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  1. First time through I sorta stormed the main village all guns blazing. Then I ran out of steam. The infantry let me down. By being dead. The second time I mostly hid for at least an hour of game time, sent my recon forward. Killed every tank and IFV, some with Javs (one squad got 3 kills with 4 javs before being slotted) some with PGMs from Arty. I bombarded everywhere, especially the far back ATGM positions. When I thought I'd neutralised all AA defences the Apaches came out to play. With about 10 mins of the game left I sent tanks and Brads to capture the last few objectives. It did seem a bit grindy though. Still took more infantry casualties than I'd like. I did lose a Bradley that had been hiding in some woods for the whole game. I moved it out of cover then a turn later it was a smoking wreck. I couldn't work out what had hit it - I think it may have been friendly fire from the Apaches as there weren't any enemies nearby I could find.
  2. Hi all I just found this resource Live conflict maps https://liveuamap.com/ it covers three conflicts: Ukraine, Syria and Israel/Palestine with news and maps/satellites. You click on a news symbol and it takes you to where something happened. I zoomed in on Donetsk and it seemed to have a useful amount of detail. I couldn't find contours unfortunately but that might be me missing something.
  3. JulianJ

    Igla, RPO reloads

    I noticed that the Igla only has one missile, and the RPO only four rounds. When I am playing the US, my stinger crews can pop about 6 of the missiles into their trouser pockets from reloads in the Humvee truck. My most recent QB - I couldn't find any spare rounds for these weapons anywhere. Does one have to have a dedicated vehicle or are you stuck with the few shots?
  4. JulianJ

    The state of CMSF2

    I do think this is a subject I have some expertise in: digital marketing. Some of the work I do is for small niche software companies, not unlike BF. All of them are acutely conscious of marketing, even if they only have small budgets for it - they want to keep their existing customers and reach out to potential new ones. We all know that new versions and patches can be delayed but that is a reason to ensure that customers are kept in the loop. It's not actually a cost, but has an ROI in increased sales and customer satisfaction. BF seem to be shamefully ignorant or uncaring about this, and its Digital Marketing 101. IMO it is a very poor business strategy just to rely on a hard core of ageing customers in a competitive marketplace, but obviously BF sees things differently, [sigh].
  5. JulianJ

    The state of CMSF2

    I only just started posting on this forum, but I agree with @Mannschaft - I got all excited about SF2, and now my interest is waning. Actually BF you could get some young person, not pay them much, to post updates and screenshots and stuff on this forum and other social media. Keep your core customers happy and inform potential new ones of this new product in development and hopefully to be released soon.... It's part of this Social Media marketing lark we hear so much about. This would take the pressure off, and have a ROI. Get more people to buy the game when it comes out. Gazillions of other companies do this all the time about their products. Why doesn't Battlefront?
  6. JulianJ

    Improvement suggestions

    @MOS:96B2P Thanks - you were right. My stinger troops had just been firing off missiles into the blue yonder. Then there was an off-map explosion and "Aircraft destroyed" - it isn't up for very long, and my attention is on the explosion, wondering what happened, so easy to miss. Given they must have fired about 7 missiles without a hit, I have wondered if some affirmative action programme sends visually impaired soldiers to AA platoons :-). I like several of Ithkial's ideas, esp about tac ai. CMBS is deadly enough without troops doing suicidal things. In the above battle, several times my troops were getting hit by spotting rounds. I tried to make them run the fack away to safety and hide. But they crawled. And got blown to bits. I kind-of think in RL, however tired you were, you'd be breaking some sprint records in that situation.
  7. JulianJ

    Improvement suggestions

    Yes, I would favour manually inputting points values to QBs. If you want to do an experiment, or play a tiny game with a handful of vehicles and men, it's a hassle to set it up at present. I have a feeling that you could do this in CM1? This can't be too difficult to implement.
  8. JulianJ

    PBS Ortona 1943 Documentary

    Thanks John, I found that really engrossing. Very grim urban fighting. I was pretty involved so had forgotten about the reveal, so I was pleased when I saw the shot at 48mins and said "Oh yes they're XXXXX!" [spoiler removed]. Yes, I agree, a kind of mini-Stalingrad, like the original, in winter.
  9. I've been down the Dover tunnels too, very atmospheric. I bet it would have been claustrophobic during wartime.
  10. JulianJ

