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  1. Hi Guys Looking to get some PBEM going I would prefer CMBS patched to 1.01 but would also consider CMBN or CMFI I have all the modules for both. Also you must be using CM Helper with drop box as it makes it easier to keep track of turns. I prefer scenarios over QB's and self set up battles but would consider anything if it gets a game going. Just send me a PM or post below if interested Robert
  2. Hi Ladies and gents I would like some more people to play PBEM games against I have both CMBN with commonwealth Mod and CMFI, I use drop box and H2h for the turns and would like players who can stick around for more than 2 turns even if they are losing if possible please If anyone interested just Pm me here with an e-mail address and we will get it on as they say.
  3. CMFI was released with 2.0 upgrades already included.
  4. They never do pre order for Digital download only as you can buy it on the day it's released. The discount is just for the hard goods not the digital download it's self.
  5. I had this problem it kept asking me to browse to the license location which i couldnt do. so i then tried the following which has worked for me so far 1. I uninstalled my 1.11 version 2. I then reinstalled it and instead of renaming the Battlefront folder i just added a 2 to the end of "combatmissionbattlefornormandy" part of the folder name this means i now have 2 versions of the same game in the same folder (the battlefront folder in my documents) 3. i allowed the install to create new desk top shortcuts for this install as well instead of making my own short cuts. 4. Installed CW module 5. installed 1.11 patch again allowing it to create its own short cuts on the desktop. I now seem to have no issues with licensing, only reason i can think to why this works is either the short cuts are part of the licensing and allowing the install to create them means it knows where to look, or installing them both in same folder allows it to share the same licensing details as its probably hidden somwhere in that folder. But tbh i dont know it just works and thats all i need
  6. I have never played any level other than elite and i win as much as I lose so i reckon a good level for me
  7. well I am 42 this year and as you can see from how long i have been a member of this forum i have been around this game since CMBO which i bought after a review in PC gamer back in early 2003. Oh and i worked out the other day I have been playing games on a computer of some shape or form since i was 12 so nearly 30 years now
  8. ok solved my own problem i restarted my PC with Getright pro turned off and it now lets me download the mods
  9. When I try to download anything from the repository i keep getting the following error "download stopped server error 403 forbidden" I use getright pro as my downloader and i have also tried with it off and get same problem any suggestions ???
  10. I am still look for opponents I was able to get my last PBEM to work with my version 2.0 i also use latest version of H2HH
  11. Ok not so new to forums and had all the games from original CMBO onwards but never really had time to play a Human. So now is the time to break that duck if anyone is interested drop me a pm
  12. "Hi Born2lose the Status of your Order No. ******** has been changed. New Status is:: Shipped" Woohoo got this on the 18th at 730pm GMT although not looking forward to the import Tax payment when it arrives in uk
  13. Hmm making rather a big issue over something that tbh is a very small thing especially on the very long list of things to be done that BFC probably has, and considering they only have 2 programers to do all this you may have a long wait. I hope your not becomming one of those if you don't change this feature ill never buy your product type.
  14. I expect the manual thing is to try and protect there work, as they would prefer you to buy the game and get the clean and fresh manual than rely on the free demo version. I would expect a lot of the so called glitches are due to the fact this is a demo version and is probably not the same as the Gold version they will release to paying customers and by that i mean it may have been an earlier final candidate version than the gold will be.
  15. Well he did say he expected the product to be better than the next guy !! so who was the next guy to post and is the product better than him ????
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