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  1. Thanks for this. Funnily enough I was re-reading one of my Ospreys just today: Japanese Warrior Monks. These will keep me occupied while I am incarcerated.
  2. This all looks very interesting, thanks John and Haiduk. Now I am "confined to quarters" I shall watch all these when I can .
  3. Mature? I hope you are not accusing me of being mature. I take that very badly....I am always in touch with my Inner Child. It's the Outer Adult I have difficulty with. 😉
  4. I thought it might be better if I started with a clean slate.
  5. Thanks Mikey. I've solved the ammo issue - I can give them more stuff in the setup. I can't work out how to get two red forces though. I started off with Red and now I seem only to be able to get Blue as their opponents.
  6. I like the idea of Uncon v. Uncon scenarios. I'd like a bit of advice before I dive into one and get frustrated. Firstly, has anyone done a reskin for the Kurds? I am looking into doing a Kurds v. Terrorists battle. (ISIS, Hayat al shish kebab, Al Nusra (the-little known jazz trombonist) and probably the ICF;-)). According to Sgt Squarehead, I can set up my own battle with all sorts of equipment/vehicles/arty, not just the minimal that the Uncons have. I would deffo like to have Aquila's improvised armoured vehicle - it's so steampunky! What about ammo for both sides? I have been playing a few QBs with both sides as uncons and they have so little ammo they are soon reduced to using harsh language only. You can't seem even to buy a truck to use as an ammo depot. It is fairly clear that in recent battles in various places, the uncons have not been short of ammo, having huge stockpiles shipped to them by their backers. I am going to adapt a QB map - that makes it a lot simpler to progress quickly. Any suggestions or pointers would be helpful. I do want the terrorists to have VBIEDs as that is clearly a major attack weapon for them.
  7. I started off with SF2 and have bought all the modules one by one. Couldn't seem to do without them. I tend to think of a game as good value if you get a lot of play out of it so the cost per game is pennies. CMBS certainly met that criterion and SF2 will too I expect.
  8. I must say about the above debate, that it was of such high quality, with people quoting reference papers, rather than half-remembered stories from some German general's memoirs. To summarise, if your logistics organisation cannot bring what you need to fight from the railhead to the front lines, it doesn't matter how brilliant your soldiers or generals are. QED.
  9. The community has already debated this in absolutely mind-boggling depth. You'll learn more about railway and truck logistics than you ever wanted to know and published military historians weigh in. Enjoy!
  10. That's odd. I read some of the Correlli Barnett books years ago. There are four on the decline of british power over 100 years. I think I've read three. I disagree with his political perspective. @BluecherForwardI just added them to my Amazon wishlist this week. Long out of print but reissued on kindle; what a coincidence. On great military museums, Bovington is excellent. Especially Tiger Day, to see 131 moving in the arena. You do need to book up in advance -it gets sold out. Sunshine, drinking beer and AFVs - a pleasure. I also recommend IWM Duxford in Cambridgeshire (as mentioned) which has AFVs as well as aircraft. The US Aircrew memorial I found very moving. I don't want to say any more because if you go there it is a surprise which gives you a chilly recognition about the sacrifices they made.
  11. 😄 The wisdom of the Woosterfari Tribe. That's just what I did. I couldn't content myself with the UK module, then bought USMC, then bought NATO for a scenario I wanted to play.
  12. This would be great, but I fear it is not to be.
  13. I am also playing Shogun 2. You don't do reports on medieval Japan do you? Those b'stards from the Date clan are giving me a hard time. 🙂
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