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  1. Thanks guys for the heads-up. I will be buying it too.
  2. I don't know how well NATO militaries would perform against Russians, especially with their recent combat experience in Syria, but last year I went to a British Army show, for reservists (the TA as was), and I was astounded at the junk they were equipped with: unarmoured WMIK land rovers, computers that looked like they ran Windows 95, 105mm arty towed by a tiny truck that obviously couldn't carry many rounds. They did a set-piece battle with the landrovers against "terrorists", which of course they won, and I was just thinking TOWs, Airbursts, massive IEDs....I suspect this will not be a popular view, but Britain's military (Army, Navy & RAF) has probably dropped down several leagues.
  3. Sadly I haven't been playing any tabletop games for a while because I can't find the time...or the opponents. There were a lot of open participation games at Salute but I didn't get to play any of them. Firstly I was looking for my friends, then we went round some stands they wanted to see, then we had a longish boozy lunch, then went round again, and by that time I was too knackered and needed to go home!
  4. Seems I have reached the limit of allowable uploads. I had a great day, met some gamer friends, had lunch in the pub and then went back in the afternoon, when it was quieter and TIP: at the end of the day you can grab bargains and discounts from the many traders who want to offload stuff. I'd just met a friend called Jon who I don't see very often because he lives a way off, (the crowds were milling and it was difficult to find people) and a Halo Marine came up and assaulted him! That doesn't happen every day....apparently it was a LARPer he knew.
  5. There were a lot of steampunk games - look at the quality of the terrain building!
  6. Salute is one of the biggest tabletop gaming events in the UK, held annually in London's ExCel centre (an f-awful hangar with overpriced everything 😉). The theme this year was Post-apocalypse. Painting and terrain absolutely stunning.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I didn't think a bit of a peeve would elicit such informative replies.😎.
  8. I have just played a QB on Veteran as the Russians v. Ukies. The artillery took 13 down to 9 minutes to arrive and adjusting fire was likewise lengthy. In game time 13 minutes is an eternity. As I don't like to do first turn pre-ordered fire, I had to get my spotters in position and so basically fought half the game without arty. I realised that my on-map 82 mm mortars were also subject to lengthy delays, so I moved them to a good position and fired them direct. It did seem an unconscionable delay.
  9. Amazing! I wish we could have some of these contraptions in the game.
  10. One Javelin-related thing: I have some WMIKs for the Jave teams which seem to have Javelins and Launchers aboard, but I cannot seem to find any way to fire them. Not apparently the onboard crew, nor the sole survivor of a Jav team who got back on the vehicle.
  11. The objective is to take a town. The Scots footsoldiers don't have breaching charges, so I think the intention of the designer was to have a section of pioneers with them, but doesn't seem to have happened.
  12. Downloaded immediately. I am sure this will go a long way to defeating the Syrians with appalling language. Thx @George MC
  13. OK, Mikey, I obviously didn't peek, that would not be cricket old man, but the briefing says you get 7 platoon, plus the WMIKs AND the assault pioneers + their HQ + a TUM ST - the latter definitely didn't turn up.So I expected another 10 men and a Land Rover. [Whinge, whinge...didn't that SOB Rumsfeld say that you fight with the army you have, not what you want? Mind you I don't think he ever did a day in the dirt...]
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