-2004-ltcol-chris-bronzi-usmc-2/
  15. sburke

    11/11 Never forget!

    isn't 11/11 Sunday?
  16. sburke

    Bradly fire power

    To note on Splinty’s statement above there is a bit more involved than simply how long does it to reload. You have to have the ammo first to do the reload. Splinty can you elaborate on what the expectation is if you were on a Bradley in action how you would expect to be resupplied. Is that a “I need to move out of the front line to rendezvous point x at which point I reload and return”? If so what would be an approximate expectation of how far away that reload might be or is the expectation that some form of resupply would come to the unit in action?
  17. One of you is bound to win
  18. sburke

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Or a building that still has enemies on the far wall.... death trap. Urban combat is simply brutal. Lots of ammo, demo charges, flanking enemy positions if possible. Before you enter a room area fire into it. Some of that fire will pass through the opposite wall and suppress or drive off enemy units. Go slow.
  19. sburke

    New Missions?

    Not sure if you quite understand the amount of work that represents or how the scenarios will play out differently but you may want to withhold judgement until you actually see it. Also I think the interest level is high enough that you likely won’t have to wait long before new user created content starts coming out.
  20. sburke

    CMSF2 vs CMSF1

    Yeah it really comes down to is the scenario in need. Some definitely needed rework, some still functioned wel from an AI perspective but still wanted map work. I think everything has been touched to some degree but what was actually done depends entirely on the scenario/campaign in question. Just for clarification I am not even sure every CMBS scenario takes advantage of triggers etc. it all depends on what the designer is trying to achieve.
  21. unfortunately limiting yourself to the most difficult and time consuming material to create is a bottleneck that cant really be helped. “I want a company sized campaign for specific unit types”. It is a great wish, but not one easily solved for. It would likely imply some form of auto generated QB style format. In effect an OP level interaction with the game that has been the Grail pursuit of a number of people and has continually proven to be a very difficult item to produce. The lastest iteration from Choppit being another example of how difficult it is to do and the lack of enough folks willing to put money on its development
  22. sburke

    CMBN Mod installtion

    Just a quick note. You can put them direct or put them in as part of a folder. Effect is the same really unless you start adding other mods. What I tend to do is if I have something I definitely always want it I create a folder inside the Z folder for example ZZZ Tanks a lot. That insure the mods from Tanks a lot will always load last. Organizing your mods becomes really important as you start getting more as you'll want to be able to determine load order.
  23. talk about predictable. Typical internet based macho BS as you post more than likely from your parent's basement. And before you try a snappy come back I'll have you know I get to post from the dining room!! okay yeah I admit we don't have a basement.. or an attic...or a garage, but still I get the dining room!
  24. sburke

    Bradly fire power

    No. Vehicles can not share ammo. It is considered out of scope for a game that is tactical. Reloads would be done off the battlefield
  25. Question @Kaunitz are you specifically talking about building for quick battles or maps in general? CMFB has a master map folder with a significant amount of real map locations and size. They are however simply maps. I think part of the issue with the qb maps is they have to accommodate the AI and it has its own limitations that influence map creation. Mark could speak more to what goes into qb map design but I think you’ll find it has a lot to do with that. Regarding the rest I fully agree on what makes an interesting map for battles Studienka in CMRT being for me a classic for interesting terrain.