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  1. John from Support got back to me and I simply had to run the activation .sh script (using Terminal ./Activate...) and enter each of the serials. Worked perfectly. Thanks Sgt, John and Battlefront crew.
  2. Great. I actually finally (after 7-1/2 years) got myself a new machine (i7 4.2GHz) that can do the games justice. Finally. (Setting it up has been a two day headache, but worth it ... Apple just works, my fanny.) I had basically not run the games in a year or two because of the serious lack of performance. Today, I bought and downloaded the 3+4 updates for CM:N and CN:I but also have a license for market Garden, Commonwealth Forces, and Gustav. Everything looks sweet on this new machine. However, when I updated the games they now (obviously) don't have the extra content showing ... so explain
  3. Wow. Compared to Macisle's screen shots, mine look like an early 1990s arcade game. Macisle, what sort of system are those taken from and what resolution?
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