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  1. I'm looking forward to this coming out as well. That being said when the next CM update is being made could we add an addition to the KIA , WIA bean counter to include artillery and aircraft? At the end of a battle I'd like to know how effective an artillery strike was and how many tanks and infantry were taken out by aircraft?
  2. I couldn't see any other way to defeat the prison guards without the extra help. First time I played The Rock, most of the killed and wounded came from storming the 2 sea tower. Once ST got into the tower they were immediately hit by the guards in the main block building. The surviving members were able to neutralize most of the guards and able to free the prisoner in about 10 minutes, but by then I'm down to a handful and not confident I could walk out the front gate, so I exited from the rear entrance I made and walked around the prison towards freedom. It was because ST was decimated that I had no choice but to bring in the land force over the bridge on foot to hit the front, land facing towers and take out the guards there to enable ST to walk around the prison unhindered beanie sniping from the guards. All in all it took about 30 to 40 minutes to free the prisoner and walk him off the board. Plenty of time to escape before the QRF makes it to town. In subsequent battle tests, once I freed the prisoner, I would walk my ST and town troops to the entry point of the QRF and just wait in ambush using whatever javelins and AT4's were left over and had a blast. Literally. Too cool to see the whole enemy column blow up in a few seconds with no survivors. Thanks again for the great scenario and I look forward to the next version!
  3. Thank you for a great campaign. Excellent maps and AI is very challenging. Had to play it 3 times before I could get a satisfactory win against the AI and despite the difficulty it was very rewarding game play. Spoiler Alert: For the first scenario I sent a MG team and a 3 man team to scout the roads while advancing towards the village where the AA assets were. The rest of the troops to clear out the left flank and walk down the ambush area on both sides of the road. Not encountering anything I walked to the little bridge there and covered the 4 corners of the intersection by the little bridge there. When the enemy patrol came by I was able to easily the whole lot. Clearing out the other sites before going to the AA assets proved problematical as I lost a squad when they past by the house where the command unit was hiding. However once they opened up I brought up the humvees and armoured trucks to smoke them out with their HMG's and MMG's. For the final push moving slowly towards the village, I was able to spot the guards watching the entrance over the bridge and hosed them down with MG fire to suppress and do a rush charge and give the coup de grace. Calling in the mortars onto the town took a few minutes but after a couple of adjusting fire , the rounds hitting on target pretty much stunned what troops were left and made it easier to assault into the town and finish off the survivors. The rest of the scenarios are also challenging and well laid out with excellent map detailing. Good job!
  4. thank you, that solves that question. ;-)
  5. Sorry for not responding sooner. I'm on vacation and had no internet connection. Good point on how the real world physics affect rounds going to target, but with modern artillery computers already taking into account of weather, wind, distance and elevation I had the understanding that even with dumb rounds targeting would be as close as using exclaimer rounds. In regards to UAV spotting though I wonder if how spotting is done in game a bit unrealistic when it comes to spotting troops on the ground.
  6. THIS IS QUITE A NEAT SCENARIO. (SPOILER) First run at it I managed to kill the BMPs in the town easily with 2 AT4's and a javelin but lost about 35% of my force clearing the town. Seal Team 6, managed to clear the sea towers but by the time I secured the prisoner I was down to remnants of each squad at least 70% KIA or wounded. With the units from the town attacking the towers, I managed to sneak out ST6 and prisoner from the back and go around the outside walls to link up with the remaining units at the front entrance and then slowly exit out before the humvees arrived. In all about 80+% of the force were lost by the time they walked off the exit. Very tough and a good challenge. The ammo loads for my regular troops were nearly exhausted by the time they reached the prison. So I wasn't able to breach the front walls just shoot up the towers to keep the enemy heads down so ST6 could sneak past them safely. What was frustrating is that the spare AT4's and 3 javelins I had couldn't be used against the prison towers, unlike the RPG's the Russians have which can be used against armour, infantry and buildings. If it was possible to use the weapons at hand as easily in real life vs in the game this scenario would be a tad easier. Realistically though a US special ops would never attempt something like this. If the task force was limited on the ground as in this scenario, they would have force multipliers up the ying yang. There would be air cover to knock out the 4 prison towers at the very least and to overwatch for the Russian reaction force during the retreat. I would have wanted at least a couple of supply trucks to resupply the land force with 5.56, 7.62 and AT4's, plus I could use the 50's in the frontal assault of the prison. It would have kept the flavour of your scenario without making it overwhelmingly easy for the US force to win.
  7. When it comes to using UAV's I've noticed that its only able to spot vehicles. Troops in the open fields or moving on roads are spotted. Isn't this unrealistic. Cameras used in UAV's seem to me to be of very good quality and quite capable of viewing individual soldiers who are openly moving in open terrain or urban areas. If a UAV has thermal vision then troops in wooded areas or hiding in the shadows of buildings would pop up in the aerial videos. Why isn't this modelled in the game? Another question regarding the use of UAVs for artillery spotting. When calling in for artillery fire the first rounds are way off. I would expect that accuracy would be loose for Ukrainian and Russian troops but US artillery wouldn't they be more accurate on the first round? I know using precision rounds would eliminate the inaccuracy problem but for regular rounds considering the use of GPS data in figuring out exact range, even "dumb" rounds should be very close to exact? Anyone with knowledge on this?
  8. Russian tank-fired AT missiles are also supposed to be able to engage low flying helicopters as well as tanks beyond 4k to 7k. Whether there are any real-life instances of this happening in an actual war I don't know.
  9. This is a great campaign. I just finished it and found it quite the challenge even against the AI. I will definitely view your video with interest!
  10. Thank you guys! I definitely had it all mixed up! I will watch the video link with great interest and hope I get it right.
  11. I've been trying to make a test scenario with Reds attacking and blues defending. According to the instructions I'm to assign objectives in "UNIT" mode by pressing shift and f1 to f7. However I can't seem to get the objective markers on the units to be applied. When I test the game the Russian units sit in place and never move from their staring line. Objectives are given points as well as casualties, morale, and ammo usage. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I'm using a 13" MBP; 2.5GHz Intel Core 15, 12 GB RAM Intel HD graphics 4000.
  12. The MGS never made sense to me. Against modern armor it wouldn't stand a chance, as a support weapon for COIN it was too vulnerable to go into any kind of urban area, nor did it have enough ammo for sustained operations. If they had any sense they could have used a 90mm recoilless rifle for close support and a pair of TOWs on 1-side and a 2.75" rocket pod on the other. Would have been cheaper and more effective. A SCBT rolling around in Eastern Europe was great PR, but I'm glad that's all it was. Stryker's look very puny if they had to go up against modern BMPs or BTRs.
  13. Re. the T90 I remember reading somewhere that even an updated T-72 with modern ERA was considered impenetrable by the 120mm L44 gun used in the Leopard and M1A1 as well as TOW missiles? I'm guessing though multiple hits from any auto canon would do serious damage any T series tank. Possibly damaging sensors from direct hits and from secondary explosions from ERAs? I thought I was pretty lucky at winning against the AI, but now that I've reviewed how the battle went...I doubt I'd have the same results playing HTH. Good for the ego though, LOL. Many thanks for your responses and observations!
  14. Not an answer, but another question. With 3D vision glasses on the horizon for gamers, will CM be able to make use of this technology somehow?
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