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    Urban Combat Training Article

    Welll getting infantry mobile has always been an issue of vulnerability be it via horseback, train, truck, air drop or helo. Not a new problem, just a new technology with the same problem
  2. sburke

    strange little bug ??

    what do you mean by "hidden" mode. Is that a reference to the stance of hiding?
  3. A quick look at the module list would e plain that. 😀
  4. sburke

    Urban Combat Training Article

    Hmm that gives me a thought - I need to go try something. Be right back. 😁 Back! Yeah a designer can create a scenario where reinforcements appear on the roof so you can simulate taking down a building by rappelling in.. ….. Mogadishu anyone? One caveat - if your team takes fire they are gonna run to the first floor, cleared or not
  5. Not sure why you would ever buy the module w/o the base game. I'd post a ticket on helpdesk with your module licenses and I am sure they can sort you out.
  6. sburke

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Countless succeeding spectacularly? LOL okay that needs some qualifications as to how you quantify that as I don’t believe there are countless computer games succeeding spectacularly actress the entire industry. I have a steam acccount and like @DerKommissar most of what gets advertised is similar to me emptying my cat’s litter box.
  7. I still don't know what you are referring to. Is this a pbem experience or against the AI?
  8. Yeah I watched that just before going to Algiers a couple years back while also reading A Savage War of Peace. There were a few historical sites to see, but I wasn't allowed to wander much (company policy not gov't restriction). Great movie and very accurate historically.
  9. sburke

    First Russia, now China?

    Thanks man, fascinating background
  10. sburke

    First Russia, now China?

    or you could just ignore them. It looks to be just 6 accounts that just repeat posting.
  11. sburke

    First Russia, now China?

    Steve should just announce the next title is on CM Korea, that'll likely scare the crap out of them. And Yeah it is Korean ---> 영종도운북동 Japanese shares a lot of Chinese characters which interestingly Korea does not. Something I have never really understood is why Korea's written language has remained so unique despite having been occupied whereas Japan has copied so much from China without having been occupied.
  12. sburke

    Steam players for multiplayer

    uh oh, steam wars!, run for your lives!!!!
  13. Is this from some pbem? The AI doesn't counter fire at all so unless you are playing a human opponent, not sure what this is in reference to and as Ian noted if you are playing a human opponent it isn't really counter fire anyway. More than likely it is direct fire as your location is exposed and again as Ian noted direct fire from a mortar can be very accurate.
  14. Mord is back with a bullet! (vague reference to Zappa Filmore East there, but w/o the mud shark or creamed corn....)
  15. That isn't accurate. The map length on any side can not exceed 8 km, but BOTH sides can't be 8 km. The largest square map is about 4.5 x 4.5 I think. If one side is 8m I think the other is limited to 1 km.
  16. sburke

    Select army composition?

    There is actually a bit more variety particularly with US forces. Besides the Marine, Stryker, Infantry and Heavy Infantry formations, Stryker and Heavy Infantry also have a MOUT variant. (In scenario editor, not sure how they come across in QB formations)
  17. sburke

    Could there be a CM Korea?

    You guys do realize you are heading for a thread shutdown and are off topic to the OP.
  18. sburke

    John McCain - RIP

    Let it go, time enough for that elsewhere. It is an unnecessary distraction and takes the focus away from the man who deserved it.
  19. I don't vote for the GOP, but I'll miss McCain.
  20. I tend to have the same view regarding China. As long as they pay the appropriate bribes I doubt the Taliban will care who invited them or not. As to Pakistan, they will go with whomever continues to sell them arms and with US deals in jeopardy...... the US problem is there is no leaving and there is no staying. Al Qaeda forced us to intervene and the continued threat forces us to stay. There is and won’t be any stable regime. Just finished reading Katanga 1960-1963. Some interesting parallels when you have a “nation” that is fundamentally a patchwork of tribal loyalties and foreign powers expecting something more united. The US relationship to the Saudis defines our role via a vis the Shiite Sunni conflict and unfortunately our allies are also our worst enemies. Talk about one convoluted messed up situation. You can’t make up s**t this f**ked up.
  21. I assume notice means you haven’t actually run any tests. Not a criticism just trying to determine the level of data. Is it an observation of an occasional incident that seems to recurring or an objective test where behavior is proven to be expected and repeatable?
  22. sburke

    CMFB slow download

    You are asking at the wrong place, this is the public forum. Open a ticket with the help desk if you want to be assured of a bf response. Steve and schrullenhaft do hit these occasionally but it is really hit or miss. As afar as I know bf uses AWS so not sure what your issue is but it very possibly could have nothing to do with them.
  23. sburke

    CMSF2 Demo

    And if not first, at least before c3k.
  24. Yeah unfortunately all the Ukr vehicles at that defensive location are I believe destroyed so you can’t hop in and grab ammo. One of the reasons for getting them US support early besides getting those intelligence prospects back to base. Kind of the motivation to either get the UKR QRF to send some vehicles or wait for supply convoy.
  25. sburke

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    Lol man that certainly puts things in perspective. 😁