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  1. Wow, judging by the tone of this thread, I guess that I shouldn't be surprised about the absence of discussion of the CRU documents here. Keep that head firmly implanted in your fourth point of contact.
  2. Except that Chicago has 2 major newspapers, the Tribune is seen as traditionally a conservative and Republican bent, and the Sun Times as the Democratic paper. True, one of his associates appears to have copped $97,000 for personal use, and not his senatorness. However, the affair reflects poorly on the man's judgement, and "knack" for "change".
  3. ...another Obama scandle the national and international press will ignore: My notes: Englewood a notoriously poor and crime ridden neighborhood, barely a few square kilometers, yet claiming a disproportianite share of the city's crime.
  4. What's there to find? One of my friends told me that at the end of WWII, crates of new equipment werer buried on the sites of many army bases...as some of these former bases are now state parks.... Finding a crate of buried garands, without risk of blowing myself to kingdom come is something that has me interested in this topic.
  5. I seem to recalll that you need to be E5 (though I think you can do so while an E4, as long as you are eligible to be promoted to E5) to volunteer for SF in the Army, and you can volunteer for the Rangers in Airborne school (and I don't believe there are any rank restrictions). In any case, to be in SF, you need to have some tread worn on your boots so to speak AIUI. As far as Force Recon goes, when I went to Jungle Warfare School in Panama, I recall seeing some Recon Marines (I think they were), among them some E-2 privates with Scuba bubbles.
  6. You are just as far out of line as CoFarmer is.
  7. I'm curious as to how the posters that are shocked would have handled this man, and what they would have done to prevent recidivism (or if he was a taliban/al qaeda, a return to arms). Compare and contrast: What would have his fate been if this man had been in N. Ireland and IRA? What would have his fate been if a Palestinian, in Isreal? I imagine he probably will get off with a few years time at most. Where's the horror in that?
  8. I just traded in my '07 Ranger XLT/2.3L/manual 5spd (which I bought in 2006) for a F150 SLX 4x4/4.6L today. I've been thinking about all the obscene rebates and incentives Ford has on the F series and I was thinking it would be a crime not to get one. MSRP was ~$33000 After discounts and rebates, my new F150 went home with me for $19500 (exclusive of trade-in) I blame this thread and forum for planting the idea in my head to do so...
  9. When you view this in the context of the fact that they knew that: A Russian Armored column was at various times heading for, in, and crossed, the Roki tunnel -and- Commando raid on bridge, which purportedly destroyed 15 armored vehicles and delayed the Russian column 24-48 hours. -and- Air strike on the tunnel mouth on the Georgia side. After you see that, you get to what the Georgians may have been thinking: 1. We destroy the Roki tunnel, cutting the Russians 'peacekeepers' off from reinforcement 2. We pound the piss out of them with artillery So, the questions are: Is that the best plan they could come up with in 24-48 hours? Let's say the Georgians were able to seal the tunnel, were they expecting the Russian force to roll over and surrender after an artillery barrage? Why didn't they AT mine the roads too? Why doesn't Georgia have any AT weapons? I would love someone to lay out a time line of all of these events, so we can see if it all lines up. -When was the failed air strike on the tunnel? -When was the raid to blow the bridge? -Was the artillery barrage before or after the Russians emerged on the Ossetian side of the tunnel???
  10. By no means as colorful as your 'painter, public speaker and charity worker', a former high-school classmate, and former little-league baeball team mate who is quite a piece of work himself: http://www.skcentral.com/news_by_cat.php?cat_id=75 I believe he still has an upcoming date with the hangman
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/georgia/2570754/Georgia-conflict-How-a-flat-tyre-took-the-Caucasus-to-war.html Interesting article on the start of this whole disaster: It also hints at a ground operation to attack the Kurta bridge, in conjunction with the Roki tunnel air attack.
  12. Big Duke- I read a comment about "baltic mercenaries" being used by the Georgians...any word on that? Aside from that, it would be interesting getting a post with any rumors, fables or urban legend stuff going around, just to get a feel for how things are going over there
  13. I think that was a general statement regarding women, and what they chase after, and less a judgement of your friend
  14. Dames co-founded his RV company with Ingo Swann. Isn't Ingo the man when it comes to RV?
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