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  1. Cheers Michael. What I suspect the problem is in that case is I'm already seperately registered. Not a clue what user-name and password though and there appears to be no 'forgotten password' function.
  2. It says wrong username or password. I figured it must need a seperate registration but when I tried that it says email address already in use, so I assume my forum login should actually work?
  3. So all we need now is...to be given the fix. :whistles:
  4. Nice one Phil. Shame you weren't around when CMBB was the hot potato, because I'm convinced the problem with that was exactly the same, even though CM1 and CM2 are supposedly totally different engines. Now all I have to do is convince my bro that real-time net games are not as dire as he thinks they are. :help!:
  5. I've had a MkIV crew forced to bail by a bunch of grenades thrown at it. The crew were then mowed down by inf. I've not read of such an occurance in real life and cannot understand why any crew would do such a thing. Fog of war I guess.
  6. Did BF take it out because they knew of the issue with WEGO games crashing? This was exactly the same issue with CM1 that was never resolved.
  7. BF server? We never had to go via a server with CM1, it was peer-to-peer.
  8. ...that internet/LAN WEGO had been removed I would not have bought this game. What the hell was the reason for that decision?! Headless-chicken click-fests are ten-a-penny and it's not what I expected from this game.
  9. I've also read combat reports of the Waffen-SS where 20mm quads were used very effectively against massed inf assaults on the eastern front. FWIW.
  10. I'm embarrased to admit I didn't even notice all the targetting lines were gone, and it's not as if I haven't played the old series for years. I'm glad they're gone though, they used to do my head in even though they could be turned off. I left them on because I was paranoid I'd miss something my brothers were seeing.
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