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  1. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    That's a pity. Which brz file are the buildings in please?
  2. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    One other question - can you put flavour objects on roofs? I tried putting an aircon on a flat modular building roof, which seemed the obvious place for it, but it didn't take.
  3. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    Thanks everybody. That gives me a few ideas to work on when I have some time, maybe at the weekend. If they don't turn out too disgraceful I will post them up. 😉
  4. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    That's a good idea. I'll try that.
  5. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    Oh dear! I just sent him an email, but perhaps I should call out the MPs - he's obviously gone AWOL. 🙂 Cheers mate, anyhow.
  6. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    Thanks sburke. However I have no idea how to do it. I am quite good with Photoshop. How do I start?
  7. JulianJ

    Modding Buildings

    Sorry to raise this thread from the dead. How do you mod buildings to give them a new skin? At least they would look better, because as Haiduk says, they don't look at all right for modern Ukraine and it annoys me quite a lot. I know you can't change the shape or functionality of the buildings but surely it would not be too difficult to "reskin" them with a modern look.
  8. JulianJ

    Getting Ugly (CM:RT crossover)

    Just finshed it. Enjoyable. Thanksw to CPL Steiner and The Vulture.
  9. OMG the "T34" made me LOL. What happened, the designer lose his specs? (that is spectacles not specifications, though either is valid!)
  10. JulianJ

    Vehicle smoke

    That's one of the big open days at Bovington tank museum. They are brilliant if you are a tank fiend. Just seeing and hearing them in RL is great.
  11. JulianJ

    Vega Force Small Scenario Released

    Bit late but I just played this scenario and it's great. Short but intense infantry action, then you have to exfil your SOF operators before they get mashed by reinformcements.
  12. I've been playing quite a few QBs, to test out different units and equipment. I do think arty is underpowered and I'm now thinking somewhat inaccurate. PGMS seem to almost certainly miss. I was playing Russia v Ukraine most recently. I had 6 SP 82 mm mortar carriers. Because of the length of time for observed fire and my FOOs were not getting into good positions, I moved the vehicles to the edge of woods and used direct fire on targets, where I knew enemy forces were. It seems that the first turn the mortar is setting up, and then it fires next turn. The fire seems to be much more inaccurate than I would expect for direct fire. Also you don't seem to be able to set ground/air burst - it's all ground burst. I expended 201 82mm HE rounds and caused 8 casualties. 8! Many of these fires were on one particular enemy location. Which was - I thought -given a thorough pasting with both direct and mortar fire. After the Ukrainians surrendered, I had a look round the battlefield and there were still around 20 enemy troops at this objective, some quite unharmed. The mortar fire had been very ineffective (similar to the 155mm I mentioned above). I know that artillery can overpower a game and make it not fun, but this seems to have gone the other way. I was under the impression that mortars and arty were great infantry killers.
  13. JulianJ

    Russian army under equipped?

    @HUSKER2142 @John Kettler when I started wargaming/building model kits and soldiers many decades ago it was Airfix, ROCO, Frog and a few others. I don't think the Japanese were on the scene then, although I did build a Tamiya Motorised Chieftain at one point, yes it did have rubber tracks. I seem to recall being very unimpressed with its performance: it crawled along and kept flaking out...a bit like the real thing :-). I haven't made any kits or painted any figures for ages. When I was a kid my non-warlike relatives (horrified at my prediliction for the baddies: Tiger Tanks, ME109s, the Scharnhorst) kept buying me sports cars, civilian airliners, the Queen Elizabeth and the like...I'd open the boxes, have a look, then just stuff them on top of the cupboard with the production line of kits I had bought but not got round to making. Somewhere around when I turned 16, I got interested in something else 🙂 and forgot about all this. After Uni I was unemployed for a year (hard times) and got completely immersed in D & D (which was an escape that helped me survive) and that brought me back to figure painting and wargaming. Obviously now I rarely am able to meet for F2F gaming, which is a pity. Funnily enough, my parents were wanting to move house and asked me what to do with the unmade kits some years ago. I said "I dunno, I don't want them any more, probably chuck them out." My mum, bless her, went on eBay and found out some of them were collectors items - boxed, unmade. She sold them and gave the money to charity. Which I was really pleased with.
  14. JulianJ

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Personally I'd like a day off today! No such luck - we were the ones who lost that little fracas (=Brits). Still for those who can take a day off - good gaming, or barbies, beer, whatever!
  15. JulianJ

    A question about the Z folder

    Thanks Kozlice and Mord. V. helpful.