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  1. Very interesting. I think MF looks like a good game to get.
  2. Yes, I skimmed through this .....er....stuff...until I saw the name Victor Davis Hanson. An idiot of the first water. LOL!
  3. @Saint_MattisThanks for your observations, interesting.
  4. On watching this through again, I think that there should be a proper restoration using modern digital techniques to bring out the quality of this film which covers some of the most important events of WW2. I wonder what happened to the underground tunnels of Nordhausen, were they dynamited, or are they still there? BTW I have a half-French friend, and in her early years she knew a relative who was imprisoned there (he'd run away from German workforce conscription to hide in the woods and was captured and labelled a "terrorist" even though he had not been in the resistance AFAIK). So he got sent there. It seems like he survived by becoming some sort of top dog among the prisoners, I imagine in a brutal way. She said that he had episodes of craziness, paranoia, sudden noises and dogs barking would send him cowering under the table. Poor man.
  5. There's a few things that don't seem to be covered in the Manual: 1. What is the difference for Artillery strikes of Personnel/General/ and Armor (or armour as we Brit grammar Nazis would have it) Is there any actual difference between General and Armor? BS only had the first two. 2. The British 50mm mortar supposedly has a range of 750 M but I had several attempts to get the HQ team to fire it at a target 720-730 M away with no avail. I know it takes a minute or two for them to get it ready but nothing happened. 3. Is there any comms value in the Warrior Infantry command vehicle? I couldn't seem to see any difference. 4. On a pernickety point - when an aircraft has expended all its ammo, the pilot says something about returning to base. It seems to me that the next turn the aircraft popup it says 'landed'. wouldn't it be more logical to say 'returning to base' for say five turns then landed? This breaks the immersion for me...I think where's the airbase then? right behind me?
  6. I am absolutely awestruck by this Mod. Congrats to all involved in it. I love the Vietnamese peasant hats, we must have them! The boats are great - all credit to CMAquila's innovations. The effort you have all gone to is awesome. I am preparing to put The Doors, Jimi, and Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die, and Gotta Get Outta this Place on a custom soundtrack, plus I shall shout "Charlie Don't Surf!" and "Ain't no horse in this whole goddamned country, that's broken, man!" "Too bad for Handjob!" and suchlike. Do you have a release date? I'm regret to put this on you but I am excited!
  7. I think the red flag is good. The upper imperialist one is OK. No biggie for me. The mod is much bigger than its flags! Gonna play it anyway.
  8. I first played the original title - Beyond Overlord - when it came out (2001?) and thought it was a huge step forward in computer wargames. Played Barbarossa to Berlin a lot. Then did other things. GOG rereleased the CM1 titles and thought they were such fun I came back here and got hooked on Black Sea, and then had to get SF2 and all modules. Been tinkering with some modding, which does take up a lot of time. So that's 18 years of off-and-on play. As Mord says, that's tremendous VFM. Particularly to the games you play once or twice then drift away from.
  9. Thanks for this great AAR @IICptMillerII . I really enjoyed it. Sadly I am a grammar Nazi (though no other kind of Nazi): Plurals do not have apostrophes. eg: two Bradleys advanced = plural a Bradley's infantry dismounted and moved onto the berm = possessive. Take no notice of the forum grammar/spellchecker - it is fked. Also, it would be good if you used a more spaced out font for the captions to the pix, as other people have said. I know I shouldn't but I seethed when I saw all these wrongful apostrophes. Please do not be offended, as I do not wish to cause any annoyance: it's just me. 😞
  10. It somewhat seems like bad taste to turn such terrible events into games. On the other hand that's not stopped me either creating or playing them. I think SF2 has a lot of potential for all sorts of unusual scenarios. The conventional warfare seems not only dull at times, but also passé, as Squarehead's article above indicates. I look forward to this.
  11. Hi @Vergeltungswaffe are there really? I haven't come across them anywhere except BS. Which scenarios? Can you add them to QBs?
  12. Hi all, @Liveloadhas reworked the scenario. I haven't played it all the way through but I just wanted to give it the thumbs up so far. I've had several nasty surprises! Not a cakewalk by any means. LL's remix is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uozlq764am6vqw0/Al Hawl SF2 - Liveload Remix.btt?dl=0 I will do a proper review when I have finished but unfortunately due to RL events that may not be for a while.
  13. This all looks excellent and I hope to play it soon. I notice the Shilka is mentioned. Do all the scenarios need the NATO module? If so you might want to list the modules required in the game specs when you upload it to one of the Scenario sites, to help the players.
  14. Hi Dom, thanks for your thoughts. An interesting analysis. Even with the idea of just defending, Blue can seize good positions on the taller buildings for overwatch. That's what I did. The jav can be fired from inside a building and has a v short minimum range, so combined with more, superior infantry, I still wouldn't rate Red's chances, especially with the F16 able to find and destroy hidden vehicles. Before I split off AT teams, some of my Javelins were fired uselessly at buildings: I still had some left at the end of the game. No air support, halve the number of Javelins and give Red some arty or mortars would make it more playable IMO.
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