    Improvement suggestions

    Thanks MOS:96B2P I'm not sure that's happening in my game, perhaps I've missed a patch, although the last game I played was from the demo. Anyway that's good news, basically solved the problem as far as I am concerned.
  11. Yesterday I went to Margate. It is a faded town on Britain’s East (North Sea) coast. Before the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery opened, it’s most famous attraction was a failed amusement park called “Dreamland”, whose rotting shoreline hulk of carousels and roller coasters could be seen for miles around. Although it looks OK in the glorious Autumn sunshine we had yesterday, it really only has an economy supported by fleecing tourists, coastal retirees, and councils sending its druggies and alkies away to the seaside, where it is cheap to support them. It is the sort of place I can easily imagine, in the dead of winter, at midnight, locals ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms, and cavorting about in Goat’s Head masks, overseen by a bankrupt, debauched member of the local petty squirearchy. You may have seen documentaries about this subject, such as The Wicker Man, The Blood on Satan’s Claw or the latter part of Kill List. Or perhaps read some of the estimable Mr Dennis Wheatley’s parables on this particular British subculture. Margate would undoubtedly be twinned with Arkham or possibly Sunnydale, with which it shares many characteristics, if anyone who could find America on a map hadn’t left a long time ago for better prospects. A Historical Note: After Stonehenge was raised on Salisbury Plain by Great Cthulhu himself, Beast People started swimming across from their breeding grounds in New England, (circa 500 B.C.E.), and interbreeding with locals. At first their sanctuary was on the Welsh Isle of Anglesea (Mona). When the Roman Army invaded, their soldiers were so distressed at what they found at the Druidic Sacrifice sites that they (almost) eradicated the worship of Great Old Ones and drove it underground. Unusually, those Romans who had witnessed the aftermath of Unspeakable Rites, didn’t write about it and we have little in the way of records – which is telling as normally the documentation-loving Latins loved to write copious scrolls about the strange practices they found amongst the barbarians they conquered. The Shell Grotto in Margate Discovered in 1835, under an innocuous cottage, this is an underground temple, created from millions of sea-shells, in ornate and complex patterns. It must have taken years to create. It is unknown how old it is. Guidebooks describe it as a “Folly”. I completely disagree with that interpretation. Follies were constructed from the late 16th Century onwards in Britain, as a display of conspicuous consumption by the elite. It was one-upmanship – there were no superyachts to buy so this was a way of displaying you had money to burn. They weren’t secret. They were a public extravagance, where you could have parties to show them off. Exclusively to your fellow elites – the hoi-polloi would only be there as servants. They were mainly constructed in the gardens of great manor houses and palaces. The Shell Grotto, is hidden, underground, and is below a very small, ordinary cottage. We know some of the mosaics were created above ground (easier to do) and then lowered into place – in total secrecy. Most of the sea-shells were sourced locally- edible variants, but strangely a huge number of non-edible shells were transported from Southampton (around 120 miles /160 km away) on the South Coast, presumably by coastal barge or horse and cart. This is a huge undertaking, not something one person or a small number of people could do. So I think this is an abandoned Temple to the Great Old Ones. You could easily have an interesting evening summoning interdimensional beasts to do your bidding, and its cheaper than going to the pub. There’s nothing else to do in Margate on a dull winter’s evening. I assume Cthulhu cultists have some way of recognising each other, a bit like freemasons, eh @Mord? (Please don’t give any secrets away, it would be a bit of a loss to the forum if you were cast into an abyss or eaten alive by Rhan-Tegoths). Whatever led to its abandonment, I don’t know, although usually if one bursts in on Followers of the Great Old Ones when they are in the middle of opening a portal to call Shub Niggurath, they get a bit agitated. Quite frankly, if you don’t slaughter them all and close the gateway, the evening tends to go downhill from there. So probably some intrepid monster hunters sneaked in and rendered the dimensional vortex inoperable and the temple was of no further use. Possibly they died in the attempt or lost their sanity so no records would exist. *note: calling Cthulhu Cultists insane, bloodthirsty maniacs in thrall to evil god-like alien creatures, is quite frankly, language that has no place in 21st Century discourse in a civilised forum like ours. Please remember to treat the Community of Evil Worshippers with the respect and tolerance you would extend to any other minority.
  12. I agree with Michael Emrys: I am sceptical of much mass media content nowadays. This bit is just plain wrong: "The Allied bombing raids over German cities were more intense, shorter and occurred during the day." I too would like to see a proper scientific paper, before I jump to any conclusions.
  13. JulianJ

    Improvement suggestions

    Editor & Scenario Design Ctrl-S Ctrl-Z That would make Scenario design a little bit less tedious, and I think, be fairly simple to implement. CMBS Air Defence (in particular- could be implemented in other CM games but not as necessary) Some kind of indication (animation, onscreen message) whether you have shot down, damaged, forced away, or missed enemy aircraft. Currently enemy Air Power is a Big Angry God that you have no understanding of. I think that is neither realistic, nor makes for a good game. I note that Dr Phillip Karber of West Point says that the Ukraine war was a very hostile environment for tactical air power
  14. JulianJ

    Lovely AFV pic from Italy

    I thought it didn't look colourised. Rare indeed, and thanks to @John Kettler but we can glean some info - the Semovente seems to be painted in red-brown and green over sand, like German AFVs. And the M3s are either very bleached and/or dusty as other posters have said, doesn't look like the deep green olive drab we imagine they should be. And look at that hill in the background - that's an obstacle, isn't it?